Who will the Demons draft?

Darcy Parish is likely to be a top five pick. Photo: Brian Bartlett (Geelong Advertiser)
Darcy Parish is likely to be a top five pick. Photo: Brian Bartlett (Geelong Advertiser)

Melbourne has some tough decisions to make. Several sources have said that the Demons are leaning towards Darcy Parish at pick three, while others believe they will select Charlie Curnow. Either way, it looks likely that the Demons will want a midfielder and a key forward.

Pick five (originally pick three)

The big fish: Sam Weideman

Weideman is a traditional tall forward with an excellent set of hands. He’s excellent on the lead or overhead and he works hard to present as an option. Weideman needs to work on his goal kicking, as he can be very streaky. Some days, he can nail five from five, but when he struggles with confidence, he becomes a bit wayward in front of goal.

Plan B: Charlie Curnow

Curnow makes a lot of sense for the Demons. He’s a physical key forward who could fit in well with Hogan. Or alternatively, the Demons may chose to develop him as a midfielder. The Demons may have traded up to chose the player who could be a franchise corner stone. He’s got a lot to work on, but he arguably has the highest ceiling of anyone available at that pick.

Pick 10 (originally seven)

The big fish: Darcy Parish

Parish is a smooth moving outside midfielder who does everything to a high standard. He’s worked on finding his own ball on the inside, and his ceiling has expanded immensely over the course of this year. Parish’s best case scenario is that he becomes a top 15 midfielder in the competition, and that doesn’t seem like too much of a stretch for him.

Plan B: Wayne Milera

Milera is a classy smaller midfielder with a range of different tricks. He’s shown he can be a very effective small forward at senior level, as he hits the scoreboard, provides creativity and he can win his own football. Milera is elusive in traffic and shown that he can be a consistent offensive presence.

Pick 46

The big fish: Kieran Lovell

Lovell is a big-time accumulator, averaging 35 disposals at the national championships. Lovell is tough on the inside, but his endurance also allows him to be a consistent presence on the outside. He makes the right decisions and he’s got great vision, but his execution is not great. Lovell can also hit the scoreboard, so he may be a decent option as a hard-working small forward who can rotate through the midfield.

Plan B: Greg Clark

The Demons could do with a third tall forward who works as a link player. Clark is a versatile type at 194 centimetres, but he’s not a bull on the inside or quick on the outside. He is a clean user of the football and he’s got the endurance to burn off defenders. He hasn’t had the year he would have liked, but there is plenty to work with at the next level.

Pick 50: James Harmes (rookie upgrade)

Pick 82: Aaron vandenBerg (rookie upgrade)

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