The JC Form Report: Week four


With the TAC Cup season well underway, the form report will look at the top 10 players from last week, commendable performances, and those who, while they might not have performed to the top of their ability last week, have shown enough throughout the season to suggest they are someone to keep an eye on.


1. Jacob Weitering (Key DEF) – Dandenong Stingrays
Jacob Weitering and Kieran Collins did well as key defenders against Carlton and Northern Blues’ Matthew Watson. His two solid performances against VFL sides should make him a top five pick this year, with the potential to go number one.
STATS: 21 disposals, four marks (three contested), eight rebound 50s.

2. Darcy Parish (MID) – Geelong Falcons
After being very quiet in the first half, Parish dominated in the second against the Northern Blues, finding plenty of the ball. What was more important though was his contested work as well as his polish delivering inside 50. Parish wasn’t too accountable defensively, which seems to be his only knock at this stage, but looks set for the top five.
STATS: 25 disposals, six marks.

3. Harry Thompson (Key FWD / RUCK) – Oakleigh Chargers
Thompson has been an early season bolter, showing great form early. He didn’t dominate in the ruck, with just the 14 hitouts, but he had quite a few clearances. He ended up with three goals when he moved forward.
STATS: 19 disposals (82% DE), six marks (two contested), 14 hitouts, six tackles, three goals.

4. Hisham Kerbatieh (Small FWD / MID) – Calder Cannons
Kerbatieh has had to transform into a permanent small forward. He did well with 19 disposals, but his real impact came on the scoreboard with two goals and three score assists.
STATS: 19 disposals (84% DE), two goals, seven marks.

5. Lachlan Tizani (Medium DEF / MID) – Murray Bushrangers
Tiziani filled the statsheet, and recruiters should keep an eye on him with the ability to take contested marks and hit targets.
STATS: 24 disposals (88% DE), one goal, 12 marks (two contested).

6. Jack Wallace (Key DEF) –  Sandringham Dragons
It’s hard to find contested marking beasts in the TAC Cup, and especially rare to find one who is also such a good ball user. Wallace’s stats tick both boxes this week.
STATS: 21 disposals (86% DE), 10 marks (three contested).

7. Tyler Roos (MID) – Sandringham Dragons 
The overager Roos has developed so much since this time last year. He’s hitting the scoreboard and finding plenty of footy on the outside.
STATS: 27 disposals (78% DE), one goal, one behind, eight marks (one contested), 14 handball receives and three tackles.

8. Sam Weideman (Key FWD) – Eastern Ranges
Weideman dominated in the first quarter against the Northern Blues. He had five marks and two goals by quarter time. He dropped off after that but it’s always positive to see great flashes.
STATS: 11 disposals, two goals, seven marks (three contested).

9. Darcy Tucker (MID) – North Ballarat Rebels
Tucker was great around the clearances and had a few inside 50s too. He disposed of the ball well all day and capped off a great performance with a goal.
STATS: 20 disposals (85% DE), one goal, two tackles.

10. Darcy Warke (Small FWD) – Dandenong Stingrays
With most of the top line Dandenong guys playing in the Academy side, Warke stepped up and could have had a much bigger bag had he kicked straight. At 169 cm, it’s a credit to Warke to find so much of the ball around the goal face.
STATS: 15 disposals (60% DE), three behinds, three marks (one contested), four tackles, four goals.


Matthew Perry (MID) – Northern Knights
Perry has flown under the radar thus far, but his 22 disposals and run off the half back line in the Metro trials was promising.
STATS: 22 disposals (77% DE), three rebounds.

Josh Schache (Key FWD) – Murray Bushrangers
Schache was very quiet whilst Weideman and Eric Hipwood fired early, but ended up with three goals.
STATS: Eight disposals (100% DE), three goals and one mark.


Jacob Hopper (MID) – North Ballarat Rebels (Down seven)
Hopper has been incredible thus far, and ended up being the best contested player on the ground. He also did a lot of work running between the arcs, having a few rebounds and inside 50s.
STATS: 21 disposals, two marks.

Ryan Clarke (MID) – Eastern Ranges
Clarke has been explosive so far for the Ranges, and he didn’t disappoint for Vic Metro either. His work around the clearances and up forward was exceptional, and he lifted his disposal efficiency.
STATS: 18 disposals (72% DE), two goals, two behinds, six tackles.

Lachlan Tardrew (Med DEF / MID) –  Bendigo Pioneers
Tardrew looks like a really solid midfield prospect. He did well again this week, so hopefully he gets a chance for a strong Vic Country side.
STATS: 26 disposals (62% DE), five marks, seven tackles, 10 handball receives.

Nash Holmes (MID) – Gippsland Power
Holmes has done well two weeks in a row for the Power. He’s been an absolute ball magnet so far, and he loves a tackle too. He is certainly someone to watch.
STATS: 23 disposals (70% DE), eight tackles.

Nick O’Kearney (MID) – Calder Cannons
O’Kearney didn’t have as big an impact as usual, but 17 disposals and a really strong two way game would please recruiters. O’Kearney is going to be something special.
STATS: 17 disposals, eight marks, four tackles.

Jade Gresham (MID) – Northern Knights 
He’s been the top player for the first three weeks in the TAC Cup, and although he wasn’t as good in the Metro trials, he can still hold his head high. 20 disposals and six marks for the Northern captain.
STATS: 20 disposals (75% DE), six marks.

Tom Wilkinson (MID) – Sandringham Dragons
Wilkinson had another solid week, but after having 37 disposals at 77 per cent disposal efficiency last week, this could almost be considered disappointing for the 19-year-old.
STATS: 23 disposals (61% DE), one goal, five marks, three tackles.

Will Brodie (MID) – Murray Bushrangers
Brodie is an under age prodigy and a member of the level one AFL academy. He disappointed with his kicking efficiency, but it’s a credit to his ball winning skills.
STATS: 29 disposals (41% DE), four marks (one contested), three tackles, 10 handball receives.

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