2014 Draft Profile: Jayden Foster


Jayden Foster (Calder Cannons)
Height: 194 cm
91 kg
Position: Key forward
Player comparison: Jack Gunston

Foster is a 19-year-old prospect who led the TAC Cup goal kicking in 2014, with 49 goals in 16 games. With an average of just over three goals per game for the Cannons, who finished second, most would assume that Foster is a dominant key forward. On the contrary, Foster is a role player, who capitalises on the opportunities he is given.

Foster of course shared a forward line with Peter Wright. Working alongside Wright allowed Foster to understand the value of spacing within a forward line. This was crucial, as you can see Foster understands where to lead and when he should double back. His reading of the play is immaculate, and combined with his separation off the lead, Foster can often find himself taking easy chest marks 30 metres out from goal.

Foster is great at ground level too. He often kicks opportunistic goals, so even when he isn’t getting much delivery, his output is still solid.

One of the best aspects of Foster’s game is his contested marking. His 25 contested marks in 16 games is very solid. Considering he plays out of the goal square, his forward 50 contested marking all of a sudden become extremely dangerous, as his set shots come from less than 40 metres out.

The most impressive aspect of Foster’s game is his goal kicking. His 49 goals came with just eight behinds. He is a sharp shooter, although those stats are skewed because he kicked many from close range.

At AFL level, Foster should be groomed into the secondary or third tall option, as he isn’t the type to build a forward line around. This is in fact a good thing, as his game works well around many different game plans. His skill set is adaptable to all different situations, which should see him as a very solid pick. The Bulldogs will be kicking themselves that they couldn’t take him as a rookie.

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  1. Let hope he has an injury free pre season and put some muscle on ,we maybe have found our fwd with some mobility since fev.

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