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AFLW U18 Championships reviews: Vic Country

WITH the equal-most All-Australian nominations, Vic Country’s flawless series two AFL Women’s Under 18 Championships was a joy to watch for spectators at the three grounds. There was no shortage of impressive players, with quite a few standing up and making their performances count on the big state. We take a look at some of these key players, and the results at the championships.


Key players:

Nina Morrison

The star of the carnival, not only winning Vic Country’s Most Valuable Player (MVP) award, but also sharing the overall MVP award with Vic Metro’s Madison Prespakis. Worked hard on the outside, using her speed to advantage, and then going forward and taking some important grabs, or dishing off the handballs to teammates running past. Has gone from strength to strength this season and is a bonafide star through midfield. Laid some great tackles chasing down opponents and just caused a nuisance of herself to opponents by running them ragged around the ground.

Lucy McEvoy

The carnival’s leading goal kicker, the impressive key position defender played permanent forward in series too and had the most impact of any player in terms of hurt factor per minute. In the opening game she booted five goals in a combined three minutes – three in the space of two minutes and two in the space of another minute – in what was a match-winning effort against Queensland. She then backed it up with four goals in the second game, and should have had more than her solitary one in the final match, but just missed a few shots on goal.

Sophie Van De Heuvel

Switched kicking boots with Lucy McEvoy in the final game, because after missing her chances in the second game she nailed nearly every chance she had in the final match. Was best on ground against Western Australia and in the top couple against Central Allies on Wednesday. The link-up work between midfield and forward is vital and she is the perfect player to deliver the ball inside 50. Just a classy player who uses it so well when kicking inside 50.

Tyla Hanks

It is hard to think a player of Hanks’ calibre could be underrated, but it seemed to be that way at the championships. She was able to just do what she does best in midfield without too much fanfare and did a lot of work on the inside, bursting from a stoppage, and using her smarts to hit a target up forward. While Nina Morrison caught the eye with her pace and Lucy McEvoy and Sophie Van De Heuvel were the hurt factor up forward, it was Hanks and Olivia Purcell in the midfield who did all the grunt work getting it forward.

Olivia Purcell

Her last game was unbelievable and reminded everyone of the talent she has, with 28 disposals against Western Australia. She just wins the ball and burrows under packs to fearlessly throw herself at every contest. Her link-up work throughout the carnival, as well as her versatility to go forward and provide a target at half-forward was important as well. Just moves well and added a crucial layer to the Vic Country midfield.

Courtney Jones

A player who seems to step up when going to the next level, which is really exciting. For the AFL Women’s Academy earlier in the year she was ultra-impressive, and again in the championships she was another who stood up and make her performances count. One of her biggest strengths is her ability to remain composed and just lower the eyes when going forward and hit up targets on short leads. Played that high half-forward role to perfection and deserved her All-Australian honours.

Rebecca Webster

A strong inside midfielder who can literally play anywhere. Many of the Country midfielders are smaller but nearly all of them have great strength. Webster is that taller inside midfielder who drops back and helps out the defence, or can go forward and apply good defensive pressure around the stoppages. Can find the ball with ease and spreads well, often giving the quick handball to the outside to release a running teammate.

Georgia Clarke

The centre half-back was a rock in defence and rebounded everything she could, working well with Lucy Cripps back in Vic Country’s defensive half. She pushed up the ground at times and took intercept marks on the wing, then would pump the ball forward to teammates’ advantage. Clarke positions herself well and is strong overhead, then works hard with good second efforts to clear the danger zone.

Jordyn Allen

Another consistent player who played her role across the week, moving between midfield to half-forward and some time in defence. She used her long kick to advantage and showed good leadership along with all the other captains on the team. Allen seems to find space all around the ground and unsurprisingly earned All-Australian honours for her performances. Just never plays a bad game.

Lucy Cripps

Stood tall in defence with Georgia Clarke, really good one-on-one and created good rebound out of defence. Cripps continues to improve and did well against highly rated opponents on the big stage. She was one of the 12 All-Australian squad members from Vic Country and was one of the top defenders across the carnival.



Monday, July 9

QUEENSLAND 1.2 | 1.2 | 1.3 | 1.5 (11)
VIC COUNTRY 1.2 | 5.5 | 7.6 | 10.7 (67)

Queensland: Dee Heslop.
Vic Country: Lucy McEvoy 5, Julia Harvey 2, Tyla Hanks, Rene Caris, Nina Morrison.

Queensland: Zimmorlei Farquharson, Ellie Hampson, Lily Postlethwaite, Kitara Farrar, Natalie Grider, Dee Heslop.
Vic Country: Lucy McEvoy, Nina Morrison, Rebecca Webster, Julia Harvey, Rene Caris, Olivia Purcell.


Wednesday, July 11

VIC COUNTRY: 1.1 | 3.2 | 5.4 | 6.6 (42)
CENTRAL ALLIES: 0.0 | 2.0 | 2.0 | 3.1 (19)

Vic Country: Lucy McEvoy 4, Molly McDonald, Nikia Webber.
Central Allies: Danielle Ponter 2, Katelyn Rosenzweig.

VIC COUNTRY: Lucy McEvoy, Nina Morrison, Jordyn Allen, Olivia Purcell, Nikia Webber, Sophie Van De Heuvel.
CENTRAL ALLIES: Danielle Ponter, Amber Ward, Nikki Gore, Rachel Dunstan, Esther Boles, Hannah Munyard.


Friday, July 13

VIC COUNTRY 2.1 | 2.7 | 4.9 | 7.11 (53)
WESTERN AUSTRALIA 0.3 | 1.3 |  2.4 | 2.5 (17)

Vic Country Sophie Van de Heuvel 3, Nikia Webber, Lucy McEvoy, Courtney Jones, Nina Morrison.
Western Australia: Mikayla Hyde, Savannah Ahearn.

Vic Country: Sophie Van De Heuvel, Olivia Purcell, Nina Morrison, Courtney Jones, Georgia Clarke, Rebecca Webster.
Western Australia: Sabreena Duffy, Emma O’Driscoll, Mikayla Hyde, McKenzie Dowrick, Sonia Dorizzi, Brianna Hyde.

AFLW U18 Championships reviews: Western Australia

WESTERN Australia might have just had the one win throughout the week, but had one of the toughest draws, coming up against both Victorian teams. They pushed Vic Metro all the way on day one, then matched it with Vic Country for the most part on the final day, while defeating Eastern Allies in the final game at Broadbeach on the Wednesday. They not only had impressive top-agers, but bottom-agers and 15/16 year-olds which will hold them in good stead for the future. We take a look at some of the key players, and results of the championships.


Key players:

Sabreena Duffy

The team captain and West Australian Most Valuable Player (MVP), Duffy was a rock of consistency across the three games, just doing everything she could on the field through the midfield. Duffy continually worked hard on the inside, ran on the outside and had a number of crucial inside 50s to her leading forwards. Has a nice balance between inside and outside, and is versatile as well. One of six West Australians in the All-Australian squad.

Mikayla Bowen

Really impressed with her work in midfield and in terms of consistency, would have been my top three for Western Australia across the carnival for the MVP stakes. Just burrows in through the midfield, bursts away and does everything right defensively as well as offensively. Bowen seems to cover ground really well and wins it in all thirds of the ground. Seems to play an underrated role through midfield, but she leads by example and is a really important player in there.

McKenzie Dowrick

The AFL Women’s Academy member was another who had a consistent carnival and just kept working hard through midfield. Just has that extra touch of class compared to most players, and is a lovely kick of the football. One of those players you want with ball-in-hand if you are a leading forward. Dowrick also does the defensive things right, laying strong tackles and throwing herself into smothers to ensure her team regains possession. Can play anywhere, but looks a real impressive midfielder and is a good height that can play tall or small around the ground. Just an eye-catching player overall.

Kate Bartlett

The overage forward looked damaging inside 50, particularly on the open spaces at Metricon Stadium. She clunks marks, leads hard and is a penetrating kick of the football. One of the standouts up forward from all teams, she is able to pick the right gaps to lead into, and then finish off with scores on the board. Booted just the three goals for the carnival, but showed glimpses of what she is capable of when given an inch.

Matilda Sergeant

Playing through the midfield, Sergeant was well deserving of her All-Australian nomination. She won the ball in midfield, moved well and would have one of the highest inside 50 counts across the competition. She has the smarts to stand a kick behind play when dropping back and ensure the ball is constantly pumped forward, and is able to change direction cleanly. A composed user of the football who is another overage player in the West Australian side who stood up and performed well.

Rikki Ryan-Carling

A nimble and determined player, Carling hunts the ball carrier and is clean at ground level. She is one of a number of impressive top-agers and while she is not a huge accumulator compared to others, she just adds that element of class, and is able to dance around her opponents with grace and poise. Carling has great closing speed and is able to run down the ball carrier before they even know they are in trouble, and her ability to use the ball well was on show on the second day, when she managed to extract the ball from a stoppage, spin around and dispose of it before anyone could touch her.

Roxanne Roux

A bottom-ager who really had a profound impact up forward, and her work rate was enormous running up to the wing to provide a target. So strong at ground level or in the air, Roux clunks the marks she has to take, and is a really hard worker at ground level if she does not take the grab. Able to apply blocks and lay tackles, Roux is one to keep an eye on at next year’s carnival after an impressive series this year.

Abbey Dowrick

For a 15 year-old, Dowrick really stood out and gave West Australian fans a glimpse into the next few years. She played through the midfield and loved going in hard and then spreading well to balance the load on the other midfielders. She was by far the loudest on the ground, often having a cheeky dig at opposition players going for goal, and seems like one of those players that teammates love to play alongside. Just so hungry to win the ball at every opportunity, and attacks the contest with a natural ferocity that not all players have, which was fantastic to see.

Mikayla Hyde

A goal sneak who finished the carnival as the only West Australian to boot a goal in every game, as well as lead the goal kicking for the state with five majors. She was the difference in game two against the Eastern Allies, booting three second half goals to close the door when the opposition was pushing hard. Hyde has a really keen goal sense and loves to run into open space, tricking her opponents by leading up then doubling back, with teammates often booting the ball in front of her, and letting her run onto the pill and give her the space out the back. Like Abbey Dowrick, Hyde has another two years of development, which is really exciting for West Australian football.

Emma O’Driscoll

A team player who was rarely beaten in defence, she played a great solid role back there, intercepting and rebounding throughout the carnival. Strong overhead and smart with her positioning, O’Driscoll was a rock and had great closing speed on the lead. Most importantly, she was often clean at ground level and did not panic under pressure. A top-ager who stood out in defence and was a shining light back there for the Black Swans.



Monday, July 9

VIC METRO: 3.2 | 5.2 | 7.5 | 7.9 (51)
WESTERN AUSTRALIA: 1.1 | 4.4 | 4.5 | 6.7 (43)

Vic Metro: Daisy Bateman 2,Gabby Newton 2, Georgia Macpherson, Britney Gutknecht, Cleo Saxon-Jones.
Western Australia: Kate Bartlett 2, Mikayla Hyde, Tanisha Anderson, Sabreena Duffy, Roxanne Roux.

Vic Metro: Mikala Cann, Gabby Newton, Madison Prespakis, Abbie McKay, Katie Lynch, Georgia Patrikios.
Western Australia: McKenzie Dowrick, Kate Bartlett, Matilda Sergeant, Rikkiesha Carling, Mikayla Bowen, Roxanne Roux.


Wednesday, July 11

WESTERN AUSTRALIA: 1.1 | 3.2 | 4.3 | 7.3 (45)
EASTERN ALLIES: 0.0. | 0.1 | 2.3 | 2.3 (15)

Western Australia: Mikayla Hyde 3, Caitlin Hill, Kate Bartlett, Abbey Dowrick, Sarah Verrier.
Eastern Allies: Chloe Haines, Brea Quinlivan.

Western Australia: Sabreena Duffy, McKenzie Dowrick, Mikayla Hyde, Matilda Sergeant, Abbey Dowrick, Emma O’Driscoll.
Eastern Allies: Chloe Haines, Alyce Parker, Brea Quinlivan, Libby Haines, Alexia Hamilton, Georgia Garnett.


Friday, July 13

VIC COUNTRY: 2.1 | 2.7 | 4.9 | 7.11 (53)
WESTERN AUSTRALIA: 0.3 | 1.3 |  2.4 | 2.5 (17)

Vic Country: Sophie Van de Heuvel 3, Nikia Webber, Lucy McEvoy, Courtney Jones, Nina Morrison.
Western Australia: Mikayla Hyde, Savannah Ahearn.

Vic Country: Sophie Van De Heuvel, Olivia Purcell, Nina Morrison, Courtney Jones, Georgia Clarke, Rebecca Webster.
Western Australia: Sabreena Duffy, Emma O’Driscoll, Mikayla Hyde, McKenzie Dowrick, Sonia Dorizzi, Brianna Hyde.

Weekend previews: TAC Cup – Round 12b

WITH three games to cast an eye over this weekend, we look at some of the key players in each game and a number of crucial match-ups that could decide the contest.


Round 12 – Saturday, July 21, 1pm
Shepley Oval, Dandenong

In the first game of the round, top-of-the-table Dandenong Stingrays take on the last placed Bendigo Pioneers at home in what on face value appears to be a one-sided contest. Given the Stingrays’ big inclusions such as Bailey Williams, Zac Foot and Jake Frawley among others, it will be a tough ask for the smaller Pioneers, who have lost talented bottom-age tall Brodie Kemp to school football. However, Josh Grace will be a welcome inclusion against Williams and Stephen Cumming who are likely to cause the defence all sorts of headaches. In the midfield, both teams pride themselves on contested ball and Noah Wheeler and Hunter Lawrence will go head-to-head with the likes of Sam Fletcher and Campbell Hustwaite on the inside. Jacob Atley and Liam Marciano provide good run and carry out of the Pioneers defence, while Zac Foot and Jai Taylor provide the same for the Stingrays. Dandenong will deservedly head in as very strong favourites, but with nothing to lose, the Pioneers should throw everything at the ladder leaders and test themselves against the benchmark team.


Round 12 – Sunday, July 22, 1pm
Deakin Reserve, Shepparton

In the first of two Sunday games occurring at the same time, the fourth placed Murray Bushrangers take on the eleventh placed Eastern Ranges at Shepparton. Murray will also be strong favourites in this clash with Jacob Koschitzke returning to the defence after a huge last couple of months for the GWS GIANTS and Allies. But it is Murray’s attack which is unbelievably diverse given it contains competition leading goal kicker Hudson Garoni, the X-factor in Zane Barzen, as well as talented bottom-agers Lachlan Ash and Jye Chalcraft while Jordon Butts has shown he can kick a bag, and Bailey Frauenfelder often chips in with scoreboard pressure. The midfield duo of Ely Smith and Kyle Clarke will go head-to-head with Kye Quirk and Lachlan Stapleton, while Eastern will look to release Joel Burleigh and Mitch Mellis on the wings. James Blanck will be the man Eastern turns to in order to restrict Garoni, while Ben Cardamone and Adrian Kalcovski will look to continue their good form. Murray will be keen to take back third spot with victory here, while Eastern can gain some breathing space from Bendigo should they get up.


Round 12 – Sunday, July 22, 1pm
Morwell Football Ground, Morwell

Over at Morwell, the Gippsland Power and Western Jets do battle in what is expected to be the clear match of the weekend. The Power sits second and could pull away from its closest rivals with a win, while a victory to Western would see them regain a top four spot, and be one of three sides potentially on 32 points – with Oakleigh two points behind. A win to the Jets would also mean the Stingrays would be a massive 12 points clear on top if they defeat Bendigo. Both respective captains in Xavier Duursma and Xavier O’Halloran return to their sides, along with a host of talented inclusions such as Sam Flanders and Matthew McGannon (Gippsland) and Emerson Jeka and Buku Khamis (Western). Kyle Reid is another big inclusion for the Power and will settle the defence along with McGannon. The midfield battle will be intriguing with O’Halloran, Connor Thar and Jack Watkins taking on Duursma, Flanders and Harold Hood. Stefan Radovanovic and Daly Andrews will break open the game with their pace, while the Power will look to Tyrone Hayes and Irving Mosquito to do the same at either end. This game is hard to pick, with the home ground advantage going to Gippsland, but Western have been very good with their best side on the park. Expect it to be a thriller.

Weekend previews: VFLW – Round 11

ROUND 11 of the Victorian Football League (VFL) Women’s season has arrived as we get closer and closer to finals with several teams continuing to jockey for position. The current ladder leaders Hawthorn will enjoy its bye before they continue their quest for a premiership in the back half of the season, the Pies look to continue their undefeated season and the red hot Bulldogs look to continue their recent run of form as they stake their claim for a finals spot, all in a busy round 11.


Williamstown vs Western Bulldogs

Saturday July 21, 11:30am
Williamstown Football Ground, Williamstown

The Bulldogs come into their round 11 encounter in as good of form as anyone in the competition having won their past five matches after beginning the season with four straight losses. Now sitting at 5-4 and in sixth position the Bulldogs have set themselves up nicely, playing their best football at an important time of the year as they push for a finals spot. Superstar Ellie Blackburn has been a catalyst for their winning ways, averaging well over 20 disposals per game during the win streak. She was terrific in their win over the Bombers last week with 26 possessions and a goal. Her fellow AFLW premiership player and rising star nominee in the past season; Naomi Ferres has also been developing nicely and has strung together a number of strong performances for the team.

For Williamstown they sit at the bottom of the table, only percentage above last placed Essendon, having won only one game from their nine encounters. Despite consistently strong individual performances from the likes of Jess Duffin and Jenna Bruton, the Seagulls just cannot seem to put it all together as a team to score a victory. Duffin recorded yet another 30 possession game the past week and continued to show why she is one of the best players in the league. Bruton was also impressive with 29 possessions and a goal however it was not enough as they fell to Carlton by five goals. If Williamstown are able to get an all-around team effort, it will go a long way towards a potential upset and ending the Bulldogs five-game win streak.


Richmond vs NT Thunder

Saturday July 21, 12pm
Swinburne Centre, Richmond

The struggling Tigers return home to Punt Road on Saturday afternoon with the hope of causing a monumental upset over the in-form NT Thunder.  Two weeks ago the Tigers sat at 3-4 from their seven games, with two games against the Bombers and the Demons ahead in what were looked at as very winnable. Having dropped both games, the Tigers season is now all but over, sitting three games outside the top four. They have a chance to make a huge statement in a matchup against the juggernaut that is the Thunder. Lauren Tesoriero has been spectacular for the Tigers, showing great heart and giving 100 per cent effort each week. She had 25 possessions and a goal last week, as well as laying a game high nine tackles in a great individual performance. For the Thunder they look to continue their dominance over the lesser sides and proceed to increase their already huge percentage.

The Thunder are far and away the highest scoring team in the competition, averaging 65 points per game and have blown several teams out of the water this season. Scoring will not be easy this week however as they take on the Tigers who only give up an average of 32 points per game. Abbey Holmes played a great game last week, making the most of her opportunities every time she went near the ball, kicking four goals from just seven possessions and will look to have another big impact against a Richmond defence which has been able to shut down many small forwards this season.


Darebin vs Essendon

Saturday July 21, 12pm
Bill Lawry Oval, Northcote

The Bombers have found their feet in recent weeks, having notched their first ever victory only two weeks ago before pushing the in form Western Bulldogs to the limit last week before falling by only six points. After a poor start to the season, in which they were simply overwhelmed from a talent standpoint, a number of players have shown continued improvement and a willingness to buy into the game plan, with the results now beginning to show. The likes of Hayley Bullas have been impressive all season with her tenacious attack on the footy and never say die attitude but it’s been the efforts of players such as Valerie Moreau and Tanya Hetherington which have propelled them into a competitive side. Moreau was particularly impressive last week, with two goals and 11 possessions, alongside three marks as she presented a great target for the Bombers up forward and took advantage of her opportunities in front of goal.

The Falcons have had an inconsistent season to date; having notched a number of impressive wins, only to be followed by a number of poor losses in what has been a struggle to put together a string of good performances. This was evidenced last week as they were completely uncompetitive against the Thunder, registering their one and only goal in the dying minutes of the match. Their midfield has been a strength for them most of the season, with Lauren Pearce playing well in the ruck and setting up opportunities for midfielders such as Elise O’ Dea who has been impressive in her own right. They will need a bounce back game from forward Hannah Mouncey who was held goalless last week, something unusual for the leagues leading goal scorer.


Geelong vs Casey

Saturday July 21, 1pm
Queens Park, Highton

After a disappointing couple of weeks for Geelong, they bounced back nicely last game with a statement victory over the Saints. They sit in fourth position on the ladder, with six wins, two losses and a draw to their name and will look to push for a home final in the coming weeks. After missing a couple of games in the middle of the season, Richelle Cranston has come back, looking as dangerous as ever and taking games away from the opposition. Cranston had 29 possessions last week and was all over the ground for the Cats in a great performance. This looms as a crucial game for the Cats as a loss will see them drop back to the pack in what is becoming a crowded race around the middle of the ladder, while a win will create clear separation and establish them as a legitimate premiership contender.

They take on the Demons, who have won two straight games and put themselves back in contention for a finals berth. Bianca Jakobsson was once again great for Casey in their win last week; tallying up another 20 possessions game whilst young gun and goal sneak Eden Zanker booted two majors. Maddie Shelvin also played a great game however she will be hoping to take more advantage of her opportunities on goal after she failed to convert, kicking zero goals and four behinds to go along with a strong 18-possession game.  A win will go a long way to the Demons moving back towards the top contenders; however a loss could be damaging towards their chances of post season action.


Carlton vs Collingwood

Sunday, July 22, 12pm
RAMS Arena, Craigieburn

The Blues ended a six game losing streak last week after a dominating five-goal win over Williamstown. Carlton’s VFLW season has been extremely similar to their AFLW season in which they won their first two games before dropping several matches in a row in what has been another disappointing stretch. They have a huge opportunity to re-announce themselves to the competition with a win over the undefeated Collingwood. Darcy Vescio has been absolutely unbelievable all season long and this was exemplified in her performance last week with four goals and 14 possessions. Vescio has been a constant shining light for the Blues this season and only sits one goal behind Darebin’s Hannah Mouncey for the competition lead with 14 goals to this point. After a bye last week, the Pies come in unbeaten in eight games and have a chance to return to top spot on the ladder, as the Hawks enjoy their bye week.

There have been stars aplenty for Collingwood this season, led by Chloe Molloy, Sarah D’Arcy, Jaimee Lambert and Jessica Edwards to name a few. Molloy in particular has shown herself to be a class above her competitors, having not lost a step after missing the early rounds of the season. A move forward, after spending the AFLW season down in defence has been successful and shown her versatility as a player. These two sides faced off a little over a month ago, with Collingwood dominating en route to a six goal victory. Carlton will need to make some adjustments if they are to beat the flag favourite Pies and record their second consecutive victory.


Southern Saints vs Melbourne Uni

Sunday, July 22, 3pm
SkyBus Stadium, Frankston

In the final game of the round, the Saints host Melbourne Uni in a Sunday afternoon encounter. The Saints find themselves in the midst of an up and down season, sitting in the middle of the table with four wins and four losses from eight games. A win would see them join the pack of teams on five wins and be only a game out of the finals with a little over a month to go in the season. Alison Drennan will play a huge role in the matchup as she looks to add to what is already an impressive portfolio for the 2018 season.

Melbourne Uni have just struggled to get it together thus far this season with only two wins to date. Despite not getting the win last week, they will enter this game with great confidence having pushed the top of the table Hawthorn right to the limit in a five point loss. This was particularly impressive given that their star Emma Kearney struggled with only nine possessions, in a rare off game for her. Ashleigh Riddell stepped up when it mattered most and almost led Melbourne Uni to victory but ultimately was not enough. This presents them with an opportunity to put together some strong performances and get some wins on the board in the back half of the season, with finals seemingly out of the question.

QWAFL: The run home

AFTER looking at both Western Australia and South Australia’s top female competitions, we delve into Queensland’s highest grade, with the Queensland Women’s Australian Football League (QWAFL) and also take a glimpse into the first division.


1 Wilston Grange (11 wins, 1 loss | 381.14% | 44 points)

After a near perfect season, Wilston Grange had a shock loss to sixth placed University of Queensland in the last round, going down by 18 points at home. Prior to that, they had answered every challenge thrown at them and still sit in pole position for the overall premiership favouritism. They face Coolangatta Tweed and Yeronga South Brisbane in the final three rounds, either side of a bye. Courtney Daniec has been the star player for the ladder leaders, named in the best seven times of a possible 10 matches, whilst booting nine goals for the season. Catherine Svarc has been equally as impressive with four goals in 10 games and named in the best six times, but the future of Queensland football has been on show with talented bottom-ager Isabel Dawes who has been named among the best in every game she has played – six matches – and continued that form at the AFL Women’s Under 18 Championships. Jacqueline Yorston (seven goals in six games) is another youngster who has stood out, while the experience of Kate Lutkins and Jamie Stanton – before her move to Victoria – has proved invaluable. The Gorillas are well placed heading into the final few rounds.


2 Coorparoo (8 wins, 4 losses | 181.92% | 32 points)

Heading into its third and final bye for the season, Coorparoo have locked away second spot with a superior percentage to Coolangatta Tweed. The byes have proven to come at opportune times, with the second placed side losing three of its matches leading into them. They lost two consecutive games early in the season, including one to Bond University in Round 3, have lost both games to Wilston Grange, and went down to Yeronga South Brisbane in its most recent encounter just last weekend. The team has had an even contribution of stars, with Charlotte Edmunds named in the best five times from 11 matches, while Hayley Moore (nine matches), Kayla Geddes (11) and Maili Forbes (11) have all found their way into the team bests four times. Jenae Goven has started up forward with an impressive 25 goals in 10 games, including a haul of eight goals against Bond University. Brisbane Lions’ AFL Women’s player Jessica Wuetschner has made an impact in limited appearances, booting 23 goals in six games, named in the best three times. In terms of youth, Coorparoo has top talents Jesse Tawhiao-Wardlaw and Tori Groves-Little playing important roles in the side. Both players stood out at the AFL Women’s Under 18 Championships, and in their combined nine appearances, they have booted 13 goals.


3 Coolangatta Tweed (6 wins, 5 losses | 123.12% | 24 points)

The Blues had an initial shaky start to the season, losing three of its first six games, but two of its three wins were by a combined 165 points, restricting their opponents to just two goals total. In a remarkable fixture, they played just one game in three rounds with byes either side of the match, and played blocks of six and seven games throughout the season. They come up against the top team Wilston Grange this weekend, as well as Coorparoo in the final round. Maddy Roberts has played just the seven games, but her talent has been evident, named in the best on six occasions, likewise Georgia Breward with five bests from five games. Lauren James has been the dominant goal kicker for the side, booting 16 goals in 11 matches and named in the best four times. Talented youngster and NSW/ACT All-Australian player Brianna McFarlane has booted nine goals in six games and been impressive up forward. Selina Goodman and Tayla Jay Daly have also booted six goals this season.


4 Yeronga South Brisbane (5 wins, 6 losses | 56.03% | 20 points)

Yeronga South Brisbane have a game in hand compared to Bond University and hold a narrow percentage advantage over their nearest rivals. They take them on in the penultimate round of the season, after University of Queensland next week and the ladder leaders, Wilston Grange in the final round. Emily Bliss has been the standout player for Yeronga, named in the best an impressive eight times from 10 games. Assisting Bliss are young stars, the small but talented top-age Georgia Brehmer, and bottom-age tall utility Dee Heslop. Both players have been named in their sides’ best in five of the six games they have played. They do not have a dominant goal kicker, with Courtney McDonnell (nine goals), Jade Ransfield (seven), Demi Leach (six) and Kaitlyn Cantrell (five) the leading goal kickers. Brisbane AFL Women’s player Emily Bates has also stood out from five games, booting two goals and named in the best four times.


5 Bond University (5 wins, 7 losses | 50.35% | 20 points)

Bond University has a bye in the final round of the season, with games against bottom-placed Maroochydore and fourth placed Yeronga South Brisbane ahead. Their five wins have come against Coolangatta Tweed (two), University of Queensland (one), Maroochydore (one) and an upset win over Coorparoo in Round 3. Kristyl Smith has been the standout player for Bond Uni so far this season, named in the team bests nine of a possible 11 times. Alexandra Evanshas also been a standout performer, named in the best six of a possible 12 matches, while Arianna ClarkeErin Sundstrom and Tamsin Perry have been consistent players as well. Teenage ruck Lauren Bella has played six games and named in the best five times, while bottom-agers Charlotte HammansEmmii-Lee Zanker CloseGeorgia Ellerand Serene Watson have stepped up in the senior side and continued their form at the national carnival. Fellow state representative Taylor Smith has also managed six games and was named in the best twice.


6 University of Queensland (4 wins, 7 losses | 87.82% | 16 points)

Whilst the University of Queensland has had just the four wins this season, but their game of the year came last round when they toppled the premiership favourites, Wilston Grange. It was a memorable away match which saw the sixth placed side head home with an 18-point victory. They have also beaten each of the bottom four sides once so far this season. Breanna Koenen has not missed a beat this year in her six games – named best in all of them – while also booting four goals. Megan Hunt has found her way into the best five times from nine games and also booted three goals. But with an eye to the future, Queensland Most Valuable Player (MVP) in the recent AFL Women’s Under 18 Championships, and All-Australian squad member, Natalie Grider has been a promising up-and-coming talent, playing eight games, booting four goals and has been named in the best five times. Dakota Davidson is the only goal kicker in double figures with 10 majors, while Sabrina Frederick-Traub has booted seven goals in just three games when not playing for Brisbane in the Winter Series. Gabby Collingwood and Kate McCarthy are other Brisbane AFL Women’s Players who have played limited games with the club.


7 Maroochydore (1 win, 10 losses | 36.42% | 4 points)

The bottom-placed Maroochydore started the season with a bang, defeating University of Queensland by 12 points. In that match they booted 10 goals and showed what they are capable of, but have just managed the maximum of three goals a game since. They pushed both Yeronga South Brisbane and Bond University all the way in rounds six and seven, and have restricted their opposition to less than 10 goals in all but three matches showing a good defensive effort. The Roos have also had the benefit of some stability at the top end, with Rachel Crack (10 games), Tayla Gesch (11), Tiffany Dale (11) and Kate Surman (10) all named in the best a total of 27 of a possible 43 times between them. Up forward, Isabella Freeman leads the goal kicking with eight majors, courtesy of a bag of five in the opening round win over University of Queensland. Georgia Doherty has booted seven goals in nine matches, while Marybeth Banks has five in nine. The Roos face Bond University and University of Queensland either side of Coorparoo in the final three rounds, and will be hoping to finish the season off on a high note.


QWFA Division 1:

In the 11-team, division one grade, Coorparoo, Aspley Hornets and Moreton Bay lead all comers, with massive percentages to be the clear flag favourites in a three-team race. Broadbeach is fourth with seven wins and a draw from 12 matches, while Burleigh and Kedron are ready to pounce six points behind. Wilston Grange and University of Queensland trail with five wins from 12 matches, while Coolangatta Tweed and Yeronga South Brisbane have two wins apiece ahead of the winless Maroochydore.

In the leading goal kicker stakes, Aspley Hornets’ Chloe Macdonald looks to be a class above the grade with 37 majors in 13 matches, including bags of nine, seven and six. Meg Pullinger is a clear second with the Coorparoo product averaging three goals a game from her eight matches, having booted 24 majors for the season. Aspley Hornets have two more goal kickers in the top five, with Sarah Madden (19) and Shaye Easton (15) either side of Moreton Bay’s Cassandra Chamings with 17. Wilston Grange’s Tamika Hansen (14), Kedron’s Lisiti Asimcdonald (12), Broadbeach’s Talena Irvine (11), Burleigh’s Wendy Bristow (eight), Yeronga South Brisbane’s Erin Sargeant (seven), University of Queensland’s Katherine Heliotis (seven) and Coolangatta Tweed’s Macey-Leigh Gore (seven) as their respective club’s leading goal kickers, while Abbey Main and Jessica Champion are the two multiple goal kickers for Maroochydore.

Sargeant and Moreton Bay’s Amy Higgins are the two leading players so far this season, named in the best 10 times from 12 games, while University of Queensland’s Jessica Middleton has had a perfect start to the season with nine bests from nine games. Teammate, Philomena Stephen, Yeronga South Brisbane’s Charmaine Hass and Coorparoo’s Amy Duxfield have also made their way into their respective team’s best. Looking at the top youth in the grade, Queensland bottom-ager Lily Postlethwaite has been named in the best five times in seven matches, booting eight goals in the process for Moreton Bay.

Team Selection: VFLW – Round 11

THERE are changes galore in the Victorian Football League (VFL) Women’s competition with plenty of ins and outs, beginning with the Williamstown and Western Bulldogs clash on Saturday morning. Many TAC Cup Girls return to the fold, or make their debuts in what should be a fantastic weekend for future AFL Women’s talent in Victoria.

Williamstown vs Western Bulldogs

Saturday July 21, 11:30am
Williamstown Football Ground, Williamstown

The Seagulls will welcome back six players, including strong forward Sophie Van De Heuvel who returns from Vic Country commitments. Lauren Suleiman, Kayla Koropeckyj, Anna Saxton, Rebecca Dardengo and Sharni Dixon have also been named in the mix.

The Dogs have also made plenty of changes this week, with six ins. They have injected lots of extra talent into their line up for this weekend, welcoming back AFLW stars, Angelica Gogos and Brooke Lochland. They will replace the AFLW experienced duo who have been brought to the sidelines this week in Ashleigh Guest and Tiarna Ernst. Greater Western Victoria Rebels captain, Lauren Butler, Elise Muller and Brittany Wunhym have also been named in. Western Jet, Lauren Basto is the final change for the Dogs in Round 11 and she will make her debut in the red, blue and white when she comes on as the 23rd person.


B: 8. C. Portelli, 31. J. Cranny, 34. J. Reid
HB: 1. R. Dardengo, 10. B. Hateley, 19. E. Meade
C: 30. A.  Melnikas, 17. S.  Chapman, 27. L.  Suleiman
HF: 16. A. Cameron, 6. S. Cross, 28. J. Rowe
F: 29. K. Koropeckyj, 9. R. Achampong, 4. E. Paterno
R: 20. S. Seabrook, 33. S. Van De Heuvel, 35. J. Bruton
Int: 21. S. Dixon, 24. A. Saxton, 11. K. Smith, 13. N. Wallace
Emg: 23. J. Bartolo, 12. G. Harris, 3. S. Murphy-Burke, 32. B. Stevens
23P: 39. S. Whiting

In: L. Suleiman, S. Dixon, K. Koropeckyj, S. Van De Heuvel, A. Saxton, R. Dardengo
Out: I. Porter,  M. Williamson,  J. Duffin,  K. Raymundo,  M. Lowe

Western Bulldogs

B: 9. T. Dinuccio, 42. N. Paul, 37. B. Wunhym
HB: 15. R. Ashley, 14. E. Gamble, 18. E. Birch
C: 29. J.  Davies, 10. S.  Jolly, 27. E.  Muller
HF: 7. D. Berry , 1. B. Lochland, 13. L. Butler
F: 2. E. Blackburn, 32. A. Mifsud, 41. A. Scott
R: 47. N. McMahon, 36. A. Gogos , 16. N. Ferres
Int: 25. R. Gastin, 40. N. Gills, 21. B. Hunt, 30. A. Tessari
Emg: 38. C. O’Brien, 26. S. Walmsley
23P: 50. L. Basto

In: E. Muller, L. Butler, B. Lochland, A. Gogos , B. Wunhym, L. Basto
Out: S. Ruedin, A. Guest, M. Ward, R. Martinuzzo, T. Ernst


Darebin vs Essendon

Saturday July 21, 12pm
Bill Lawry Oval, Northcote

Also making a handful of changes this week is Darebin, who will take on Essendon in Round 11 after a disappointing loss to the Northern Territory Thunder last week. They will head into the match without influential players Nat Exon and Aasta O’Connor. However, this lack of AFLW experience has been reimbursed by the likes of Lily Mithen and Jessica Dal Pos. Impactful defender, Grace Egan and forward, Kate Shierlaw have also been named in. Northern Knights junior, Marnie Jarvis will come in as the 23rd person, making her debut for Darebin.

Essendon have only made three changes ahead of their round 11 match up. The teenage trio of Molly Warburton, Danielle Ponter and Carla Rendelmann have each been named to take on Darebin while Aysha Ward and Bridie Winbanks have been named out. Despite Warburton, Ponter and Rendelmann’s ages, their tenacity and skill is well beyond their years which they will have the opportunity to prove this week when they search for Essendon’s second win.


B: 31. E. Gardner, 10. G. Lawson-Tavan, 21. K. Roe
HB: 32. G. Colvin, 14. M. McDonald, 49. R. Hibbert
C: 15. A.  Lister, 9. M.  Eastman, 11. K.  Tyndall
HF: 12. J. Dal Pos, 26. T. Olcorn, 13. K. Shierlaw
F: 44. S. Fairchild, 45. N. Deiter, 43. H. Mouncey
R: 40. L. Pearce, 30. E. O’Dea, 7. L. Mithen
Int: 34. S. Egan, 1. E. Honybun, 48. L. Jacobs, 24. B. Patterson
Emg: 37. J. Bertoni, 2. N. Callinan, 28. A. Morrow, 46. L. Szigeti|
23P: 39. M. Jarvis

In: K. Shierlaw, L. Mithen, L. Szigeti, J. Dal Pos, M. Jarvis, N. Callinan, S. Egan, J. Bertoni
Out: S. Simpson,  A. O’Connor,  N. Exon,  C. Delbridge


B: 25. R. Neaves, 17. T. Hetherington, 5. M. Warburton
HB: 20. J. Anwyl, 7. K. Hicks, 27. A. Morcom
C: 46. C.  Ugle, 22. N.  MacDonald, 9. L.  Williams
HF: 18. K. Heil, 6. A. Quigley, 35. V. Moreau
F: 3. M. DeMatteo, 16. L. Morecroft, 32. T. Mackrill
R: 30. S. Nalder, 8. H. Bullas, 44. M. Collier
Int: 15. L. Caruso, 4. N. Hardy, 43. D. Ponter, 1. J. Trend
Emg: 45. E. Flack, 40. G. Golds, 12. B. Kearney, 37. I. Malliaras
23P: 36. C. Rendelmann

In: M. Warburton, B. Kearney, I. Malliaras, D. Ponter, G. Golds, C. Rendelmann
Out: A. Ward, B. Winbanks


Richmond vs NT Thunder

Saturday July 21, 12pm
Swinburne Centre, Richmond

Richmond will take on the Northern Territory Thunder this weekend from the Swinburne Centre. In preparation for the game, the Tigers have made four key changes. Trish Muller and Phoebe Monahan have been welcomed back to the starting 22 this week alongside two new faces, Jacqueline Radnell and Ruby Edmeades. Radnell is an exciting prospect for the Tigers, proven by her recent accolade for best on ground playing for the Central Victorian Football League Women’s representative team.

In their second consecutive away game, the Northern Territory Thunder have rested players. This has allowed for the inclusion of four debutants for their round 11 side. Ebony Miller, Madeline Keeble, and Stevie-Lee Thompson, all based in Alice Springs and Darwin are set to debut, as well as Rheanne Lugg who is based in Adelaide. PINT junior, Keeble’s speed and aggression paired with  Miller’s ruck skill, and Thompson and Lugg’s AFLW experience is sure to give the Thunder an edge this weekend. Eloise Jones, Emma Swanson and Deni Varnhagen will also join the squad this week after being rested.


B: 84. L. Bieniara, 63. J. Graham, 69. E. Burry
HB: 83. J. Gardner, 73. L. Davie, 64. E. Gunn
C: 60. K.  Dempsey, 89. G.  Deller, 75. B.  Lynch
HF: 80. J. Louttit, 71. R. Edmeades, 55. C. Wakefield
F: 82. G. Bibby, 90. S. Damon, 72. J. Radnell
R: 62. T. Muller, 59. A. Woodward, 52. J. Kennedy
Int: 54. L. Bailey, 53. K. Dixon, 88. P. Monahan, 76. E. Ross
Emg: 85. N. Clarke, 61. J. Colwell, 81. E. George, 79. L. Tesoriero
23P: 67. N. Bamblett

In: T. Muller, J. Colwell, R. Edmeades, J. Radnell, E. George, N. Clarke, P. Monahan
Out: J. Hocking,  G. Egan,  A. Edmonds

NT Thunder

B: 9. L. Jeffrey, 10. S. Barnett, 13. L. Roberts
HB: 16. S. Armitstead, 42. G. Cusack, 53. S. Thompson
C: 2. E.  Jones, 40. D.  Varnhagen, 32. K.  Streader
HF: 4. S. Nalder, 29. M. Rajcic, 31. J. Sedunary
F: 11. J. Hickey, 26. A. Holmes, 17. E. Swanson
R: 20. J. Hewett, 28. R. Forth, 52. E. Marinoff
Int: 38. M. Keeble, 54. R. Lugg, 23. E. Miller, 7. L. O’Shea
Emg: 12. J. Anderson, 36. M. Ellis, 18. T. Holtze, 5. M. Roberts
23P: 46. S. Bishop

In: M. Ellis, R. Lugg, T. Holtze, D. Varnhagen, M. Keeble, S. Thompson , E. Jones, E. Miller, E. Swanson, J. Anderson, M. Roberts
Out: T. Thorn, J. Mules, C. Cramey, S. Riley, K. Duggan, G. Bevan, A. Foley


Geelong vs Casey

Saturday July 21, 1pm
Queens Park, Highton

After a big win last week against the Southern Saints, the Geelong Cats have made few changes to their round 11 side. The Cats will be thrilled to welcome back Melbourne listed AFLW player, Anna Teague after she missed last weeks game. Also coming in are GWV Rebels and Vic Country key defender Georgia Clarke for her second game, and former basketballer Cortney Williamson.

Coming off a win as well, the Casey Demons have only made three changes ahead of their round 11 game. Melbourne listed AFLW player, Claudia Whitfort has been brought into the starting 22 alongside Stacey Poke. Defender Emily Haeusler from Gippsland Power comes in as the 23rd person and will be making her debut for the Demons. On the other hand, Darcy Guttridge and Bianca Jakobsson have been called to the sidelines.

Geelong Cats

B: 26. R. Pearce, 44. R. Goring, 40. A. Teague
HB: 25. E. Coventry, 24. M. McMahon, 34. A. McDonald
C: 4. C.  Blakeway, 45. M.  Keryk, 3. H.  Burchell
HF: 5. J. Ivey, 2. D. Orr, 33. H. Trevean
F: 7. M. Clifford, 6. M. Boyd, 8. K. Darby
R: 46. E. Hoare, 13. M. Fogas, 30. R. Cranston
Int: 54. G. Clarke, 53. T. Love, 17. H. Mangan, 19. E. Ramsay
Emg: 23. I. Currenti, 11. M. Klingbeil , 10. L. Taylor, 35. K. Woodroffe
23P: 51. C. Williamson

In: A. Teague, G. Clarke, C. Williamson

Casey Demons

B: 31. H. Bailey, 27. A. Harrison, 9. A. Johnson
HB: 2. A. Newman, 29. E. Zanker , 25. M. Shevlin
C: 48. S.  Fyfield, 3. R.  Clayton, 20. C.  Whitfort
HF: 16. C. Sherriff, 18. K. Bentvelzen , 26. S. Sloane
F: 22. K. Guttridge, 37. L. Lowerson, 14. T. Orgill
R: 41. T. Mesiti, 13. K. Smith, 6. A. McDonough
Int: 1. R. Guglielmino, 47. M. Hogg, 15. S. Phillips, 8. M. Tatham
Emg: 10. K. Hore, 12. G. McLean, 5. S. Poke, 32. J. Turner
23P: 46. E. Haeusler

In: S. Poke, C. Whitfort, R. Guglielmino, E. Haeusler
Out: D. Guttridge, B. Jakobsson


Carlton vs Collingwood

Sunday, July 22, 12pm
RAMS Arena, Craigieburn

Classic rivals go head-to-head in Round 11 and each side has made team changes to fit. Carlton, coming off a win last week, has brought in five players including two debutants. Small forward, Georgia Gee will pull on the navy-blue jumper for the first time. Tara Morgan will also make her debut after moving from the Western Bulldogs. They will be joined by young Blues, Tyla Hanks and Madeline Brancatisano who return from their successful endeavours in the AFL Women’s Under 18 Championships where Hanks was named in the Under 18 All Australian squad. Powerhouse, Darcy Vescio will be missing this week’s clash and, in her place, AFLW player, Bridie Kennedy will re-inject some experience to the line-up.

All Collingwood players will be rearing to get back on the field after their bye last week. The Pies have made eight changes to their squad, bringing in plenty of AFLW talent in Sophie Casey, Brittany Bonnici and Nicole Hildebrand. Katelyn Lee, Stacey Livingstone, Sophie Alexander, Paige Nash and Erica Fowler have also been named in.


B: 22. G. Fisher, 51. T. Hanks, 6. G. Pound
HB: 34. A. Chuot, 5. D. Pedersen, 37. B. Schultz
C: 55. C.  Dalton, 19. G.  Gee, 18. T.  Lucas-Rodd
HF: 23. B. Kennedy, 36. C. Moody, 90. B. Walker
F: 20. C. Bromage, 40. K. Harvey, 10. S. Hosking
R: 42. C. Hardeman, 27. K. Cox, 32. N. Plane
Int: 8. M. Brancatisano, 82. N. Burns, 41. K. Cunico, 66. O. Vesely
23P: 13. M. Suzuki

In: G. Gee, T. Hanks, T. Lucas-Rodd, M. Brancatisano, B. Kennedy
Out: R. Hicks,  J. Borg


B: 52. N. Hales, 72. K. Lee, 12. S. Livingstone
HB: 22. S. Casey, 18. R. Schleicher, 21. I. Ross
C: 50. G.  Buchan, 47. J.  Edwards, 99. S.  Marsh
HF: 49. S. Alexander, 73. G. Biedenweg-Webster, 8. B. Bonnici
F: 77. C. Leighton, 75. E. Fowler, 2. C. Molloy
R: 11. E. Hynes, 5. E. Grant, 4. S. D’Arcy
Int: 53. R. Grant, 3. N. Hildebrand, 63. P. Nash, 41. K. Stratton
Emg: 81. B. Jones, 92. S. King, 62. E. Korteman, 90. C. Rooks
23P: 57. J. Ferguson


Southern Saints vs Melbourne Uni

Sunday, July 22, 3pm
SkyBus Stadium, Frankston

The Southern Saints are coming off a big loss last week and have made lots of changes which are sure to alter their Round 11 dynamic. AFLW stars, Alison Brown and Lauren Arnell come back into the side this week alongside Isabel Quintal, Eleanor Brown, Gabriella De Angelis and Charlotte Wilson. Dandenong Stingrays junior, Courtney Jones has been named as the 23rd person.

Melbourne Uni have also made a number of changes after a narrow loss to Hawthorn last weekend. Airlie Runnalls, Kira Price, Millie Shone, Aisling Tupper and Mietta McDonald have been named in the mix. Adding some experience and leadership to the side, Melbourne Uni have also named Vic Metro captain, Madison Prespakis and North Melbourne AFLW recruit, Sophie Abbatangelo. Rebecca Webster has been named as the 23rd person after impressing at the AFLW under-18 titles.

Southern Saints

B: 14. I. Quintal, 23. J. Rolland, 30. C. Wilson
HB: 17. L. Olsen, 38. S. Karlson, 19. A. Silver
C: 39. E.  Brown, 33. J.  Owen, 4. G.  Ricardo
HF: 10. L. Arnell, 15. T. Bohanna, 24. K. Ripari
F: 35. G. De Angelis, 13. C. Munn, 21. D. Lawrence
R: 28. R. Watt, 8. A. Drennan, 32. S. Johnson
Int: 49. A. Allsopp, 2. A. Brown, 12. J. Hull, 40. M. Maitland
Emg: 11. T. Annear, 45. S. Binder, 36. S. Bolding, 37. T. Gordon
23P: 42. C. Jones

In: A. Brown, I. Quintal, T. Annear, L. Arnell, E. Brown, S. Binder, G. De Angelis, C. Jones, C. Wilson
Out: L. Attard,  M. Macdonald,  S. Casey,  B. Hanrahan,  D. Smith

Melbourne Uni

B: 17. E. Hay, 29. K. Klatt, 6. E. Keaney
HB: 19. L. Ahrens, 31. D. Hardiman, 12. M. Cantwell
C: 22. D.  Edward, 18. A.  Tupper, 44. A.  Runnalls
HF: 1. S. Abbatangelo, 26. C. Greiser, 45. M. McDonald
F: 38. K. Angelis, 9. K. Price, 48. M. Prespakis
R: 8. C. Fitzpatrick, 2. H. Ibrahim, 7. A. Riddell
Int: 20. L. Belza, 13. R. Green, 34. A. Price, 35. M. Shone
Emg: 33. C. Adams, 11. P. Cordes, 43. L. Munday, 24. S. Wilson
23P: 21. R. Webster

In: A. Runnalls, S. Abbatangelo, C. Adams, A. Price, R. Webster, M. Shone, A. Tupper, M. Prespakis, M. McDonald
Out: K. Gillespie-Jones, S. De Bortoli, K. Ashmore, E. Humphries, J. Grierson



Team Selection: TAC Cup – Round 12b

TO complete Round 12, the remaining six teams take to country grounds, with matches in Dandenong, Shepparton and Morwell.


Round 12 – Saturday, July 21, 1pm
Shepley Oval, Dandenong

Two sides which bookend the TAC Cup ladder go head-to-head at Shepley Oval in the only Saturday game. The Dandenong Stingrays have an eight-point buffer on second placed Gippsland Power and will look to extend their lead on the competition with a win, while Bendigo is searching for its third win. Jamie PlumridgeJake FrawleyAngus PatersonZac Foot and Bailey Williams are among some huge inclusions for the Stingrays, while the likes of Toby Bedford and Finlay Bayne head back to school football. The Pioneers have also been hurt by school football and have a number of crucial outs. Brodie KempJames SchischkaBailey Henderson and Thomson Dow are among the outs for the game, while Josh GraceLucas Caccaviello and Bailey Waasdorp are among seven inclusions into the team.

Dandenong Stingrays

B: 12. M. Gahan, 56. M. Cumming, 41. L. Stenning
HB: 58. W. Hamill, 5. A. Paterson, 7. J. Taylor
C: 9. Z.  Foot, 23. C.  Hustwaite, 3. J.  Plumridge
HF: 49. M. Cottrell, 52. C. Ellison, 27. L. McDonnell
F: 11. E. Cahill, 29. B. Williams, 16. J. Frawley
R: 13. R. Bowman, 1. S. Fletcher, 57. R. Nanscawen
Int: 37. B. Angwin, 6. J. Barker, 36. S. Cumming, 48. J. Stuart, 50. L. Williams
23P: 25. J. Triep

In: L. Stenning, C. Ellison, J. Plumridge, A. Paterson, J. Frawley, R. Nanscawen, B. Angwin, Z. Foot, B. Williams
Out: L. Goonan,  T. Bedford,  J. Johnson,  J. Smith,  J. Burton,  B. Nyuon,  J. Toner,  F. Bayne, S. De Koning

Bendigo Pioneers

B: 26. C. O’Shea, 11. J. Grace, 2. J. Williams
HB: 16. J. Atley, 24. N. McHugh, 3. L. Marciano
C: 25. F.  Perez, 5. N.  Wheeler, 51. B.  Waasdorp
HF: 17. R. Ironside, 41. B. Vaz, 28. C. Vick
F: 15. L. Caccaviello, 34. R. Clarke, 49. O. Perez
R: 54. M. Christensen, 43. H. Lawrence, 6. J. Rodi
Int: 53. W. Allen, 27. M. Lias, 33. J. McHale, 29. E. Roberts, 31. B. Worme
23P: 13. K. Brown

In: L. Caccaviello, M. Lias, W. Allen, C. O’Shea, J. Grace, B. Waasdorp, N. McHugh
Out: B. Kemp, D. Loveridge, W. Wallace, T. Dow, J. Schischka, B. Rowles, B. Henderson


Round 12 – Sunday, July 22, 1pm
Deakin Reserve, Shepparton

Up north, the Murray Bushrangers welcome back a familiar face in Jacob Koschitzke who has missed considerable time due to the Under 18 Academy Series and then the National Under 18 Championships. He is among the three ins with Jordon Butts and Liam FioreDylan ClarkeLiam Andrews and Josh Crawford are the three outs. Eastern Ranges have made sweeping changes with the return of school football, as key position defender James Blanck is among 12 inclusions on an extended bench including Jarrod GilbeeCaleb Quirk and Steven Kapahnke. The likes of Xavier FryBrent Bredin and Todd Garner are list among 10 outs from last round’s team.

Murray Bushrangers

B: 20. J. Bradshaw, 16. N. Murray, 52. J. Sanford
HB: 26. R. Bice, 8. J. Koschitzke, 19. J. Boyer
C: 34. T.  Boyd, 5. E.  Smith, 6. W.  Chandler
HF: 7. Z. Barzen, 2. J. Butts, 10. P. Warner
F: 12. L. Ash, 18. H. Garoni, 14. J. Chalcraft
R: 35. F. Bollinghaus, 28. K. Clarke, 53. C. Wilson
Int: 59. L. Fiore, 13. B. Frauenfelder, 23. M. Marriott, 44. L. Whyte
23P: 47. J. Butts

In: J. Butts, L. Fiore, J. Koschitzke
Out: L. Andrews,  J. Crawford,  D. Clarke

Eastern Ranges

B: 10. C. Black, 47. T. Hallett-Tauali’i, 38. M. Briggs
HB: 20. B. Cardamone, 31. J. Blanck, 52. L. Munro
C: 8. J.  Burleigh, 7. L.  Stapleton, 11. M.  Mellis
HF: 26. C. Norris, 22. C. Quirk, 46. B. White
F: 5. R. Einsporn, 18. B. McCormack, 28. L. Kruger
R: 58. R. Smith, 24. K. Quirk, 25. L. Vassis
Int: 3. H. Chinn, 30. T. Edwards, 12. J. Gilbee, 2. A. Kalcovski, 36. S. Kapahnke, 42. T. Lockman, 45. M. Zalac
23P: 61. C. Tilyard

In: L. Vassis, C. Tilyard, H. Chinn, J. Blanck, R. Einsporn, L. Kruger, L. Munro, S. Kapahnke, C. Norris, M. Briggs, C. Quirk, J. Gilbee
Out: F. Smith, T. Amarant, D. Reynolds, T. Garner, C. Leon, L. Gawel, J. Kritopoulos, J. Jaworski, X. Fry, B. Bredin


Round 12 – Sunday, July 22, 1pm
Morwell Football Ground, Morwell

Out east, Gippsland Power will look to build on their Round 11 victory against Murray Bushrangers, to knock over the Western Jets at home. Both sides have bulked up their sides with extended benches following the return of state representatives. Key defender Kyle Reid returns to the side, as do captain Xavier Duursma, and bottom-ager Sam Flanders who have been named on-ball, while Matthew McGannon slots into the backline. Bottom-ager Caleb Serongheads back to school football, while Riley Baldi is the other listed out. The Western Jets have made six confirmed changes to their side, with Josh JenkinsTyler Kolyniuk and Jai Dodemaide among the outs. Captain Xavier O’Halloran is a welcome inclusion to the side, as are bookends Buku Khamis and Emerson Jeka, who will straighten the Jets up.

Gippsland Power

B: 40. Z. Hurley, 25. K. Reid, 12. B. Smith
HB: 1. T. Hayes, 14. T. Hourigan, 18. M. McGannon
C: 8. B.  Beck, 28. H.  Hood, 29. B.  Motton
HF: 20. H. Neocleous, 23. N. Gown, 7. B. Patterson
F: 9. I. Mosquito, 11. A. Hodge, 33. B. Thorson
R: 16. J. Smith, 4. S. Flanders, 5. X. Duursma
Int: 36. M. Bentvelzen , 42. T. Howard, 34. J. Hume, 19. F. Phillips, 15. R. Sparkes, 35. J. van der Pligt, 45. A. Young
23P: 44. M. Toussaint

In: K. Reid, S. Flanders, X. Duursma, M. McGannon
Out: C. Serong,  R. Baldi

Western Jets

B: 15. M. Hearne, 41. L. Rzanovski, 36. J. Rice
HB: 25. S. Johnson, 38. B. Khamis, 39. S. Radovanovic
C: 17. D.  Andrews , 7. J.  Watkins, 6. L.  Rocci
HF: 20. D. Cassar, 37. H. Murphy, 10. S. Kyriazis
F: 1. J. Hazik, 45. A. Clarke, 49. D. Pantalleresco
R: 47. D. Walters, 33. X. O’Halloran, 12. C. Thar
Int: 48. A. Britten, 18. B. Colley, 24. J. Honey, 31. E. Jeka, 23. M. Maguang, 22. O. Manton, 2. T. Rudic
23P: 8. J. Kellett

In: X. O’Halloran, E. Jeka, M. Maguang, B. Khamis, L. Rzanovski, B. Colley, J. Hazik, T. Rudic
Out: D. Bolkas, J. Jenkins, A. Tanner, T. Kolyniuk, J. Dodemaide, J. Klaromenos

AFLW Under 18 Championships reviews: Queensland

WITH the second most All Australian squad members behind the Victorian teams, Queensland should be proud of its efforts during the AFL Women’s Under 18 Championships. The side made history by becoming the first Queensland side to defeat a Victorian side, which rewarded them for their high work ethic during the carnival.


Key players:

Lily Postlethwaite

Postlethwaite was named best-on-ground in each game on the Gold Coast by her coaches. This was thanks to her swift ball movement in the midfield and excellent run and carry. Her kicks were long and penetrating while her hands to players on the outside started a chain reaction of forward movement. She was a clever player who knew how to create scoring opportunities and rack up plenty of the ball.

Zimmorlei Farquharson

One of the most exciting players in the Queensland outfit, Farquharson provided a real sense of X-factor up forward for her side. She displayed strong hands throughout the tournament and kicked the ball with precision, creating many forward thrusts.

Natalie Grider

The Queensland captain displayed an incredible work ethic throughout the tournament and was named as Queensland’s Most Valuable Player. Grider’s strong hands in the back half were vital for her side, as it allowed her teammates to set up and penetrate the ball forward. Grider also laid some strong tackles, highlighting her defensive knowledge.

Ellie Hampson

Hampson’s agility was second to none as she had the ability to evade two or more opponents to get the ball forward for her side. She was exciting at her damaging best where she would give opponents no opportunity to lay a hand on her. She was able to move the ball quickly and with ease, thanks to her long and penetrating kicks.

Dee Heslop

Another player who featured among the best players for Queensland many times, Heslop was a key player for her side. She too was able to move the ball swiftly both by hand and by foot. Heslop displayed a high work ethic throughout the tournament and deserved to be rewarded for her efforts with a spot in the All Australian squad.

Tori Groves-Little

Groves-Little was one of the most aggressive tacklers in the competition, laying tackle after tackle to stop opponents in their tracks. She was prolific through the middle of the ground, taking strong grabs and using quick, clean hands to get the ball forward. Groves-Little was also able to display great run and carry by finding space and backing her speed to get it forward.

Isabel Dawes

A player who just loved to find the goals, Dawes was quite damaging up forward when she was at her best. She would not only kick goals but would create scoring opportunities with her precise kicks and good positioning to take strong marks. Dawes always buzzed around the contests, pestering her opponents with her constant hunger to win the ball.

Lauren Bella

Bella was a huge reason why the Queensland midfielders were able to excel in this tournament. Her taps in the ruck allowed them to clear the ball out of congestion, which was crucial to creating quick forward thrusts. Her impact was also felt around the ground with her strong and clean hands.

Charlotte Hammans

Hammans was Queensland’s leading goal kicker with four goals from five games. She always presented well up forward, making good leads to the footy and taking strong grabs. Hammans was able to use good bodywork to position herself well inside 50 and worked up and down the ground to ensure her impact was felt.



Monday July 9

QUEENSLAND 1.2 | 1.2 | 1.3 | 1.5 (11)
VIC COUNTRY 1.2 | 5.5 | 7.6 | 10.7 (67)

Queensland: Dee Heslop.
Vic Country: Lucy McEvoy 5, Julia Harvey 2, Tyla Hanks, Rene Caris, Nina Morrison.

Queensland: Zimmorlei Farquharson, Ellie Hampson, Lily Postlethwaite, Kitara Farrar, Natalie Grider, Dee Heslop.
Vic Country: Lucy McEvoy, Nina Morrison, Rebecca Webster, Julia Harvey, Rene Caris, Olivia Purcell.


Wednesday July 11

QUEENSLAND 0.0 | 2.0 | 2.2 | 4.3 (27)
VIC METRO 0.1 | 1.1 | 1.1 | 3.1 (19)

Queensland: Zimmorlei Farquharson 2, Charlotte Hammans, Isabel Dawes.
Vic Metro: Gabby De Angelis, Holly Bate, Madison Prespakis.

Queensland: Lily Postlethwaite, Zimmorlei Farquharson, Isabel Dawes, Tori Groves-Little, Charlotte Hammans, Natalie Grider
Vic Metro: Eleanor Brown, Gabby Newton, Madison Prespakis, Katie Lynch, Georgia Macpherson, Georgia Patrikios.


Friday July 13

QUEENSLAND: 1.2 | 3.4 | 4.5 | 5.5 (35)
EASTERN ALLIES: 2.1 | 2.2 | 2.6 | 2.6 (18)

Queensland: Jesse Tawhiao-Wardlaw 2, Charlotte Hammans, Georgia Eller, Taylor Smith.
Eastern Allies: Alexia Hamilton 2.

Queensland: Lily Postlethwaite, Ellie Hampson, Serene Watson, Chloe Gregory, Jade Ellenger, Zimmorlei Farquharson
Eastern Allies: Alyce Parker, Netty Garlo, Lauren Stevenson, Alexia Hamilton, Mia King, Alice Mitchell

AFLW Under 18 Championships reviews: Vic Metro

TWELVE All Australian nominees and only one loss throughout the tournament means Vic Metro gets a big tick in the AFL Women’s Under 18 Championships. Their one loss came unexpectedly, going down to Queensland for the first time ever, but they certainly didn’t lose any admirers after that effort.


Key players:

Madison Prespakis

The winner of the Vic Metro Most Valuable Player (MVP) and Overall MVP, Prespakis had a tournament to remember. Making an impact in the midfield and in the forward line, Prespakis did not seem to miss a beat for Metro, being one of their most important players throughout the tournament. At her damaging best, she was unstoppable with her penetrating kicks, aggressive tackling and strong hands.

Katie Lynch

Lynch had a huge impact on the Vic Metro line-up, winning the contested ball and executing long, clearing kicks. Her strong hands were also an asset of her game and held her in good stead throughout the tournament, giving her opportunities to move the ball forward with ease. Although we didn’t see much of her in the TAC Cup Girls competition, Lynch showed us what she’s made of during the Championships with relentless pressure and swift ball movement, making the All Australian side.

Gabby Newton

Newton picked up where she left off in the TAC Cup Girls competition, proving why she won the Northern Knights Best and Fairest. Newton racked up a heap of the ball in the midfield across the tournament with her constant hunger to win the footy. She also took some strong grabs and used her clean hands to effect. Newton found herself amongst the goals as well, kicking four goals from four games.

Daisy Bateman

Bateman is a player who just knows how to find the goals. She was Metro’s leading goal kicker of the tournament, with five goals from four games. For a player who is not overly tall, Bateman always managed to position herself well against bigger bodies and when she couldn’t, she was able to sneak out the back of the pack and sneak a goal in. She was a clever footballer who didn’t miss a beat in this tournament, being a dangerous force up forward.

Georgia Patrikios

Patrikios is one of the most exciting footballers to watch, as her agility and clever ball use allows her to create plenty of scoring opportunities for her side. When she found space, she used it well, electing to run and carry and keep the play going, which helped Metro pile on the goals throughout the carnival. Patrikios is a player who can make an impact in any area of the ground and she proved that during the Championships with her swift ball movement.

Eleanor Brown

Another player who knows how to find the footy, Brown managed to rack up plenty of possessions throughout the tournament and make an impact with them. Her strong and clean hands were an asset of her game as they allowed her to create forward thrusts for her side. A deserving All Australian, Brown worked hard to win the footy at all times which proved invaluable for Metro due to her ability to use the ball so well both by hand and by foot.

Mikala Cann

Even though she missed one game during the tournament, Cann still managed to make the All Australian side thanks to her ability to display elite ball use in the middle of the ground. She was a key player on the inside for Metro as her quick hands would allow her side to clear the congestion and go forward. She was creative with the ball in hand, using a variety of kicks and handballs to hit up a target.

Emerson Woods

Woods was able to create ample opportunities when she got the ball in hand, thanks to her long and clever kicks. She had a high work rate throughout the tournament, popping up in many areas of the ground and using the well when she got it. Her strong and clean hands allowed her to control the play for Metro and create scoring opportunities.

Georgia Macpherson

As usual, Macpherson was a solid rock in defence. Her intercept and uncontested marking were truly spectacular as she always positioned herself well in the back half. This allowed her to prevent the other teams from scoring, which was a big reason why Metro only dropped one game during the carnival.

Isabella Grant

Grant displayed a high work rate throughout the tournament with her strong hands and wonderful agility. She was able to side-step opponents with ease and managed to kick the ball long out of congestion to get her side out of trouble. She was a valuable asset in the Vic Metro line-up and deserved her place in the All Australian side as she kept improving as the tournament went along.



Monday July 9

VIC METRO: 3.2 | 5.2 | 7.5 | 7.9 (51)
WESTERN AUSTRALIA: 1.1 | 4.4 | 4.5 | 6.7 (43)

Vic Metro: Daisy Bateman 2,Gabby Newton 2, Georgia Macpherson, Britney Gutknecht, Cleo Saxon-Jones.
Western Australia: Kate Bartlett 2, Mikayla Hyde, Taneisha Anderson, Sabreena Duffy, Roxanne Roux.

Vic Metro: Mikala Cann, Gabby Newton, Madison Prespakis, Abbie McKay, Katie Lynch, Georgia Patrikios
Western Australia: McKenzie Dowrick, Kate Bartlett, Matilda Sergeant, Rikkiesha Carling, Mikayla Bowen, Roxanne Roux


Wednesday, July 11

QUEENSLAND 0.0 | 2.0 | 2.2 | 4.3 (27)
VIC METRO 0.1 | 1.1 | 1.1 | 3.1 (19)

Queensland: Zimmorlei Farquharson 2, Charlotte Hammans, Isabel Dawes.
Vic Metro: Gabby De Angelis, Holly Bate, Madison Prespakis.

Queensland: Lily Postlethwaite, Zimmorlei Farquharson, Isabel Dawes, Tori Groves-Little, Charlotte Hammans, Natalie Grider
Vic Metro: Eleanor Brown, Gabby Newton, Madison Prespakis, Katie Lynch, Georgia Macpherson, Georgia Patrikios


Friday, July 13

VIC METRO: 3.1 | 5.2 | 9.5 | 10.6 (66)
CENTRAL ALLIES 1.0 | 1.0 | 1.2 | 3.3 (21)

Vic Metro: Gabby Newton 2, Daisy Bateman 2, Britney Gutknecht 2, Cleo Saxon-Jones, Holly Bate, Madison Prespakis, Georgia Patrikios.
Central Allies: Danielle Ponter, Katelyn Rosenzweig, Rachelle Martin.

Vic Metro: Madison Prespakis, Georgia Patrikios, Daisy Bateman, Katie Lynch, Sarah Kendall, Eleanor Brown
Central Allies: Hannah Munyard, Montana McKinnon, Madeline Gault, Nikki Gore, Amber Ward, Madison Bennett