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DRAFT ANALYSIS: "Overager who made an impact for Western Australia in the National Under 18 Championships"


Brayden Ainsworth is a 19 year-old who stepped up this season as an over-ager playing in Subiaco’s reserves side. He is an inside midfielder¬†who prides himself on winning the contested ball and being first to the football. He is a big accumulator, averaging 24 disposals at the National Under 18 Championships, with 50 per cent of his possessions were on the inside. He also averaged five marks and 4.3 tackles for Western Australia and was one of the big surprise packets at the carnival, bolstering his draft chances. He has really clean hands at the stoppages and while his kicking could improve, he is a ready-made prospect for AFL clubs.


  • Accumulation
  • Contested ball
  • Clean hands
  • Decision making

There is plenty to like about Ainsworth and the way he goes about his football. A virtual unknown early in the season, Ainsworth really bloomed as the season went on, impressing for Subiaco reserves and matching it with more experienced bodies. At 184cm and 79kg, Ainsworth is set for league football and will not be overawed by the stronger players. He already has no trouble finding the ball and he is quick at disposing of it, with clean hands around the contest. His inside game is among the best, winning 50 per cent of his possessions at the coal face and really becoming a damaging player at stoppages.

Furthermore his decision making is among the best in the draft crop, rarely making a poor decision by hand or foot with just sometimes execution letting him down when kicking. When watching him you can tell he is someone who knows how to set up players and get the ball forward without too much fuss.


  • Kicking
  • Scoreboard impact

Two improvements for Ainsworth would be his kicking and scoreboard impact. While his kicking is not poor, it is probably considered average, which for an inside midfielder is okay, but as a footballer you are always looking to improve, so sharpening up his kicking is an area which can help him further develop. He has not been in the elite football system for long so he has plenty of development up his sleeve so expect it to be an area that will improve with time.

Secondly, he averaged a goal every two games and if he can bump that up to a goal a game or 1.5 goals a game, then he adds another string to his bow. He is primarily more of a defensive midfielder, getting it and giving it off to a teammate, rather than one who will set sail for goal, but nonetheless it is another area which will enhance his game further.



Brayden Ainsworth is a 19 year-old inside midfielder who could play from round one if required. The West Australian loves the contest, has a top inside game and clean hands around the ground. He can give and get by hand quickly and his decision making under pressure is a standout. If he can clean up his kicking a little and impact the scoreboard more then he will become even more damaging. He is expected to be selected around the mid-to-late third round and it is not hard to see why his draft stocks have been bolstered this year. For fantasy footy lovers, Ainsworth could be a good bet for your SuperCoach or DreamTeam cash cows.

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