AFLW U18 Champs: Vic Country vs. Vic Metro

The NAB AFL Women’s U18 Championships begin this Saturday for Vic Country and Vic Metro, with the two Victorian teams to meet at Simonds Stadium at 2.30pm.

The match is the final game in Round 1, before all states travel to the Gold Coast for the completion of the Under 18W Championships from July 10 where Vic Country and Vic Metro will face Queensland, the Allies (Tasmania, South Australia & Northern Territory), NSW/ACT and Western Australia.

The game will be live video streamed via the AFLW YouTube account (link below) and Vic Country & Vic Metro U16 futures will clash as a curtain raiser at 12.30pm.


The players selected in the squad of 24 for the Round 1 clash have been bolded, with the finals squads of 24 that will head to Gold Coast for the remaining of the carnival will be named next week.

Saturday 17th June, 2.30pm Simonds Stadium


1Sophie PHILLIPS30-Jul-99163Dandenong Stingrays
2Julia HARVEY28-Apr-00163Murray Bushrangers
3Ada CHESSOR15-May-00166Murray Bushrangers
4Aisling TUPPER10-Jun-99157Bendigo Pioneers
5Georgia GEE28-Oct-99157Dandenong Stingrays
6Holly WHITFORD11-Feb-99163Gippsland Power
7Ruby CLAYTON19-Oct-99163Dandenong Stingrays
8Abby FAVARO17-Feb-99170Murray Bushrangers
9Iilish ROSS21-Jun-99168Murray Bushrangers
10Bridie KENNEDY23-Sep-99172Dandenong Stingrays
11Tyla HANKS15-Feb-00156Gippsland Power
12Denby TAYLOR16-Feb-00170Geelong Falcons
13Jordyn ALLEN06-Jul-00173Dandenong Stingrays
14Darcy GUTTRIDGE30-Oct-99169Gippsland Power
15Eden ZANKER11-Nov-99182Bendigo Pioneers
16Samantha RYAN12-Mar-00170Dandenong Stingrays
17Grace EGAN01-Jun-00157Murray Bushrangers
18Georgia CLARKE23-Jun-00176GWV Rebels
19Brooke STRUYLAART04-Jul-00164Dandenong Stingrays
20Lauren BUTLER20-Nov-00170GWV Rebels
21Amy DUNN31-Oct-00177Gippsland Power
22Sophie DAMON02-Nov-00173Murray Bushrangers
23Rebecca WEBSTER22-Oct-00164Murray Bushrangers
24Isabella SHANNON30-Jun-01175Dandenong Stingrays
25Jasmine KAWA23-Oct-99171GWV Rebels
26Olivia PURCELL05-Sep-00160Geelong Falcons
27Courtney JONES10-Sep-00164Dandenong Stingrays
28Kodi JACQUES27-Sep-00162Bendigo Pioneers
29Sophie VAN DE HUEVEL10-Dec-00171GWV Rebels
30Nina MORRISON13-Dec-00165Geelong Falcons
31Millie BROWN15-Jan-01160Murray Bushrangers
32Lucy McEVOY13-May-01172Geelong Falcons
33Rene CARIS18-Mar-99184GWV Rebels
34Chloe BRAIN22-May-99158Murray Bushrangers
35Eliza SHANNON23-Oct-99173Geelong Falcons



1Lily BRANCATISANO28-Mar-99162Northern Knights
2Georgia PATRIKIOS30-Mar-01165Calder Cannons
3Madeline BRANCATISANO05-Sep-00167Northern Knights
4Lauren CARUSO19-Nov-99161Calder Cannons
5Aleesha HOBBS10-Mar-00171Western Jets
6Molly WARBURTON10-Aug-00166Calder Cannons
7Chelsea JANSEN16-Sep-00161Western Jets
8Sarah DARGAN03-Feb-99162Calder Cannons
9Isabel QUINTAL11-Mar-99168Sandringham Dragons
10Olivia VESELY06-Dec-99165Sandringham Dragons
11Eleanor CORNISH12-Jan-00170 Calder Cannons
12Eleanor BROWN21-Jan-00176Sandringham Dragons
13Emerson WOODS12-Jul-00171Eastern Ranges 
14Sarah KENDALL08-Jan-00181Eastern Ranges
15Georgia McPHERSON21-Feb-00173Eastern Ranges
16Carla RENDELMANN04-Sep-00182Calder Cannons
17Charlotte WILSON29-Dec-00177Eastern Ranges
18Sophia ROTHFIELD20-Apr-01170Sandringham Dragons
19Laura McCLELLAND03-Jul-01174Eastern Ranges 
20Cleo SAXON-JONES04-Nov-01176Western Jets
21Gabrielle NEWTON31-Aug-01175Northern Knights
22Charis ULU-PENIATA28-May-99161Sandringham Dragons
23Neve O’CONNOR23-Apr-00184Northern Knights
24Hannah McLAREN10-May-00175Oakleigh Chargers
25Nell MORRIS-DALTON05-Apr-01173Northern Knights
26Madison PRESPAKIS02-Nov-00160Calder Cannons
27Isabella GRANT21-Sep-01174Western Jets
28Olivia FLANAGAN10-Mar-99171Eastern Ranges
29Georgia RICARDO09-Jul-99166Sandringham Dragons
30Maddy GUERIN25-Oct-99170Northern Knights
31Monique CONTI09-Dec-99165Calder Cannons
32Ysabelle PRICE28-Dec-99172Eastern Ranges

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