Inside presence for Vic Country U18 squad

BIG bodied inside midfielders will headline the top-end talent in the 2017 Victoria Country squad at the National AFL Under 18s Championships.

The team is filled with some of the draft crop’s top inside midfielders led by Dandenong Stingrays’ Luke Davies-Uniacke who will be in the battle for the number one draft pick at the end of the season. Along with Davies-Uniacke, Geelong Falcons’ pair James Worpel and Cassidy Parish will ensure Country has an advantage at the stoppages, as well Stingrays’ Hunter Clark. Parish himself had 30 disposals in Sunday’s Vic Country trial game and will be a key cog to their strong midfield.

Vic Country U18 Trial Scouting Notes

To add a touch of class is Bendigo Pioneers’ pair Lochie O’Brien and Paddy Dow, while Falcon Matthew Ling will provide some speed and dash coming out of defence. There should be no shortage of Stingrays moving across the ground with bookends Tom De Koning and Oscar Clavarino to pull on the ‘Big V’.

Greater Western Victoria Rebels’ high-flyer Jordan Johnston is sure to create some excitement over the course of the championships, while Gippsland pair Aidan Quigley and Changkuoth Jiath are those the most highly rated from the far east of the state. Up north, Murray Bushrangers’ defenders Jordon Butts and Ben Paton will provide good rebound for the Country side.

Vic Country have strong inside midfielders, a variety of forwards and good smaller defenders, with only a deficiency at key position defense – but with Clavarino being the top key defender in the draft, they should have no issues taking the opposition’s best forward.

Vic Country will be co-captained by James Worpel and Oscar Clavarino 

Country commences its campaign against the Allies in Blacktown on Sunday June 11 from 12.30pm.


1KaneFarrell17/03/199918072Bendigo PioneersCastlemaine
2SamuelWalsh2/07/200018268Geelong FalconsSt Josephs
3JyeCaldwell28/09/200018178Bendigo PioneersGolden Square / Geelong Grammar
4GryanMiers30/03/199917773Geelong FalconsGrovedale
5BenPaton19/10/199818578Murray BushrangersNorth Albury
6AidanQuigley7/05/199918372Gipplsand PowerYinnar
7HarryBenson12/06/199918072Geelong FalconsSt Marys
8LochieO’Brien18/09/199918475Bendigo PioneersSouth Mildura / Geelong Grammar
9LukeDavies-Uniacke8/06/199918785Dandenong StingraysRye / Haileybury College
10BrentDaniels9/03/199917270Bendigo PioneersNyah Nyah West United / Geelong Grammar
11LaithamVandermeer3/02/199918073Murray BushrangersMooroopna / Xavier College
12EdwardMcHenry13/07/200017667Geelong FalconsBarwon Heads / Geelong College
13EthanFloyd15/07/199917970Geelong FalconsColac
14CallanWellings20/02/199818171GWV RebelsTrentham
15PaddyDow16/10/199918478Bendigo PioneersSwan Hill / Geelong Grammar
16DavidHandley1/09/199918176Geelong FalconsGeelong West Giants
17ZaneBarzen25/08/200019176Murray BushrangersShepparton United
18BaileyHenderson20/10/199918875Bendigo PioneersStrathfieldsaye
19MatthewLing21/04/199918274Geelong FalconsSt Marys
20TomDe Koning16/07/199920092Dandenong StingraysMornington
21HunterClark26/03/199918679Dandenong StingraysMornington
22JordonButts31/12/199919580Murray BushrangersShepparton
23CooperStephens21/05/199918072Geelong FalconsColac
24SeanMasterson23/08/199819278Gipplsand PowerEllinbank
25OscarClavarino22/05/199919586Dandenong StingraysBerwick / Haileybury College
26AngusSchumacher16/03/199918976Bendigo PioneersStrathfieldsaye
27HarrisonJones15/03/199918379Murray BushrangersWodonga Bulldogs
28JamesWorpel24/01/199918584Geelong FalconsBell Park
29BaileyWilliams17/04/200019891Dandenong StingraysCrip Point
30JordanJohnston9/09/199918476GWV RebelsNorth Ballarat
31SamFletcher27/01/200018877Dandenong StingraysRed Hill
32CassidyParish4/05/199919084Geelong FalconsWinchelseas
33ChangkuothJiath13/06/199918574Gipplsand PowerMorwell / Xavier College
34ThomasBoyd29/01/199919175Murray BushrangersPicola United
35TomMcCartin30/12/199919286Geelong FalconsSt Josephs
36CodyHenness7/02/199919388Gippsland PowerSale
37JoshuaJaska26/02/199819376Geelong FalconsAnglesea
38LloydMeek22/04/1998202104GWV RebelsSMW Rovers
39HudsonGaroni14/01/200019392Murray BushrangersWodonga Bulldogs
40JulianPatterson14/05/199820381Gipplsand PowerLeongatha
41AaronDarling24/01/199917883Dandenong StingraysCrib Point


  1. How surprised are u with no oscar brownless ?
    1 recruiter told me that he has chance to be top 30 pick in 2018
    Is he in afl academy squad ?

    1. na mate, not in the acadamy, and if i am brutally honest, struggles to get a kick in any game he plays. Take away the last name and hes just another one of them geelong rejects

    2. Oscar isn’t in the academy, he’s had a quiet start to the season at school and TAC Cup level. Did some ok things in the trial game a few months back but wasn’t considered for the final squad. Top 30 for next year would be a stretch at this stage.

  2. How much do u think lions and blues regret not taking Oliver. Weirering gojng to be a very good player and josh might become a good player. If Oliver reaches his potential has chance to be an incredibley special !
    How schocked are u with Oliver progression ??

    1. Don’t think Blues or Lions would regret it. Weitering is going to be a star and Schache has struggled up forward in a team that has struggled to get the ball down there. Oliver is going to be a star – I said at the time of the draft he’ll be one of the three best players from that draft class.

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