Who will the Dockers draft?

Ben McKay flies for a mark at full stretch.
Ben McKay flies for a mark at full stretch.

The Dockers desperately need key position help from this draft pool, and they may be lucky enough to get it.

Pick 26 (originally 22)

The big fish: Ryan Burton

The Dockers will need a a few clubs to overlook Burton a few times, but it’s not impossible for the Dockers to take the 191 centimetre high flyer. Burton’s leg break was one of the worst seen at this level. Clubs are a bit hesitant on Burton based on that, but his talent is undeniable. Burton is the type of player who wants to be ‘the man’, and that would suit the Dockers, who crave a new star to lead the forward line.

Plan B: Ben McKay

It’s unlikely both McKay and Burton will be available at the Dockers’ first pick, but there’s a chance one may get through. McKay’s agility and contested marking for a 200 centimetre player is terrific, but he has a long way to go in terms of development. Clubs may see McKay being a key defender, but McKay himself enjoys playing forward as well.

Pick 38 (originally 35)

The big fish: Jesse Glass-McCasker

Glass-McCasker is a lockdown defender who can also provide some run in defence. He’s a pretty decent athlete for his size and his closing speed is solid. He gets to the right spots in one-on-one contests and he’ll often get a fist in a marking contest. He could develop as a forward, but so far, his best footy has come as a key back.

Plan B: Ben Crocker

Crocker is a medium forward who is a really great mark overhead. He’s strong enough to hold his own in packs. He can hit the scoreboard in bunches and he’s got the ability to rove really well, as well as being a versatile marking type. Crocker’s kicking can be a bit inconsistent as he often tries to do too much. That should improve once he knows his role at AFL level.

Pick 54 (orginally 61)

The big fish: Kurt Mutimer

Mutimer wins plenty of contested ball, but his endurance base keeps getting better, so he looks like he’ll end up being a more well-rounded player. Mutimer is a really nice user of the football on his left foot, with terrific vision and sound decision making skills. He’s also a strong mark overhead, which reminds of Daniel McKenzie. Mutimer’s also got some really great speed, with his 20 metre burst a real highlight.

Plan B: James Parsons

Parsons is a pure outside midfielder who likes to run and spread, and he could be a very solid wingman at AFL level. Parsons’ best asset is his kicking. He is a long kick, and he weights it really well. He’s fairly good on both sides of the body. As a high half forward, he brings class in terms of delivery to the key forwards. He finds the scoreboard enough, but he’s also shown great improvement as an intercepting defender. At 189 centimetres, he is a great size, but he needs to put on some weight.

Rookie upgrade: Ethan Hughes

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