The JC TAC Cup form report: Round three

Credit: Fox Sports Pulse
Credit: Fox Sports Pulse

Our newest series is a new perspective on power rankings. With most power rankings looking the same in each instalment, Rising Stars writer Jourdan Canil has begun the form power rankings, with the top 20 players ranked on week to week form.
It’s important to keep in mind that these are not draft rankings. However, it gives an insight into the best bolters and sliders.
The AFL Academy players faced the Werribee VFL team. Due to the tougher opponents, they may get ranked higher despite others being more dominant at TAC Cup level. Also, all average stats are from TAC Cup ONLY.

1. Jade Gresham (Small DEF/MID) – Northern Knights (Same)
The new Knights captain is clearly the best performed TAC Cup player so far. This week he had 38 disposals at a ridiculous 87% efficiency as well as 18 handball receives, eight marks and four tackles.
AVG STATS: 32 disposals (74 per cent disposal efficiency), eight marks, 11 hand ball receives, five tackles and one goal.

2. Jacob Hopper (MID) – North Ballarat Rebels (Up two)
Hopper dominated the Rebels first game, then followed it up well against Werribee for the AFL Academy with 18 disposals (14 contested), seven clearances and 12 tackles.
AVG STATS: Four goals, 27 disposals (74% DE), six handball receives, six marks and four tackles.

3. Ryan Clarke (MID) – Eastern Ranges (Down one)
Clarke looks like a highlight machine. He’s shown serious consistency too, and looks an early bolter. 27 disposals. two goals, ten handball receives, six marks and four tackles. His game and body resembles Nathan Freeman although he’s not quite as quick or anywhere near as good by foot.
AVG STATS: 28 disposals (62% DE), two goals, six marks, 10 handball receives and five tackles.

4. Michael Mattingly (MID/Medium DEF) – Northern Knights (Down one)
Mattingly had another great game, with 30 disposals, 18 handball receives and a goal to his name. His stocks are rising fast.
AVG STATS: 28 disposals (80% DE), 17 handball receives and five marks.

5. Tom Wilkinson (MID) – Sandringham Dragons (Up 14)
The 19 year old doesn’t have trouble racking up the ball. His 37 disposals against the Knights contained 23 handballs, of which 21 hit the target.
AVG STATS: 27 disposals (77% DE), 0.7 goals, five marks and five tackles.

6. Brayden Fiorini (MID/Medium DEF) – Northern Knights (Up eight)
I’ve been bullish on Fiorini since mid last year. He’s one of the cleanest ball users in the TAC Cup in the mould of a Kade Kolodjashnij. Had a monster game this week with 37 disposals, 19 handball receives and 12 marks, seven tackles and a goal.
AVG STATS: 25 disposals (87% DE), ten marks and 13 handball receives, three tackles.

7. Darcy Parish (MID) – Geelong Falcons (Down two)
Parish wound up with 21 disposals (eight contested) for the Academy, with five marks, four clearances four inside 50s and a goal.
AVG STATS: 34 disposals (65% DE), eight handball receives and four marks.

8. Lachie Tardrew (MID) – Bendigo Pioneers (Up two)
Despite getting flogged by two weeks in a row, Tardrew has proven a bright spot for the Pioneers. He racked up 33 disposals at 82% disposal efficiency
AVG STATS: 30 disposals (81% DE), 17 handball receives, four tackles and 0.5 goals.

9. Matthew Johnston (Small FWD) – North Ballarat Rebels (NEW)
Johnston came out of obscurity to dominate the Pioneers in his second game. He kicked 6 goals straight from 13 touches and four tackles.
AVG STATS: 16.5 disposals (64% efficiency), three goals, four marks and five tackles.

10. Blake Hardwick (Medium FWD/MID) – Eastern Ranges (Down four)
Hardwick kicked eight goals in a huge win in week one, and although he’s dropped off a bit, he’s finding plenty of football for a half forward and still hitting the scoreboard in a major way.
AVG STATS: Four goals, 19 disposals (65% DE) and seven marks (one contested).

11. Nick O’Kearney (MID) – Calder Cannons (Down two)
We know O’Kearney is a wonderful accumulator, but he needs to become a consistently better kick. He played well against Werribee for the AFL Academy, with 22 disposals, four clearances, six tackles and eight marks.
AVG STATS: 26.5 disposals (74% DE), seven marks and seven handball receives.

12. Nash Holmes (MID) Gippsland Power (NEW)
Holmes dominated against the Bushies, with 21 of his 30 disposals hitting the target. He also had nine tackles, a goal and 13 handball receives.
AVG STATS: 27 disposals (69% DE), 10.5 tackles, four marks and nine handball receives.

13. Jacob Weitering (Key Def) – Dandenong Stingrays (NEW)
Weitering did a really solid job defending for the Academy. 15 disposals at 87% efficiency, with eight marks (six were taken by quarter time!) and he also showed his offensive capabilities with four rebound 50s.
AVG STATS: 21 disposals (81% DE), seven handball receives, eight marks (two contested)

14. Mark Koracevic (RUCK) – Calder Cannons (NEW)
The 19-year old dominated this week with 29 hitouts, a goal, 23 disposals and four marks (three were contested!)
AVG STATS: 31 hitouts, 17 disposals, 0.5 goals, two tackles and four marks (two contested).

15. Will Brodie (MID) – Murray Bushrangers (NEW)
Two goals, a behind, 29 disposals and six tackles catapulted Brodie into the form guide this week.
AVG STATS: 24 disposals (75% DE), five marks, five tackles and eight handball receives.

16. Tyler Roos (MID) – Sandringham Dragons (NEW)
The Lions elected not to take Roos under the father son system last year. The Dragons captain had 25 disposals and two goals for the Dragons this week, with his burst of speed being a real highlight.
AVG STATS: 22 disposals (64% DE), 0.6 goals per game, 11 handball receives, five marks (one contested) and five tackles.

17. Tom Condon (MID) – Calder Cannons (NEW)
Condon finished with 26 disposals against the Ranges, with 23 of them hitting the target. After not laying a single tackle in his first two games, Condon laid eight this weekend.
AVG STATS: 18 disposals (89% DE), three tackles, seven handball receives and four marks.

18. Kieran Malone (Med FWD/ MID) – Northern Knights (NEW)
Malone has serious x-factor, so he often does serious damage with his usage, but his first two weeks were quiet. He returned to form on the weekend with 25 disposals, seven marks, five tackles and a goal.
AVG STATS: 17 disposals (49% DE), five handball receives, two scoring shots per game, four marks and three tackles.

19. Tom Phillips (Medium DEF) – Oakleigh Chargers (NEW)
Phillips showed his wonderful all round game, with his hard running allowing him to do damage with rebounds and inside 50s. He’s been very consistent so far, with a 25 disposal, 14 handball receive game capping off week three.
AVG STATS: 23.5 disposals (68% DE), six marks, 10 handball receives and one goal.

20. Anthony Brolic (MID) – Eastern Ranges (Down three)
Brolic was sensational in round one with 30 disposals in a 150 point win, and although he’s dropped off a bit, 21 disposals and 11 marks keeps him in the top 20.
AVG STATS: 21 disposals (87% DE), six handball receives, seven marks and two tackles.

Stocks Falling:

Tom Wallis (MID) – Calder Cannons
Wallis showed his ability to find the footy again this week, with 21 disposals. However, 14 of those disposals were ineffective. However, his eight tackles were a highlight.
AVG STATS: 20 disposals (54% DE), three marks and eight handball receives.

Zak Wunhym (Small FWD / MID) – Calder Cannons
Wunhym is an exceptional accumulator. Whilst his height has been an issue, it was his disposal efficiency that proved to be a problem for recruiters this week. Wunhym kicked two behinds and had 23 disposals at 52% DE. However he took 6 marks, three of those being contested and had seven tackles.
AVG STATS: 21 disposals (59% DE), five marks (one contested), five tackles and six handball receives.

Judah Dundon (MID) – Western Jets
Dundoh had 34 touches for the Jets on the weekend. Yet 16 of his disposals were ineffective, and 50% of his kicks missed the target.
AVG STATS: 22 disposals (66% DE), nine handball receives and four marks.

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