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2016 AFL Draft order

Vic Metro co-captain Andrew McGrath is likely to be high on the Bombers list for Pick 1.
Vic Metro co-captain Andrew McGrath is likely to be high on the Bombers list for Pick 1.

After a hectic AFL Trade period, with players and picks exchanging between clubs, the dust has settled and the 2016 draft order has been confirmed.

Essendon have the corveted Pick 1, with Vic Metro’s Andrew McGrath and Vic Country’s Hugh McCluggage the likely two to come into consideration for their selection.

2.2517GWSGreater Western Sydney (received from Brisbane Lions via a 2016 pick exchange)
3.2234BLBrisbane Lions (received from GWS via a 2016 pick exchange; originally received from Fremantle via a trade for Cam McCarthy)
4.2034GCFCGold Coast
6.1751GCFCGold Coast (received from Richmond as part of Dion Prestia trade)
7.1644FREMFremantle (received from Greater Western Sydney via a trade for Cam McCarthy; received by GWS from Collingwood via a 2015 trade for Adam Treloar)
8.1551GCFCGold Coast (received from Melbourne in a 2015 exchange of picks)
9.1469SYDSydney Swans (received from Port Adelaide in a pick exchange)
10.1395GCFCGold Coast (received from Hawthorn as part of Jaeger O’Meara trade; received by Hawthorn from St Kilda in a pick exchange)
11.1329NMFCNorth Melbourne
12.1268WCWest Coast
14.1161PORTPort Adelaide (received from Sydney Swans in a pick exchange; received from Hawthorn as part of Tom Mitchell trade)
15.1112GWSGreater Western Sydney
16.1067BLBrisbane Lions (received from GWS via a 2016 pick exchange; received from Carlton via a 2015 trade for Lachie Plowman, Jed Lamb, Andrew Phillips and Liam Sumner; received by Carlton from Geelong via a trade for Lachie Henderson)
17.1025PORTPort Adelaide (received from Sydney Swans in a pick exchange)
18.985WBWestern Bulldogs

19.948SYDSydney Swans (received from Port Adelaide in a pick exchange; received by Port Adelaide from the Brisbane Lions as part of the Pearce Hanley trade; originally a Brisbane Lions priority pick received from AFL)

21.878BLBrisbane Lions
22.845BLBrisbane Lions (received from Suns as part of the Pearce Hanley trade; originally from Fremantle via a 2015 pick exchange)
23.815STKSt Kilda  (received from Hawthorn via a 2016 pick exchange; received from Fremantle for Bradley Hill; originally received as compensation for Chris Mayne)
24.785GEELGeelong (received from Richmond as part of Josh Caddy trade; received by Richmond from Gold Coast as part of Dion Prestia trade)
26.729WBWestern Bulldogs (received from Gold Coast in an exchange of picks; received by Gold Coast from Richmond as part of 2015 Charlie Dixon trade)
27.703RICHRichmond (received as compensation for free agent Ty Vickery)
29.653ESSEssendon (received from Melbourne as part of the Michael Hibberd trade)
30.629PORTPort Adelaide (received from Gold Coast as part of the Pearce Hanley trade; originally received from Port Adelaide as part of 2015 Charlie Dixon trade)
31.606PORTPort Adelaide (received from Sydney Swans in a pick exchange; received by Sydney Swans from Greater Western Sydney in a pick exchange; received by GWS from from Brisbane Lions in a pick exchange; received from Collingwood as part of 2015 James Aish-Ryan Bastinac trade; originally received from St Kilda via trade for Nathan Freeman)
32.584NMFCNorth Melbourne
33.563NMFCNorth Melbourne (received as compensation for free agent Daniel Wells)
34.542WCWest Coast
35.522FREMFremantle (received from Gold Coast in a pick exchange; received by Gold Coast from Western Bulldogs in pick exchange; received by Western Bulldogs from Fremantle as part of the Joel Hamling trade; originally received by Fremantle from Greater Western Sydney via a trade for Cam McCarthy)
36.502STKSt Kilda (received from Hawthorn in a 2016 pick exchange)
37.483GWSGreater Western Sydney
39.446GWSGreater Western Sydney (received from Sydney Swans in a pick exchange)
40.429FREMFremantle (received from Western Bulldogs as part of the Joel Hamling trade)

42.395GEELGeelong (received from Brisbane Lions via a 2015 trade for Josh Walker and Jarrad Jansen)
43.378ADELAdelaide (received from Gold Coast as part of Jarryd Lyons trade; received by Gold Coast from Western Bulldogs in pick exchange; received by Western Bulldogs from Fremantle as part of the Joel Hamling trade)
44.362COLLCollingwood (received from Gold Coast as part of Jarrod Witts trade)
45.347GWSGreater Western Sydney (received from Carlton as part of Caleb Marchbank/Jarrod Pickett trade)
46.331SYDSydney (received from Richmond as part of Toby Nankervis trade)
47.316MELBMelbourne (received from Collingwood as part of Lynden Dunn trade)
48.302CARLCarlton (received from Hawthorn in a pick exchange; received by Hawthorn from Melbourne as part of the Jordan Lewis trade)
49.287SYDSydney Swans (received from Port Adelaide in a pick exchange)
50.273WBWestern Bulldogs (received from St Kilda as part of Koby Stevens trade)
51.259COLLCollingwood (received from Melbourne as part of Lynden Dunn trade; received by Melbourne from Greater Western Sydney as part of Pat McKenna trade; received from Brisbane Lions via a 2016 pick exchange; originally received from North Melbourne as part of 2015 James Aish-Ryan Bastinac trade)
52.246GWSGreater Western Sydney (received from Sydney Swans in a pick exchange; received by Sydney Swans from Hawthorn as part of Tom Mitchell trade; originally received by Hawthorn from West Coast as part of Sam Mitchell trade)
54.220WCWest Coast (received from Hawthorn as part of Sam Mitchell trade)
55.207GWSGreater Western Sydney
56.194RICHRichmond (received from Geelong as part of Josh Caddy trade)
57.182GWSGreater Western Sydney (received from Melbourne as part of Pat McKenna trade; received by Melbourne from Hawthorn as part of the Jordan Lewis trade)
58.170GWSGreater Western Sydney (received from Carlton as part of Caleb Marchbank/Jarrod Pickett trade; received by Carlton from Western Bulldogs via a 2015 pick exchange)

59.158GWSGreater Western Sydney (received from Melbourne as part of Pat McKenna trade; received by Melbourne from Essendon as part of the Michael Hibberd trade)
60.146GWSGreater Western Sydney (received from Brisbane Lions via a 2016 pick exchange)
61.135STKSt Kilda (received from Western Bulldogs as part of Koby Stevens trade; received by Western Bulldogs from Fremantle as part of the Joel Hamling trade)
62.123COLLCollingwood (received from Gold Coast as part of Jarrod Witts trade)
63.112CARLCarlton (received from Geelong as part of Zach Tuohy trade; received by Geelong from Fremantle for Shane Kersten; received by Fremantle from Western Bulldogs as part of the Joel Hamling trade)
64.101GEELGeelong (received from Richmond as part of Josh Caddy trade)
66.80CARLCarlton (received from Hawthorn in a pick exchange; received by Hawthorn from Melbourne as part of the Jordan Lewis trade)
67.69ADELAdelaide (received from Gold Coast as part of Jarryd Lyons trade; received from Port Adelaide as part of Pearce Hanley trade)
68.59ESSEssendon (received from Melbourne as part of the Michael Hibberd trade, originally received from Hawthorn as part of the Jordan Lewis trade)
69.49MELBMelbourne (received from Greater Western Sydney as part of Pat McKenna trade; received by GWS from North Melbourne for Paul Ahern)
70.39CARLCarlton (received from Hawthorn in a pick exchange; received by Hawthorn from West Coast as part of Sam Mitchell trade)
71.29FREMFremantle (received from Gold Coast in a pick exchange; received by Gold Coast from Adelaide as part of Jarryd Lyons trade)
72.19GEELGeelong (received from West Coast for Nathan Vardy; received by Geelong from Hawthorn as part of Sam Mitchell trade)
73.9GCFCGold Coast (received from Fremantle in a pick exchange; received from Greater Western Sydney via a trade for Cam McCarthy)
75.WBWestern Bulldogs (received from the Sydney Swans as part of the 2015 Michael Talia trade)
76.BLBrisbane Lions (received from Collingwood as part of Jack Frost trade; received by Collingwood from the Western Bulldogs for Travis Cloke)

77.GWSGreater Western Sydney (received from Essendon for James Stewart)
78.BLBrisbane Lions
80.WBWestern Bulldogs (received from Gold Coast in pick exchange)
85.PORTPort Adelaide
86.STKSt Kilda
87.NMFCNorth Melbourne
88.HAWHawthorn (received from West Coast as part of Sam Mitchell trade)
91.GEELGeelong (received from GWS via a 2015 trade for Steve Johnson)
92.NMFCNorth Melbourne (received from Geelong for Aaron Black)
93.SYDSydney Swans
94.WBWestern Bulldogs

96.BLBrisbane Lions
98.GCFCGold Coast
103.PORTPort Adelaide
104.STKSt Kilda
105.COLLCollingwood (received from North Melbourne for Marley Williams)
106.WCWest Coast
109.GWSGreater Western Sydney
111.SYDSydney Swans
112.WBWestern Bulldogs

114.BLBrisbane Lions
116.GCFCGold Coast
121.PORTPort Adelaide
122.STKSt Kilda
123.NMFCNorth Melbourne
124.WCWest Coast
127.GWSGreater Western Sydney
129.SYDSydney Swans
130.WBWestern Bulldogs

132.BLBrisbane Lions
134.GCFCGold Coast
135.GWSGreater Western Sydney (received from Carlton for Rhys Palmer)
139.PORTPort Adelaide
140.STKSt Kilda
141.NMFCNorth Melbourne
142.WCWest Coast
145.GWSGreater Western Sydney
147.SYDSydney Swans
148.WBWestern Bulldogs

AFL Draft Combine 2016 Day 4 results


The 2016 AFL Draft Combine concluded on Sunday with the 3km time trial finishing the four day event.

The 3km time trial is an event that many players haven’t run in their careers and it was Vic Country’s Jarrod Berry who won with a time of 9:46 minutes.

The state combine was also run at Etihad Stadium today, with results to be released throughout the week.

Day 4 results:

3km time trial
Jarrod Berry (9:46 minutes)
Tom Williamson (9:50)
Dylan Clarke (9:52)
*Mark O’Connor (9:56)
Griffin Logue (9:58)

*- Mark O’Connor is an Irish international who tested at the AFL Draft National Combine.



AFL Draft Combine 2016 Day 3 results


Day 3 was an action packed day for the 2016 AFL Draft prospects, with plenty of testing to keep the players occupied over the course of the day.

Vic Metro co-captain Jordan Gallucci broke the standing vertical jump record, whilst it was Jarrod Berry, Oliver Florent and Griffin Logue who performed extremely well in the beep test.


Beep test
Jarrod Berry (level 15.1)
Oliver Florent (15.1)
Griffin Logue (15.1)
Harry Morrison (14.12)
Dylan Clarke (14.12)
Sam Powell-Pepper (14.7)
Liam Baker (14.5)
Tom Williamson (14.5)
Patrick Lipinski (14.5)
Jordan Gallucci (14.5)

20 metre sprint
Jacob Allison (2.87 seconds)
Ben Ainsworth (2.90)
Josh Rotham (2.92)
Josh Williams (2.93)
Bailey Morrish (2.93)
Taylin Duman (2.93)
Esava Ratugolea (2.93)
Will Hayward (2.94)
Tony Olango (2.94)
Shai Bolton (2.95)

Repeat sprint total (six x 30metre sprints)
Jordan Gallucci (24.36 seconds)
Andrew McGrath (24.44)
Bailey Morrish (24.83)
Jarrod Berry (24.99)
Ben Ainsworth (25.01)
Kym LeBois (25.08)
Griffin Logue (25.09)
Shai Bolton (25.10)
Myles Poholke (25.20)
Jacob Allison (25.30)

Tom Williamson (8.15 seconds)
Jack Maibaum (8.19)
Sam Powell-Pepper (8.24)
Harry Morrison (8.26)
Oliver Florent (8.26)
Matt Guelfi (8.29)
Isaac Cumming (8.29)
Ben Ainsworth (8.36)
Jack Scrimshaw (8.39)
Andrew McGrath (8.38)

Standing vertical jump
Jordan Gallucci (89cm)**
Esava Ratugolea (76)
Will Hayward (73)
Griffin Logue (71)
Bailey Morrish (71)
Shai Bolton (68)
Callum Brown (68)
Josh Rotham (67)
Max Lynch (67)
Jacob Allison (67)
Jack Bowes (67)
Tom Williamson (67)

Running vertical jump (left foot)
Andrew McGrath (96cm)
Shai Bolton (94)
Cameron Zurhaar (92)
Brennan Cox (92)
Tony Olango (91)
Jordan Gallucci (91)
Oliver Florent (90)
Bailey Morrish (90)
Will Hayward (90)
Esava Ratugolea (89)
Tom Williamson (88)
Harry Morrison (88)

Running vertical jump (right foot)
Griffin Logue (91cm)
Bailey Morrish (91)
Esava Ratugolea (89)
Jordan Gallucci (86)
Andrew McGrath (85)
Ben Ainsworth (84)
Tom Williamson (83)
Jack Scrimshaw (83)
Declan Watson (83)
Mitchell Hinge (83)
Jack Bowes (82)

** – Gallucci broke the record set by Marvin Baynham of 88cm set in 2014.

AFL Draft Combine 2016 Day 2 results


Day 2 saw players be put under the spotlight with medicals from clubs, as well as interviews with media and AFL clubs.

Players also completed testing for hand-eye coordination and reaction time, such as Ben Ainsworth attempting to hit the coloured lights in the image below.

Friday night saw players undertake the kicking, clean hands and goal kicking tests with the following players scoring well.

Vision of SA Under 18 players can be found under the SANFL YouTube account.



Clean hands test (score out of a possible 30)
Ben Jarman (28)
Oliver Florent (28)
Ryan Garthwaite (28)
Callum Brown (27)
Jarrod Berry (27)
Will Hayward (27)
Patrick Lipinski (27)
Sam Powell-Pepper (27)
Jack Bowes (27)
Isaac Cumming (26)
Joe Atley (26)
Myles Poholke (26)
Jonty Scharenberg (26)
Harry Himmelberg (26)
Jack Maibaum (26)

Kicking test (score out of a possible 30)
Jordan Ridley (27)
Isaac Cumming (26)
Jarrod Berry (25)
Ben Long (25)
Sam Walker (25)
Josh Williams (25)
Ben Jarman (24)
Tom Williamson (24)
Dylan Clarke (24)
Kym LeBois (23)
Willem Drew (23)
Josh Battle (23)
Jake Waterman (23)

Goalkicking test (score out of a possible 30)
Sam Powell-Pepper (30)
Harry Morrison (25)
Joe Atley (25)
Josh Williams (25)
Jonty Scharenberg (25)
Ryan Garthwaite (25)
Zachary Sproule (25)
Tim English (25)
Liam Baker (25)
Ben Jarman (24)
Tyson Stengle (24)

Stars to shine bright at the National AFL Draft Combine


FOR the draft crop of 2016, the National AFL Draft Combine is the first sign that their AFL dreams are a step closer to fruition. An invitation to the AFL Draft Combine means that at least five AFL clubs have expressed interest in the player. The AFL Draft Combine is a way for clubs to determine the players’ physical strengths as well as getting one-on-one time through combine interviews.

Draftees take on each other in a series of tests that challenge their speed, endurance, reflexes and skills to determine their strengths and weaknesses. Combine results are taken into account by clubs when deciding between players and whether they believe they can take the next step into the AFL. A total of 81 players have been invited to the 2016 AFL Draft Combine.

Matt Balmer takes a look at who might be the standouts in the testing which runs from Friday to Sunday.


Players will begin to arrive at Etihad Stadium before a welcome will be held for all 81 players in attendence. Not all players will be able to test due to injuries, but they will sit in on interviews and medicals with clubs early in the combine.

Thursday also sees heights and weight taken, along with all the body sizing and measurements such as skin folds and tricept sizes. My spies have told me Ollie Florent will be a likely winner for the biggest hands at the combine.

The media will also be in attendance on Thursday afternoon with Kevin Sheehan speaking alongside Jonty Scharenberg, Jy Simpkin and Sam Powell-Pepper.


More medicals and interviews for players when they arrive for another day. Friday night from 7pm-9.30pm will be the hand balling, kicking and goal kicking tests.

The Matthew Lloyd clean hands/handpassing test measures how well a player collects the football and is able to dispose of it using a handball. There are three targets set up on both the left and right side at distances of 6m, 8m and 10m. An official will roll out or throw a ball at the player and instruct them where to handball the ball to. This is done six times and a score from 1-5 is allocated to each handball depending on how good it is.

Who could win? Hugh McCluggage‘s hands in stoppages are outstanding, whilst Andrew McGrath has the highest TAC Cup handball efficiency with 93 per cent of his handballs hitting the target.

The Brad Johnson goal kicking test will measure a players accuracy kicking for goal. Four kicking points are designated with players taking five kicks in total; two set shots (35m out in either pocket), two snaps (20m out, one left foot and one right foot) and one kick on the run (40m out directly in front). The player has 70 seconds to complete the test. A score is then worked out from the amount of goals and behinds a player kicks.

Who could win? Vic Country forward Josh Battle has a superb kick on him from short or long range distances in front of goal. Again, Hugh McCluggage has shown he can push forward and hit the scoreboard throughout 2016.

The Nathan Buckley kicking test measures players kicking efficiency over six kicks. Six targets (three on each side) are set out at distances of 20m, 30m and 40m. An official will call out a target at random to the kick, who will then to proceed to hit the target. Each kick is given a score from one to five, with five being a perfect kick.

Who could win? West Australian Josh Rotham is one of the best kicks in the draft pool, his teammate tall ruckman Tim English is another who uses the ball well. Harry Morrison, Sam Petrevski-Seton, Alex Villis and Harry Perryman are others that should perform well in this test.


The biggest day of the carnival will see sprints, agility, jumps and the beep test held on the purpose built floor on Etihad.

Sprints will be held in the morning , whilst the afternoon will conclude with the beep test.

Who could win in the sprints? Exciting WA midfielder Shai Bolton will test extremely well in both the 20m sprint and the agility test. Back in 2014, Bolton ran a sub 3s 20m sprint and under 8s for the agility test, considered elite.

Brandan Parfitt and Cedric Cox are among others who has shown off their speed at times this season while Jordan Gallucci should perform well in the agility test. Vic Country teammates Ben Ainsworth (8.00 seconds) and Jarrod Berry (7.80 seconds) were superb in TAC Cup preseason testing, while Stingrays defender Bailey Morrish was just behind Berry running 7.81 seconds. Queenslander Josh Williams showed a remarkable dash of speed in a division two National Under 18s Championships game earlier in the season.

Murray Bushrangers tall Esava Ratugolea is another who tested well in the past (2.92s) as has South Australian excitement machine Kym Lebois.

The vertical leap test is always an interesting test with vertical jump and running vertical jump (left and right foot) measured.

Who could win in the jumps? South Australian tall utility Brennan Cox was superb in the preseason testing in the SANFL, recording over 90cm off either foot in the running vertical jump. Ruckman Tim English, Esava Ratugolea and Tony Olango could test well above their counterparts, but it was Stingrays defender Bailey Morrish who beat all comers in the TAC Cup preseason testing with a vertical leap of 81cm.

The shuttle run/beep test or multistage fitness test depending on where you’re from is another that is closely watched by clubs. Most are looking for kids to push out one last level on the test, rather than take the easy option and drop out early. Sometimes the dedication and commitment from players can lead to them ‘spewing’ up their lunch- but an effect that some clubs might put down as a big tick in their notebook.

Who could win in the beep test? Tim Taranto will be an early front runner, having run a 15.9 in the preseason. His Sandringham Dragons team mate Ollie Florent is another who might perform well. If Jack Graham tests, he could be South Australia’s best.


The final day of the combine will see the 3km time trial run in groups of 10-15. The 3km time trial is one of the most strutinised tests, players pushing themselves to the limit deserve a pat on the back- while those that cruse through without little effect might come under the eyes of recruiters when they pour over all their data.

The 3km time trial has gotten faster every season, with the record being broken for three years running.

Who could win the 3km time trial? Possible number one draft pick Andrew McGrath should run well, but will his heavy work load over the last few months affect him? Again Tim Taranto will be another who could perform well.


Small Defenders/Midfielders/Forwards

Ben Ainsworth- Vic Country
Liam Baker- Western Australia
Shai Bolton- Western Australia
Callum Brown- Vic Metro
Cedric Cox- Vic Country
Joshua Daicos- Vic Metro
Zac Fisher- Western Australia
Ben Jarman- South Australia
Kym Lebois- South Australia
Andrew McGrath- Vic Metro
Brandan Parfitt- Northern Territory
Tyson Stengle- South Australia

Medium Defenders 

Jarrod Berry- Vic Country
Isaac Cumming- NSW/ACT
Taylin Duman- Vic Metro
Ben Long- NT
Bailey Morrish- Vic Country
Harry Morrison- Vic Country
Harry Perryman- NSW/ACT
Sam Walker- South Australia
Tom Williamson- Vic Country
Alex Witherden- Vic Country
Alex Villis- South Australia

Tall Defenders

Brennan Cox- South Australia
Ryan Garthwaite- NSW/ACT
Elliot Himmelberg- Queensland
Griffin Logue- Western Australia
Harrison Macreadie- NSW/ACT
Jack Maibaum- Vic Metro
Sam McLarty- Vic Metro
Jordan Ridley- Vic Metro
Joshua Rotham- Western Australia
Jack Scrimshaw- Vic Metro
Declan Watson- Queensland

Medium Midfielders

Jacob Allison- Queensland
Joseph Atley- Vic Country
Hamish Brayshaw- Vic Metro
Will Brodie- Vic Country
Jack Bowes- Queensland
Dylan Clarke- Vic Metro
Willem Drew- Vic Country
Judah Dundon- Vic Metro
Jordan Gallucci- Vic Metro
Jack Graham- South Australia
Matt Guelfi- Western Australia
Oscar Junker- Vic Metro
Hugh McCluggage- Vic Country
Kobe Mutch- NSW/ACT
Sam Petrevski-Seton- Western Australia
Myles Poholke- Vic Country
Sam Powell-Pepper- Western Australia
Luke Ryan- VFL
Jonty Scharenberg- South Australia
Will Setterfield- NSW/ACT
Daniel Venables- Vic Metro
Josh Williams- Queensland

Medium Forwards

Joshua Begley- Vic Metro
Benjamin Davis- NSW/ACT
Sam Fisher- NSW/ACT
Oliver Florent- Vic Metro
Will Hayward- South Australia
Mitchell Hinge- South Australia
Patrick Lipinski- Vic Metro
Quinton Narkle- Western Australia
Mark O’Connor- International
Brad Scheer- Queensland
Jy Simpkin- Vic Country
Tim Taranto- Vic Metro
Cameron Zurhaar- Western Australia

Tall Forwards/Rucks

Josh Battle- Vic Country
Sean Darcy- Vic Country
Timothy English- Western Australia
Jack Henry- Vic Country
Patrick Kerr- Vic Metro
Max Lynch- NSW/ACT
Todd Marshall- NSW/ACT
Mitchell McCarthy- Vic Country
Tony Olango- NT
Esava Ratugolea- Vic Country
Zachary Sproule- NSW/ACT
Jake Waterman- Western Australia

By the states:

International (1):
NSW/ACT (11):
Northern Territory (3):
Queensland (6):
South Australia (10):
Vic Country (18):
VFL (1):
Vic Metro (19):
Western Australia (12):

Future prospects star in under 15s V/Line Cup

Credit: AFL Victoria
Credit: AFL Victoria

AS the nation’s top under 18s players go head to head in a series of tests at the National AFL Draft Combine, AFL Draft Central has fast forwarded to the 2019 AFL Draft. It might seem a while off yet, but here are 30 players who impressed at the V/Line Cup last week. For those who do not know, the V/Line Cup is for the best under 15s as a pathway onto the TAC Cup under 16s lists and then the under 18s lists. We have listed the players that were named among the best in both games, led the competition’s goal kicking over the two games and a few that have ties to current players.

Top V/Line Cup players in alphabetical order:

Josh Bibby

Warrack Eagles (North Ballarat Rebels)

11/07/2001 | 185cm | 64kg

Likely to grow into a tall midfielder, Bibby impressed in the V/Line Cup learning from his senior experience with Warrack in the Wimmera Football League. He played seven senior games this year and managed six goals, while playing 10 under 17s matches for 17 goals.


Gennaro Bove

South Barwon (Geelong Falcons)

14/01/2002 | 173cm | 75kg

A nippy bottom-ager, Bove is not eligible to be picked up by an AFL club until 2020, but he stood out against the North Ballarat Rebels Two in the V/Line Cup booting five goals. Impressed in the Barwon AFL Under 14 Grading with nine goals in four games.


Ned Cahill

Mt Eliza (Dandenong Stingrays)

11/01/2001 | 174cm | 69kg

Ned Cahill was a standout for the Stingrays in both their games in the V/Line Cup. Playing for Mount Eliza, Cahill has booted 15 goals from 10 games, showing his capability of having an impact on the scoreboard.


Jakob Cocks

Jeparit/Rainbow Storm (North Ballarat Rebels)

24/05/2001 | 184cm | 70kg

A talented junior who has remarkably already tasted senior action, Cocks was named among the best on both occasions for the Rebels in the V/Line Cup. It would not have been surprising at his home club, where he has been named in the best on 12 of a possible 15 occasions playing in the under 17s. Started playing senior football at 14 years of age.


Kai Davies

Lavington (Murray Bushrangers)

07/11/2001 | 184cm | 77kg

Kai Davies was named among the best on both occasions for the North East Border side, particularly impressing in the team’s victory over Gippsland Power Two. Playing in the under 16s for Lavington in the Albury Wodonga Junior Football League, Davies played five matches, booting three goals.


Sam De Koning

Mt Martha (Dandenong Stingrays)

26/02/2001 | 179cm | 59kg

The name might sound familiar for TAC Cup watchers and it is – De Koning is the brother of Tom who caused a splash with nine goals against Northern Knights. At 179cm he will have a lot of growing to do if he is to match his brother, but has the same skinny build.


Brad Edwards

St Joseph’s (Geelong Falcons)

25/02/2001 | 170cm | 60kg

Edwards was a productive goal scorer for the Falcons, booting five goals in two games and among Geelong’s best. The small forward booted 25 goals in 15 games for St Joseph’s only finishing goalless on two occasions.


Thomas Fitzpatrick

Garfield (Gippsland Power)

16/01/2002 | 179cm | 73kg

Fourteen year-old Fitzpatrick booted a goal in each of his two V/Line Cup games and was another impressive player for the Power. At 179cm and 73kg, expect him to become a medium midfielder with a fair bit of size by the time he reaches TAC Cup level.


Rogan Goonan

Emerald (Eastern Ranges)

24/04/2001 | 170cm | 55kg

Goonan might be small in stature but he has a knack for kicking goals. His 170cm and 55kg size has not stopped him booting 23 goals from 14 games as a bottom ager for Emerald, following on from his impressive 68 goals from 14 games at an average of 4.86 per game in the under 14s last year. Was Yarra Ranges’ best across the V/Line Cup and one to watch if he grows.


Rhys Goodley

Benalla Giants (Murray Bushrangers)

06/02/2001 | 187cm | 80kg

A good size already, Goodley booted seven goals in his two games for North East Border Two. He has booted 68 goals in the past two seasons for the Benalla Giants in the Wangaratta and District Junior Football League.


Izaac Grant

Hepburn (North Ballarat Rebels)

02/07/2001 | 179cm | 65kg

Possibly one of the greatest junior goal kicking machines of all time. In the past three years he has booted a total of 367 goals from 57 games for his age group at a remarkable average of 6.4 goals per game. Excited to see what he will grow to, with the hope he becomes that medium half-forward in time. Booted three goals in his two games for the Rebels at the V/Line Cup.


Liam Herbert

South Warrnambool (North Ballarat Rebels)

01/03/2001 | 183cm | 70kg

Brother of former Gold Coast Suns’ rookie Louis, Herbert has had a huge season for the Roosters, booting 13 goals from eight matches as a bottom-ager and celebrated the club’s premiership. Another solid performer in the V/Line Cup for the Rebels.


Tom Holland

Upwey Tecoma (Eastern Ranges)

25/03/2001 | 180cm | 69kg

Holland was a solid contributor for Yarra Ranges in his two games in the V/Line Cup. Named among the best, he took his game to another level after playing 12 games for the under 16s in the Yarra Ranges Junior Football League this season.


Sam Howard

Thurgoona (Murray Bushrangers)

16/06/2001 | 180cm | 75kg

Another player who had a superb V/Line Cup, Howard was named in the top two players for North East Border Two in both his matches. Howard also finished with five goals, including a best-on-ground three-goal performance against Gippsland Power Two.


Riley Ironside

Kyabram (Bendigo Pioneers)

22/11/2001 | 179cm | 69kg

A talented athlete across a range of disciplines, Ironside is a member of the under 15s AFL Goulburn Murray Academy. He was named best on ground in both his matches in the V/Line Cup and one of the top players for the tournament.


Cameron Johnston

Cobram (Murray Bushrangers)

Johnston was Goulburn Murray Two’s top performer in the V/Line Cup, named in the best twice. He has stepped up as a bottom-ager playing under 17s for Cobram this year, playing 17 matches named in the best six times.


Isaac Kenna

Kolora-Noorat (North Ballarat Rebels)

23/08/2001 | 175cm | 57kg

Isaac Kenna had a break-out season for Warrnambool and District club Kolora-Noorat, booting his maiden century shortly after his fifteenth birthday. The feat was made all the more impressive considering he plays primarily midfield, but enjoyed bags of 19 and 17 goals during the year. Kenna capped off his year named in the best for both V/Line Cup matches.


William Lewis

Mt Martha (Dandenong Stingrays)

24/05/2001 | 175cm | 73kg

Lewis is a well built midfielder/forward who has managed eight goals in seven games for the Mounties, named in the best on five occasions. In the V/Line Cup he booted two goals against Gippsland Power One in an impressive display.


Mason McGannon

Leongatha (Gippsland Power)

30/01/2001 | 176cm | 61kg

A lightly framed player, McGannon booted three goals in his two V/Line Cup games, named in his side’s best against Yarra Ranges. McGannon has played 17 games for Leongatha in the Central Gippsland league, finishing the season with three best on grounds.


Fraser Phillips

Warragul (Gippsland Power)

15/05/2001 | 181cm | 59kg

Fraser Phillips was a solid contributor to Gippsland Power Two in the V/Line Cup, named in the best twice and has continued on from his 17 games and seven goals in the Warragul under 16s. Also booted a goal in his sole under 18s appearance.


Will Quirk

Myrtleford (Murray Bushrangers)

05/03/2001 | 190cm | 82kg

Well developed key position player, Quirk was named best on ground in a tight two-point loss to Gippsland Power One. He also booted a goal in his other game for the tournament. Remarkably, Quirk has managed 10 games playing seniors for Myrtleford, booting two goals and was named among the best against Wodonga.


Ned Nash

Lake Wendouree (North Ballarat Rebels)

06/03/2001 | 176cm | 72kg

A strong performance in the V/Line Cup from the Ballarat Football League’s 2015 under 14s league best and fairest. Named in the top two performers in both his matches, he has followed on from a strong season last year to boot 15 goals in 20 matches for the under Lake Wendouree 16.5s, named in the best nine times.


Oliver Poole

Torquay (Geelong Falcons)

12/02/2001 | 190cm | 79kg

Key position player who has impressed for the Falcons named in the best for both V/Line Cup matches. Has taken part in both the Barwon AFL Under 16 Grading and Buckley’s Cup, performing admirably.


Mitch Reed

Cobden (North Ballarat Rebels)

14/08/2001 | 174cm | 66kg

A smaller midfielder whose brother Trent is a bottom-ager at the Rebels. Missed out on premiership glory in the under 16s after a grand final loss, but is another one to keep an eye on for Rebels in the future.


Brett Robbins

Simpson (Geelong Falcons)

31/01/2001 | 180cm | 74kg

A late call-up to the Falcons’ V/Line Cup squad, Robbins wasted no time having an impact, named in the best in the Falcons’ heavy loss to the Pioneers. Backed it up against the Rebels in the second game where he remarkably played against Simpson teammate Jack Hookway with the pair zoned to different clubs.


Joel Shannon

Congupna (Murray Bushrangers)

Joel Shannon was a top performer for Goulburn Murray, named in the best three against Bendigo Pioneers Two and Yarra Ranges. Playing in the under 17s for Congupna, Shannon was among the best in nine of 19 games.


Zac Skinner

Moe (Gippsland Power)

26/03/2001 | 193cm | 73kg

Brother of Brisbane Lions’ Zac, the beanpole ruck will be hoping he can have better luck with injury than his brother. If he possesses the same talent, watch out for him.


Brock Smith

Moe (Gippsland Power)

13/03/2001 | 186cm | 74kg

Big bodied player from Gippsland, Smith booted four goals in his two V/Line Cup games and was one of the Power’s best players for the tournament. Playing for Newborough under 14s, Smith has booted 25 goals in 15 games, named among the best on six occasions.


Jacob Watson

St Mary’s (Geelong Falcons)

24/09/2001 | 188cm | 78kg

At 188cm and 78kg, Watson should be a genuine key position player by the time he reaches TAC Cup level. Watson booted six goals in the V/Line Cup, having had a strong year with 12 goals from four games in the AFL Barwon Under 16 grading and 18 goals in 13 games in the Buckley’s Cup.


Josh Worboys

Cobden (North Ballarat Rebels)

18/05/2001 | 187cm | 79kg

A readymade size already, Worboys stepped up in the V/Line Cup, named among the best in both his matches for the Rebels. Worboys managed to play in an under 18.5s flag with Cobden, finishing with eight games to go with his 15 games for the under 16s.


Matt Balmer’s October Power Rankings

Friday's Under 18 All Stars match saw the best draftees go head-to-head at Punt Road Oval.
Friday’s Under 18 All Stars match saw the best draftees go head-to-head at Punt Road Oval.

In an AFL Draft Central feature, AFL Draft analyst Matt Balmer will update his Power Rankings on the first Monday of every month.

Well, what a season it has been. Games are done and dusted for the season, with Friday’s Under 18 All Stars match showcasing some of the very best draft prospects for 2016. The AFL National Combine runs from Thursday to Sunday, with clubs casting their eye over the 2016 draft prospects.


You can read Matt Balmer‘s September edition of his Power Rankings here:

This list is purely how Matt rates the players at this current point of time and is not a mock draft. 

#1 Hugh McCluggage
Balanced Midfielder (North Ballarat Rebels/Vic Country)
03/03/1998 | 185cm | 75kg
Previous Ranking: #1

Scouting notes: Appears like Scott Pendlebury in traffic, making everything appear in slow motion. Clears the ball with ease via quick hands or off his preferred right boot. A few people questioning his contested ball winning abilities, but averaged 20 disposals in the Under 18 Championships (43 per cent contested). McCluggage’s contested numbers are similar at TAC Cup level and has been able to deal with the extra attention from opponents.

Last month: McCluggage had some great moments in the Rebels’ semi-final loss. McCluggage collected 25 disposals, but did lack some polish by foot. His game in the All Stars match was outstanding, with the goal kicking mid slotting four majors alongside having 17 disposals.

#2 Andrew McGrath
Small Defender/Inside Midfielder (Sandringham Dragons/Vic Metro)
02/06/1998 | 179cm | 74kg
Previous ranking: #3

Scouting notes: Exciting rebounder from defence. Agile runner with an elite athletics background. Not afraid to take the game on- with that comes his kicking which can be shaky at stages when he tries to break the game open. Can win his own ball on the inside too. Depth of kicking over 50m a question mark, but McGrath gives you 10m in run and a 40m kick to your advantage. Excellent leadership skills. Can play last line of defence and shut down an opponent as indicated by blanketing Ben Ainsworth & Jaidyn Stephenson.

Last month: McGrath was a crucial figure for the Sandringham Dragons in the TAC Cup finals, which saw him rack up 27 disposals v Dandenong, 32 disposals v Geelong (including 14 in the final quarter) and a mammoth 38 disposal effect in their winning TAC Cup Grand Final. McGrath moved to the half back flank after half time and 28 second-half disposals saw him win best on ground honours. Still had 18 disposals in the All Stars game but was quieter, with a five day break off a hard Etihad Stadium surface looking to take its toll. Certainly been a big year.

#3 Jack Bowes
Balanced Midfielder (Cairns/Queensland)
26/01/1998 | 187cm | 78kg
Previous Ranking: #2

Scouting notes: Silky smooth midfielder who doesn’t waste too many of his disposals. Moves well through traffic, willing to pump the ball long inside 50. Was a slow starter for the Allies but got better with each game in division one. Gold Coast Academy member. Did not look out of place playing in the NEAFL.

Last month: Bowes played just the one game in the All Stars match racking up 23 disposals. His silky smooth approach sees him work hard in the contested situations. If not for McGrath’s huge TAC Cup finals, Bowes would still be my #2. Gold Coast has a gem.


#4 Tim Taranto
Inside Midfielder (Sandringham Dragons/Vic Metro)
28/01/1998 | 186cm | 82kg
Previous ranking: #12

Scouting notes: Athletic forward that can play through the midfield. Very good in traffic, helped by his basketball background. Willing to give the ball off to teammates in better positions. Strong overhead mark means he has the ability to play deeper inside 50, where he has plenty of smarts and can hit the scoreboard. Has plenty of shots on goal.

Last month: Taranto just capped off his steller finals series with best on ground honours for the All Stars match. Four goals from 19 disposals was outstanding and his ability to play inside, along with up forward sees him jump this high in my rankings. Had 29, 23 and 31 disposals in his final three games in the TAC Cup for the Dragons.

#5 Will Brodie
Inside Midfielder (Murray Bushrangers/Vic Country)
23/08/1998 | 189cm | 82kg
Previous ranking: #4

Scouting notes: Strong inside midfielder, one of the best clearance players in the draft. Goes in hard at the ball, can’t see him being anything less than a 200 game AFL footballer. Real professional, could step into an AFL team in Round One next season. Kicking has improved from earlier in the season.

Last month: Brodie had a very quiet game with just the 12 disposals in the TAC Cup Preliminary Final for the Bushrangers. He collided with the umpire in the opening quarter of the TAC Cup Grand Final, leaving his nose bloodied. Finished the day with 22 disposals, seven clearances and six tackles, but I thought bar a patch in the third term his day was largely influential. Sat out the All Stars game through injury.

#6 Sam Petrevski-Seton
Balanced Midfielder (Claremont/Western Australia)
19/02/1998 | 181cm | 76kg
Previous Ranking: #6

Scouting notes: Exciting midfielder who has the ability to use either side of his body. Looked a touch underdone in the championships returning from hamstring issues. Not a noted huge disposal winner, but does have x-factor about him. Isn’t a midfielder that hits the scoreboard with just one goal for Claremont this season.

Last month: Petrevski-Seton continued to find the football in Claremont’s final series in the WAFL Colts. I still would have liked him to have played higher WAFL up than he did. 21 disposals and six tackles in the Grand Final was a great effort. His All Stars match saw him collect 23 disposals, eight tackles and six clearances where he was outstanding. Is one of the midfielders in the draft that has plenty of pace to burn.

#7 Jack Scrimshaw
Medium Defender (Sandringham Dragons/Vic Metro)
04/09/1998 | 193cm, 77kg
Previous ranking: #10

Scouting notes: Hybrid defender that is better playing small than tall. Nice long left boot, where he looks best at home across the half back flank. At stages has pushed onto a wing, which might be his finishing position thanks to a strong disposal efficiency. Has had multiple injuries in the last 18 months so will need to stay fit for the rest of the season to show clubs he’s over them. His ability to weave through traffic coming out of half back is elite.

Last month: Kicking has been on the improve and is back to what it was in the National Under 18s Championships. Floated forward at stages in the TAC Cup finals, including the grand final when he moved from half back to half forward after half time. Continued to find the football since last month with his 27 disposal display against Dandenong one of his best for the year. His marking overhead has been good when floating back in defence.

#8 Harry Perryman
Outside Midfielder (Collingullie-GP/NSW-ACT)
19/12/1998 | 184cm | 75kg
Previous ranking: #5

Scouting notes: Good decision maker, reads the play well. Didn’t look out of place off the half back flank throughout the championships. Kicks on both feet, ideally will transition into the midfield. Lacks speed that some of the other midfielders have. GWS Academy member.

Last month: Perryman took part in the All Stars game after spending the last few months playing for his local club. Did not find a huge amount of the ball, but I do like his composure across half-back. Certainly going to be interesting to see who/where he gets bid on come draft night.

#9 Tim English
Ruckman (South Fremantle/Western Australia)
10/08/1997 | 203cm | 86kg
Previous ranking: #8

Scouting notes: Tall ruckman who uses his strong leap in the ruck contests. Only averaged 13 disposals through the championships, but showed plenty with his ability to find and dispose of the ball well off his right boot. Could mount a case that his kicking is better than some of the midfielders in the draft. May warrant a Top five pick on draft night.

Last month: Continued to find the football and have good hitout numbers in the WAFL with disposals and 18 hitouts in his final WAFL reserves match. Had one of his quiest games in the All Stars match. Clubs will need to be patient with him, but his leap at the ruck contest is outstanding.

#10 Ben Ainsworth
Small Forward/Inside Midfielder (Gippsland Power/Vic Country)
10/02/1998 | 179cm | 74kg
Previous ranking: #7

Scouting notes: Strong overhead mark and has the ability to change a game in 10 minutes. An interupted season with injury and suspension, but has had more midfield time in recent months. Damaging inside 50 but can be a bit goal hungry at stages. Does a small forward warrent a Top 10 pick?

Last month: Just the one game for the month, which was the Under 18 All Stars. Played up forward for most the game, without running through the midfield. Ainsworth finished with 15 disposals, six marks and a goal in an okay game.

#11 Will Setterfield
Inside Midfielder (Sandringham Dragons/NSW-ACT)
05/02/1998 | 190cm | 79kg
Previous ranking: #13

Scouting notes: Tall midfielder who is still finding his feet as to where he best plays his football. Was down on form in the championships, carrying a foot niggle. Can play in multiple positions, but looks best forward of centre. Needs some consistency as can float in and out of games. GWS academy member.

Last month: Collected 22 disposals and laid nine tackles in the Dragons’ semi-final win over Dandenong, using the ball well and taking it forward. Unfortunately for Setterfield, he injured his shoulder in the TAC Cup preliminary final resulting in him missing the TAC Cup Grand Final and All Stars match.

#12 Josh Rotham
Medium Defender (West Perth/Western Australia)
25/02/1998 | 192cm | 79kg
Previous ranking: #11

Scouting notes: Hybrid defender who has played both tall and small this season. Against VFL opposition was undersized playing key back, but looked best in the championships further up the ground, wonder if he becomes a midfielder in the future? Strong mark who got better as the championships went on and is one of the top handful of kicks in this draft pool.

Last month: Had just the 11 disposals playing in the back half in the All Stars. Did not get the opportunity to use his good kick very often, but I think he is going to be there abouts in the first round.

#13 Brad Scheer
Inside Midfielder (Palm Beach/Queensland)
31/08/1998 | 184cm | 83kg
Previous ranking: #14

Scouting notes: Tough inside midfielder who just gets the job done with plenty of clearances. His strong contested work is his strength and he won the Allies the match with a snap deep in the pocket (Video can be found here). Good runner around the ground, probably a late first round or second round bid for the Gold Coast academy member.

Last month: Gold Coast Suns NEAFL were knocked out in the elimination final and an injury kept him out of the Under 18 All Stars game.

#14 Oliver Florent
Outside Midfielder (Sandringham Dragons/Vic Metro)
22/07/1998 | 183cm | 74kg
Previous ranking: #25

Scouting notes: Exciting half forward/outside midfielder. In his usual eye catching orange boots, Florent has playing of X-Factor around the ball inside 50. Liked his work last year for Sandringham and has continued that into this season. Outside midfielder who is a capable overhead mark. A good kick around the ground, but does have the ability to shank the odd kick on the run. Looks likely to start his AFL career as a half forward and push onto a wing.

Last month: One of the big jumpers up the rankings with a big finals series and a best on ground performance in the All Stars match. His form in the TAC Cup previous was up and down with 20 disposals in both games in the lead up to his 24 disposal and five tackle effort in the TAC Cup Grand Final. Despite a five-day break, he put on the jets to have 27 disposals, seven clearances and seven inside 50s (in a shortened 4×20 minute match).

#15 Jy Simpkin
Small Forward (Murray Bushrangers/Vic Country)
05/03/1998 | 182cm | 72kg
Previous ranking: #16

Scouting notes: Crafty small forward who burst onto the scene with seven goals in six Under 18 championship games in 2015. Knows where the goals are- but does he become a full time mid? Broke his leg at school football earlier in the season.

Last month: N/A – Recovering well from leg surgery from all reports. Hoping to be back for the National Combine in October. It was good to see him kicking the ball around at Under 18 All Stars training on Thursday and was on the bench working the whiteboard at Friday’s game.

#16 Alex Villis
Outside Midfielder (Norwood/South Australia)
20/08/1998 | 182cm | 70kg
Previous ranking: #17

Scouting notes: Clean kick on either sides of his body. Smart footballer who knows when to pull the kick short or go long. Decision making is elite and has held his own at SANFL senior level. A lot of his possessions are uncontested.

Last month: A quiet game in the SANFL reserves final with just 12 disposals, but he took eight marks around the grounds. Used his superb kick mostly well in the All Stars match and laid five tackles. That tackle figure is one of his biggest for the season and was a good sign for someone who mostly collects uncontested ball.


#17 Todd Marshall
Key Position Forward (Murray Bushrangers/NSW-ACT)
08/10/1998 | 198cm | 87kg
Previous ranking: #9

Scouting notes: Athletic tall that has a strong pair of dukes. Still a bit raw after only returning to AFL after two winters in the UK playing cricket. Set shot goalkicking routine needs some work to stop him hooking the ball across his leg. Has only shown patches so far in 2016.

Last month: Played the best game I have seen him play in the TAC Cup preliminary final against Oakleigh, where he took seven marks (three contested) and imposed himself on the game. Had just two kicks for two goals in the TAC Cup Grand Final after being well held by Ari Sakeson. Was again quiet in the All Stars game. His flashes can be really good, but will he make it and be able to put a full game together?


#18 Griffin Logue
Key Position Defender (Swan Districts/Western Australia)
13/04/1998 | 193cm | 92kg
Previous ranking: #21

Scouting notes: Strong lockdown defender who doesn’t lose too many one-on-ones. Rowing background at school has helped his physic, with a strong upper body enabling to outmuscle his opponents. Pinch hit in the ruck in the final match for WA and kicks the ball well off his left foot.

Last month: Disappointingly missed the All Stars match, as his form in the latter half of the year at WAFL level was very good from regular WAFL watchers.

#19 Patrick Kerr
Key Position Forward (Oakleigh Chargers/Vic Metro)
31/07/1998 | 194cm | 93kg
Previous ranking: #15

Scouting notes: Strong overhead mark, who has worked on his mobility at ground level. Speed over first 10 metres is one of the best out of all the key forwards and gets distance between himself and defenders. Speaks exceptionally well and will interview well. When he’s on, he’s hard to stop.

Last month: An okay month for Kerr, but I thought when he got on the lead and marked the ball he looked very good like he did against North Ballarat in the TAC Cup Semi-Final. Started well bagging the first goal in the All Stars match and finished with eight disposals and four marks.

#20 Josh Battle
General Forward (Dandenong Stingrays/Vic Country)
01/09/1998 | 192cm | 90kg
Previous ranking: #18

Scouting notes: Superb footy IQ and a great endurance base helps him get up the ground. Has the ability to change a game quickly with bursts of goals. Set shot routine is great and he’ll kick the ball through whether he’s 20m or 50m out. Solid mark overhead, but unlikely to play as the number one tall at AFL level. Year 11 boy too, so will need to complete school next year.

Last month: Was well held by Ari Sakeson in the Stingrays’ semi-final loss, kicking just two goals. Did not impact the game in the All Stars match, but showed he can nail a goal from long range. A good kick of the football and should fine a suitor in the second or third round.

#21 Harrison Macreadie
Key Position Defender (Henty/NSW-ACT)
11/04/1998 | 196cm | 89kg
Previous Ranking: #19

Scouting notes: Tall Defender that has the ability to push further up the ground. Strong rebounder, intercept marks was his strengths in 2015- but have been scarce in 2016. His form in NEAFL has still be solid and I would be very very surprised if GWS academy member Macreadie was not at the Giants, after they had a part in him moving schools.

Last month: Was solid with 15 disposals, rebounding the ball well in the NEAFL Preliminary Final. He was quiet in their NEAFL Grand Final win and believe he was rested from the All Stars game.

#22 Daniel Venables
General Forward/Inside Midfielder (Western Jets/Vic Metro)
19/11/1998 | 185cm | 76kg
Previous ranking: #20

Scouting notes: Aggressive midfielder who can break through opposition tackles. Powerful burst from a stoppage and can hit the scoreboard. Yet to see a full complete game from him, as he’ll flash in and out of games.

Last month: N/A – Has been injured in the past month and was sporting a moon boot at the Morrish Medal last month. Believe he will not test at the combine.

#23 Jonty Scharenberg
Inside Midfielder (Glenelg/South Australia)
28/08/1998 | 185cm | 78kg
Previous ranking: #23

Scouting notes: Inside midfielder who is the brother of Collingwood’s Matt. Scharenberg works hard at the stoppages, with his best asset his ability to free his arms when tackled to dish the ball off to a teammate. Champion Data rate Scharenberg as an elite clearance and tackling midfielder. Doesn’t have a great deal of speed, but often elects to pass the ball off to a teammate rather than trying to burst away from the stoppage. Kicking efficiency of 49% through the Under 18 championships.

Last month: Could not have done much more to get Glenelg over the line in the SANFL reserves final. Despite having 27 disposals and five clearances, his contested possession numbers were down and the Tigers could not get the win. Played his one and only SANFL Under 18s game for Glenelg in the Grand Final, in their after the siren win over North Adelaide. Scharenberg had 34 disposals, 12 tackles and five clearances in a strong performance. Had 20 disposals in the All Stars game, but his kicking is a work in progress.

#24 Jordan Gallucci
Outside Midfielder/Medium Defender (Eastern Ranges/Vic Metro)
04/05/1998 | 182cm | 73kg
Previous ranking: #24

Scouting notes: Explosive midfielder whose kicking can be hot and cold. Has plenty of zip at the contest, but just where does he play his best football? Is willing to use either foot to take the ball inside 50. Strong leadership skills as indicated by being selected as co-captain of the Vic Metro side.

Last month: Started well in the first half in the All Stars game, but thought he was very quiet after that. Finished with nine disposals and three marks and it is certainly going to be interesting to see where he gets drafted come November.

#25 Shai Bolton
Outside midfielder (South Fremantle/Western Australia)
8/12/1998 | 177cm | 67kg
Previous ranking: N/A

Scouting notes: Electric speed and an elite side step, the Flashy West Australian will end up with one of the best highlight packages in this years draft crop. Consistency is his biggest issue and with flash in and out of a contest. At times can just bang the ball on his boot without looking.

Last month: Ninteeen disposals and four goals in South Fremantle’s semi-final loss. Caught the eye of those who haven’t seen much of him in the All Stars game at Punt Road, where he had 16 disposals. Bolton had some eye catching moments on the wing and his agility is traffic is elite. Another who will test well for speed and agility at the combine.

#26 Zachary Sproule
Key Position Forward/Defender (Murray Bushrangers/NSW-ACT)
12/05/1998 | 197cm | 87kg
Previous ranking: #22

Scouting notes: Key Position Forward who can get up the ground on long leads thanks to a good endurance base. Agile inside 50, but more of your true leading centre half forward. Takes most of his marks outside 50, but kicked 13 goals in the Division One & Two carnivals combined. When playing back has looked ok one-on-one despite his light frame.

Last month: Looks to have been working on playing at both ends and kept Josh Battle to one goal in August. Floated between both ends yesterday but for me he looks more at home inside 50.

#27 Will Hayward
Medium forward (North Adelaide/South Australia)
26/10/1998 | 186cm | 76kg
Previous ranking: N/A

Scouting notes: Medium forward who plays tall. His marking is outstanding and good in one-on-one contests for his size. Booted nine in the SANFL Under 18s in the finals. Not a big ball winner, but leads well and marks the ball well overhead or down below his knees. Kicked eight goals in the Under 18 championships, but didn’t earn a lot of credit for his craft.

Last month: Kicked nine goals in North Adelaide’s preliminary final. Took 10 marks (including five on a lead) and was a clear best player for the Roosters. Started well in the Grand Final, finishing the day with four goals. Showed good signs in the All Stars game with 14 disposals and two goals.


#28 Jordan Ridley
General Defender (Oakleigh Chargers/Vic Metro)
20/10/1998 | 192cm | 79kg
Previous ranking: #30

Scouting notes: Rebounding defender who is composed with the ball in hand. Can push up further onto a wing and is capable overhead. Build strongly below his waist, but should be able to build that physic in his upper body with a few preseasons under his belt.

Last month: Collected 22 disposals and was strong across half back for the Oakleigh Chargers against North Ballarat Rebels in the TAC Cup Semi-Final. It was a fast finishing final quarter, but unfortunately he suffered a shoulder injury late in the game. Has not played since.

#29 Cedric Cox
Outside Midfielder (North Ballarat Rebels/Vic Country)
19/08/1997 | 184cm | 70kg
Previous ranking: N/A

Scouting notes: Neat outside midfielder who can play at both ends of the ground. Looks best suited to half-back, where he can use his speed to burn off his opponents. Is a dual footed kicker and is willing to use both his left and right foot in any situation.

Last month: Played mostly forward for the Rebels in their semi-final loss. Some of his moments are great, but was reasonably quiet. Had four disposals in almost as many minutes to open the game in the Under 18 All Stars, but faded badly throughout the game. A lot to like about some of his flashes. Expect him to test well in speed and agility.

#30 Dylan Clarke
Inside Midfielder (Eastern Ranges/Vic Metro)
06/09/1998 | 187cm | 85kg
Previous ranking: #29

Scouting notes: Strong inside midfielder who crashed in hard and wins the clearances. Kicking technique needs some work and it has seen him kick at under 50% in the TAC Cup this season.

Last month: Seventeen disposals and a goal in the Under 18 All Stars for Clarke. Did not have a clearance for the game and he was mostly playing forward in a team that was chocker block with inside midfielders.

Our Draft Profiles are still being posted online, so keep on eye on the website where we take you through over 150 names eligible for the 2016 NAB AFL Draft.

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As always, if you have any questions or want to know more, send me a tweet @MattBalmer7.

U17 All Stars ultimate review


BACK-TO-BACK wins saw ‘Team Judd’ claim inagularl Kevin Sheehan Trophy after defeating ‘Team O’Loughlin‘ by 13-points at Punt Road Oval on Saturday.

After winning comfortably on Friday in the Under 18 All Stars match, ‘Team Judd’ Under 17s were made to work much harder for their win on Grand Final day.

The concept saw the ‘Best 46’ 2017 draft prospects go head-to-head, all be it missing a few through injury.

Unfortunately for those involved, a late change saw the match moved from the MCG to Punt Road Oval. This is turn however, did allow a large contingent of Sydney Swans and Western Bulldogs fans come through the gates to see the very best U17 talent available for the 2017 draft.

Josh Poulter’s scouting notes: 


5 – Lochie O’Brien (Judd)

4 – Darcy Fogarty (Judd)

3 – Connor Ballenden (O’Loughlin)

2 – Hunter Clark (Judd)

1 – Jack Higgins (O’Loughlin)

Team Judd:

#1 – Charlie Spargo

Nothing unusual today for Spargo in the way he played. Worked hard on both the inside and outside of the contest and collected 16 disposals. Like the week before his disposal was both a highlight and lowlight as it went hot and cold. He was also named captain of the victorious side.

#9 – Lochie O’Brien

A new team was the only thing different for O’Brien as he played today in the manner as he has all year. Was the link-up & go-to player for Team Judd. His quality ball use was the catalyst for much of the attacking by his team. His kicking inside-50 was also a highlight.

#12 – Hunter Clark

Showed his X-Factor with moments of brilliance. Took a great pack mark and also had dash. Had plenty of the ball as well finishing the day with 21 disposals. Spent the majority of the day in the midfield and showed some explosive power when he gathered the ball on occasion.

#14 – Cameron Rayner

Was all over the game early and found most of his ball in the first half of the game, before fading to finish with 16 disposals. Showed moments of power and agility. Did look to bomb away at times and ‘dump kick’. He also got moved behind the ball late in the game.

#18 – Darcy Fogarty

Started the game off strongly in the forward line with the first goal of the game. Was thrown around throughout the game as well. Showed great alethicism for size and movement was very good for his size. His strong pair of hands were also a highlight and he won Best-on-Ground honours.

Team O’Loughlin

#3 – Jack Higgins

The midfielder/forward rotated between his two positions for the day and was one of Team O’Louhglin’s best players. Kicked 1.4 for the day and showed his footballing brain in the Forward-50. But his kicking cost him and could’ve had a much more impactful game on the scoreboard despite having 24 disposals.

#7 – Aidan Quigley

The Gippsland Power product was in and out of the game, but he had moments in the game that had the on-lookers impressed. His elite agility and lateral movement showed as he on a few occasions was able to weave out of traffic.

#28 – Nathan Kreuger

The tall defender played as the 3rd tall for the majority on the day and was able to peel off and gather his usual intercept possessions. He rebounded well out of defensive 50 and used his great left foot kick and also displayed strong hands overhead also.

#33 – Connor Ballenden

The highly touted Brisbane Lions academy prospect kicked two goals early but did most of his good work in the second half of the game. He also started the 3rd quarter in the ruck and showed his one one prowess in a marking contest, with him out muscling his opponents.

#35 – Sam Hayes

Started the game in the ruck but spent most of the game deep at Full-Forward. At moments he did look like he was labouring or a bit slow and fumbled on a few occasions below the knees. Sometimes he looked good and very average when leaping at the ball but took a really solid mark in the last quarter at the top of the goal-square.

Under 17 All Stars game ultimate preview

GF - James Worpel
Geelong Falcons midfielder James Worpel in action.

AUSTRALIA’S top teenage footballers will take part in a new concept that is aimed to feature the best players for the 2017 draft.

Saturday’s Under 17 All Stars match will see players divided up into two teams to play against each other in an event that the AFL hope will be in front of a blockbuster crowd at Punt Road Oval in the lead up to the 2016 AFL Grand Final.


The two teams have been named after AFL greats Chris Judd and Michael O’Loughlin and will be a part of the AFL’s changing program for the Grand Final weekend.

The league were forced into making a late change with a venue swap from the MCG to Punt Road Oval. The match time has been pushed back and it is hoped that Western Bulldogs and Sydney Swans fans will attend on their way to the ‘G.

Current NAB AFL Academy coach Brenton Sanderson will coach the Chris Judd teams, while NSW/ACT & Allies coach Tadhg Kennelly will coach the Michael O’Loughlin teams.

The match will be broadcast live on (or the AFL app) from 10.30am.

Likely Teams:

U17 All Stars

Jaidyn Stephenson injured his wrist a fortnight ago and will not take his place in the selected team. Full lines ups to be confirmed on Saturday morning.

Star Power:

For Team Judd, Charlie Spargo is the name to keep an eye on. The small midfielder can win the football and push forward to hit the scoreboard. Spargo was one of the Bushrangers best bottom age players in 2016, performing strongly in the TAC Cup Grand Final with 24 disposals.

Another player to watch is South Australian forward/midfielder Darcy Fogarty, who impressed recently in the SANFL U18s final series and has plenty of strength at the contest. He played more of a role up forward in the Under 18 championships and certainly provides scoreboard impact when not running through the midfield.

Other names to watch include Dandenong Stingrays rebounding defender Hunter Clark, Bendigo Pioneers speedy midfielder Lochie O’Brien and possible top five selection in the 2017 draft tall utility Jarrod Brander.

For Team O’Loughlan, midfielders such as Jack Higgins and Lachlan Fogarty are two to keep an eye on. Oakleigh Chargers midfielder Higgins was runner-up in their Best and Fairest, working hard around the ground and can hit the scoreboard. Fogarty has spent some time on the sidelines with injury, but is another worth noting down.

Another to watch is Queensland key forward Connor Ballenden. The 200 cm goal kicker is rated extremely highly for next years draft (apart of the Brisbane Lions academy) and could kick a big bag for Team O’Loughlan if not contained. Vic Metro All-Australian ruck/forward Sam Hayes, Queensland defender Jack Clayton and Vic Metro key forward Hayden McLean are others to watch for the game.

Surprise Packets

For Team Judd there were some surprise selections which include medium forward Jack Petruccelle, midfielder Matthew Ling and GWS Academy member Brendan Myers.

Petruccelle comes from an elite basketball background where he played for the Under 18 Vic Metro team and caught the eye in only two games for the Northern Knights. He kicked four goals in those two games and looks to be an exciting player for the future.

Ling too the more conventional path as a player but was just as much of a surprise selection. He played five games for the Falcons and impressed with his skills enough to be selected for Team Judd.

For Team O’Loughlan they have their fair share of surprise packets including Queensland medium forward Harry Simington and South Australian utility Nathan Kreuger.

Simington was a real shock selection as he hasn’t had much exposure as he has only played the one state game and a handful of NEAFL games for the Gold Coast Suns. Simington has shown a lot of qualities which translate well to AFL level up forward.

South Adelaide’s Kreuger was also an interesting choice for Team O’Loughlan. This year Kreuger has been toiling away in the SANFL Under 18s as a tall roaming player at 194 cm. He is a fast and agile player who can play practically everywhere on the ground. He has recently dominated a the Under 17 Futures trial game in SA.


Key Matchups:

Callum Coleman-Jones vs Nathan Richards

This year there have been two standout ruckman for the 2017 draft and for this game they will face off against each other in the ruck. Coleman-Jones is the more mobile of the pair, as he can spread unlike most ruckman in the draft. He can win his own football on the ground and almost become an extra midfielder in the stoppages.

Richards is the stronger of the two as he often out muscles opponents to get crucial taps on his team. He also has better disposal efficiency, making him more damaging with the football. Richards is also a strong contested mark, which will make him difficult to beat in the air. Who wins the match up will depend on if it is a free flowing game  (suiting Coleman-Jones) or a scrappy game (suiting Richards).

Jake Patmore vs Tyrone Hayes

It looks likely that two indigenous speedsters will matchup on each other during the game. Gippsland Power small forward Hayes will likely play forward for Team O’Loughlin for most of the game. He provides lots of zip and class with ball in hand which could lead to him kicking a few if not held well.

Patmore on the other hand has been quiet about his business this year but has shown on many occasions he is just as damaging as Hayes. The West Australian is as classy as they come with the ball as he can deliver the ball to his teammates with great proficiency. This matchup will be crucial as whoever wins it could have a two or three goals swing in their way.

Connor Ballenden vs Oscar Clavarino

Another battle which will be pivotal is the one between potential top five prospects Clavarino and Ballenden. Ballenden is a massive key forward who marks the ball at the highest point and has shown on multiple occasions he can take games by the throat. On the other hand Clavarino is an intercept marking key defender with great skills and poise.

Ballenden as a tall is a better player one-on-one and is much taller than Clavarino, but Clavarino is a better judge of the ball in flight which will allow him to get good positioning to get marks as well as provide some rebound, but his kicking does need work. Both players are very highly touted and the fact that they will be facing each other is very exciting from a recruiters’ point of view.


Team Judd on paper looks too strong for Team O’Loughlin. Team Judd’s midfield looks too strong for the smaller and less dominant Team O’Loughlin midfield with the likes of Hunter Clark and James Worpel in their team.

O’Loughlin’s team in defense looks likely to be too small to battle against the likes of Darcy Fogarty, Tom De Koning and Jarrod Brander up forward and possibly lacking speed to contain Cam Rayner as well as Jordan Johnston up forward.

Worpel is an easy candidate for BOG honours, as the strong clearance midfielder wins plenty of the ball and showed that against bigger bodies in the Under 18 championships. 


Team O’Loughlin v Team Judd
10.30am, Punt Road Oval
October 1st
Live on (& AFL app) from 10.30am
Tweets: @afldraftcentral

U18 All Stars ultimate review

Tim English


Team Judd2556769715797
Team O’Loughlin1422385981159

A SLOW start didn’t stop ‘Team Judd‘ winning the inagularl Kevin Sheehan Cup after defeating ‘Team O’Loughlin‘ by 38-points at Punt Road Oval today.

The concept saw the ‘Best 46’ draft prospects go head-to-head, all be it missing a few through injury. A huge crowd rolled in at the conclusion of the AFL Grand Final Parade, resulting in fans sitting in the aisle upstairs in the stands at Punt Road.

Oliver Florent boosted his draft stocks and emerged as a possible top ten selection with 27 disposals, seven clearances and seven inside 50s.

Florent shone throughout the day in his bright orange boots, taking the ball forward at every chance.

His performance saw him judged the best player from the losing O’Loughlin side, coach by NSW-ACT coach Tadhg Kennelly.

Team O’Loughlin burst away early in the contest, booting the first two goals before Team Judd’s star studded midfield helped them boot the next seven goals to put the margin beyond reach.

Jack Bowes was a prominent figure in the contest for Team Judd with 23 disposals and three clearances, in a match that was capped at 20 minutes per quarter.

Hugh McCluggage‘s class also caught the eye, with 17 disposals and four goals.

It was McCluggage’s fourth goal that has fans gasping after he intercepted the ball, weaved through the pack and nailed the shot from 50m out.

However, the pair were outdone by Sandringham Dragons’ Tim Taranto, who was outstanding winning the best on ground medal for Team Judd.

Taranto had 19 disposals, four tackles and four goals and was often involved in the play with McCluggage.

Taranto has been a superb performer right throughout September and one must wonder if he has the chance to be worth a top five pick.

Team Judd captain Andrew McGrath still collected 18 disposals despite a quiet showing, whilst it was West Australian Shai Bolton who shone on the outside with 16 disposals and seven inside 50s showing his dash and agility.

Josh Daicos played an unfamilar role at Half Back for Team Judd, racking up 18 disposals and two rebound 50s. On the opposite team, Callum Brown had 21 disposals and three clearances working hard in the middle of the ground.

Both Father/Son prospects seem destined to end up on Collingwood’s list, with a likely bid in the 30-50 range.

West Australia onballer Sam Powell-Pepper had 18 disposals and five tackles, backing up his strong performance in the WAFL Colts Grand Final and his state teammate Sam Petrevski-Seton impressed with 23 disposals, eight tackles and six clearances in a showing that should keep his name in the top handful of picks.

The tackle count for the contest was down and the match was largely open, with not a lot of defensive work from either team. In front of a packed crowd at Punt Road Oval, there is no doubt the AFL will consider the Under 18 All Stars match a success.

The best Under 17 talent will run out at Punt Road Oval tomorrow from 10.30am. The match will be broadcast on & the AFL live app.

Matt Balmer’s scouting notes: 

Team Judd:

#6 Alex Villis– The South Australian didn’t find a lot of the ball, but when he does have it he uses it well. Laid five tackles, a figure that was well above his season average in 2016.

#9 Hugh McCluggage– Whoever ends up with Pick 1 is going to have a tough choice on their hands. McCluggage is elite in traffic, you can’t doubt that. He spins through and it sometimes looks like time has stood still for him to get around an opponent. The goal kicking midfielder nabbed four goals, including an outstanding final goal which screamed out ELITE!

#11 Will Hayward– Another South Australia who did some good things. Booted two goals, including one from long range outside 50. He is a strong mark and booted nine goals a few weeks back in the SANFL U18s.

#12 Tim Taranto– Combined for a lot of disposals with McCluggage and was a deserving best on ground medal winner. Taranto kicked four goals and his work in close was very good.

#15 Jack Bowes– Despite not playing for the last month, Bowes looked as silky as ever. The smooth mover collected 23 disposals and covered the ground very well. Someone I still rate as a possible No.1 on my draft rankings.

#21 Sam Powell-Pepper– Powell-Pepper backed up his big performance in the WAFL Colts on the weekend, a game that some felt he was stiff for not winning the BOG medal. Today his kicking was much better than it has been throughout this season, finishing with 18 disposals and five tackles.

Team O’Loughlin:

#5 Sam Petrevski-Seton– If not for Ollie Florent’s outstanding day, Petrevski-Seton would’ve gone close to being best on ground. His run and carry with the ball is good and the dual sided midfielder is happy to go long or short on either foot. Petrevski-Seton had 23 disposals, eight tackles and six clearances in a display that keeps his name in the top five mix.

#8 Oliver Florent– I’ve seen Florent play over 10 times this year, but I have no doubt that this was his best game. Florent has plenty of X-Factor and has shown glimpses right through the year, but today showed why he can push for the top ten. A deserving best on ground medal winner with 29 disposals, seven clearances and seven inside 50s.

#9 Cedric Cox– Had five disposals in the opening ten minutes of the contest playing on the wing, but faded badly to finish with nine disposals. Cox did some uncharacteristic things throughout the day, missing targets he usually hits. I’m not sure whether it was nerves, but he certainly looked off. Despite this, I’d be very surprised if he isn’t called out in the first round on draft night.

#25 Jake Waterman– The O’Loughlin captain won the toss, but that was one of the only things that went right for Waterman. He looked severly underdone and I can see why he didn’t train yesterday and was in doubt. He did kick two goals from his six disposals, but I think he would’ve wanted to do more to put his hand up to be drafted.

#34 Tony Olango– Best game from Olango and one that might’ve got a few recruiters talking. His leap in the ruck is elite and one of the traits that the ruckman uses in the contest. He uncharacteristically crashed a few packs and looked to give it his all. Doesn’t win much of the footy, but today’s game should give him some confidence in the lead up to the draft.

#35 Tim English– A quiet today from the possible top five prospect. English uses the ball well, but had just the two kicks for the afternoon. His rucking is very good and he didn’t lose too many contests. Was hoping for more, but I think English has done enough this season to suggest he’s going to be high on clubs boards.


Team Judd

1Shai Bolton-13316200200001
2Josh Daicos-11718200300000
3Ben Ainsworth-8715600100001
4Andrew McGrath-71118400200000
6Alex Villis-6511400500000
7Jordan Gallucci-639300100000
8Harry Perryman-10616200100000
9Hugh McCluggage-9817200200004
10Bailey Morrish-448200000000
11Will Hayward-7714200200002
12Timothy Taranto-12719300400004
13Joe Atley-31215200110000
15Jack Bowes-71623200400000
21Sam Powell-Pepper-81018200500000
23Cameron Zurhaar-437100400001
24Jarrod Berry-4913300100000
26Josh Battle-7310300300002
27Oscar Junker-415200200000
29Jack Maibaum-224200320000
32Declan Watson-2911100200000
33Todd Marshall-279100220000
34Esava Ratugolea-0661000110000
35Max Lynch-358000180000
 Total 1391512905200512400015

Team O’Loughlin

2Ben Jarman-5510000100000
4Callum Brown-81321300300000
5Sam Petrevski-Seton-131023100800000
6Harry Morrison-549400400000
7Isaac Cumming-8412400200000
8Oliver Florent-171229400300000
9Cedric Cox-459300100000
10Myles Poholke-71219300100001
11Jonty Scharenberg-81220400300000
12Sam Walker-2911200000000
13Mitchell Hinge-51015100000000
14Dylan Clarke-10717400300001
21Ben Davis-6410400200002
22Willem Drew-5611100200000
25Jake Waterman-516400000002
26Ryan Garthwaite-7714100200000
27Josh Rotham-2911200000000
28Jack Scrimshaw-51116600000000
29Brennan Cox-5914300300000
30Patrick Kerr-808400110001
32Zachary Sproule-628400000001
34Tony Olango-1340004180000
35Tim English-2571002160000
 Total 144160304630045350008

Missed the game or want to re-watch it?