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Draftees named for AFLX

TWENTY-one draftees from the 2017 National Draft will get an early taste of senior football in the AFL’s newest competition – AFLX. Among them are three former Sandringham Dragons, two Bendigo Pioneers and two Eastern Ranges, while Lachlan Fogarty (Western Jets), Gryan Miers (Geelong Falcons) and Jack Petruccelle (Northeren Knights) are the sole players named from their TAC Cup sides.

The tournament begins on Thursday night with six sides – Adelaide, Collingwood, Fremantle, Geelong, Port Adelaide and West Coast – playing shortened 20-minute matches in a round robin format in two pools from which the winner of each pool advances to the grand final at the end of the night. Two further AFLX round robins will be played on Friday and Saturday night respectively.

Played at Hindmarsh Stadium in South Australia, former Sturt players Patrick Wilson (Adelaide) and Mitchell Crowden (Fremantle) have been named, as have Jackson Edwards (Glenelg now Adelaide), Stefan Giro (Norwood now Fremantle), Dom Barry (Glenelg now Port Adelaide) and Lachlan Murphy (Adelaide SANFL now Adelaide). Mature-ager Tim Kelly (South Fremantle now Geelong), Bailey Banfield (Claremont now Fremantle), Brayden Ainsworth (Subiaco now West Coast), Jake Patmore (Claremont now Port Adelaide) and Ryan Burrows (South Fremantle now West Coast) are the West Australians involved.

Along with the thrill that comes with representing an AFL club, there is the potential for a number of former teammates to face off on the elite stage. Former Sandringham Dragons Nathan Murphy and Hamish Brayshaw could go head to head when the Magpies face the Eagles, while Brayshaw could also face off against his brother Andrew if both West Coast and Fremantle make the grand final. Glenelg pair Jackson Edwards and Dom Barry could go head-to-head if the South Australian sides make the grand final, as could Eastern Ranges’ exports Jaidyn Stephenson and his former captain Joel Garner if the Magpies meet the Power in the decider. Other former teammates that could face off include Patrick Wilson and Mitchell Crowden (Sturt), Tim Kelly and Ryan Burrows (South Fremantle), and Kane Farrell and Jarrod Brander (Bendigo Pioneers).

The AFLX competition is played on a ground with dimensions of between 100-120m in length and 60-70m in width, with four posts at each end and two 40m arcs. Each team will consist of 10 players per game – seven on the field and three on the bench – and there are no restrictions on rotations. No marks will be paid on backwards kicks (except in the forward 40m area) and the last touch out of bounds is a free kick. Kick-ins will occur after each score – even goals – while at least two players from each team must start each quarter inside each 40m arc and any deliberate rushed behinds will result in a free shot to the opposition team from the forward 40m arc resulting in a potential 10-point goal.

The full list of draftees named for the first night for the AFLX competition is:

Adelaide: Patrick Wilson (Sturt), Lachlan Murphy (Adelaide SANFL), Jackson Edwards (Glenelg)

Collingwood: Jaidyn Stephenson (Eastern Ranges), Nathan Murphy (Sandringham Dragons)

Fremantle: Andrew Brayshaw (Sandringham Dragons), Mitchell Crowden (Sturt), Bailey Banfield (Claremont), Stefan Giro (Norwood)

Geelong: Lachlan Fogarty (Western Jets), Tim Kelly (South Fremantle), Gryan Miers (Geelong Falcons)

Port Adelaide: Kane Farrell (Bendigo Pioneers), Jake Patmore (Claremont), Joel Garner (Eastern Ranges), Dom Barry (Glenelg)

West Coast: Jarrod Brander (Bendigo Pioneers), Brayden Ainsworth (Subiaco), Jack Petruccelle (Northern Knights), Hamish Brayshaw (Sandringham Dragons), Ryan Burrows (South Fremantle)


6.10pm – Port Adelaide v Geelong
6.38pm – Adelaide v Collingwood
7.06pm – Geelong v Fremantle
7.34pm – West Coast v Adelaide
8.02pm – Fremantle v Port Adelaide
8.30pm – Collingwood v West Coast
9.03pm – Grand Final

Matt Balmer’s 2017 Final AFL Draft Power Rankings Part 1

EVERY month since May, Matt Balmer has ranked his players from the 2017 AFL Draft pool. With less than three weeks until the November 24 National AFL Draft, he counts down the players ranked 50-1 over the next two weeks. Today will be 50-26, before next Monday’s final rankings from 25-1.

Having seen just under 90 games throughout the season, it is always hard to come to a final order and I have ranked the players how I would if I was an AFL club going into the draft come November, ticking names off the list as they are called out.

Please note this is NOT a Phantom Draft – purely just how I rate the players. For this exercise, no mature agers have been considered.

#50 Jackson EDWARDS
Outside Midfielder (Glenelg/South Australia)
11/10/1999 | 184.5cm | 75.0kg

Scouting notes: The son of Tyson is eligible for father-son to Adelaide at the end of the season. Possesses a nice clean left foot on the outside where he plays his best across half back or on the wing. At times he could be a bit more damaging with his disposals, rather than finding the safe target short.

Strengths: Agility, accumulation, kicking
Improvements:  Hurt factor, contested ball

Combine test results: 20m Sprint (secs) 3.18 | Agility (secs) 8.39 | Yo-Yo Test (level) 21.1

Under 18s Championships

2016South Australia00000000000000000000
2017South Australia49479618306513011770412.311.824.

Key Position Defender (Dandenong Stingrays/Vic Country)
22/05/1999 | 195.6cm | 85.2kg

Scouting notes: Key Position defender who should fill out in an AFL environment. His best can be very good and has held down the key post for Vic Country in the NAB AFL Under 18 Championships over the last two years.  His intercept work is getting better and has become more sure of himself when dropping off his man. Kicking can be shaky under pressure – but is another element to his game that has improved throughout the season.

Strengths: Intercept marking, endurance, rebounding
Improvements:  Confidence, strength

Combine test results: 20m Sprint (secs) 3.13 | Agility (secs) 8.63 | Yo-Yo Test (level) 21.2




Trial matches


Under 18s Championships

2016Vic Country14132790050000034.
2017Vic Country22234523212380025045.55.811.

#48 Jake PATMORE
Outside Midfielder (Claremont/Western Australia)
29/01/1999 | 181.1cm | 71.75kg

Scouting notes: Speedy outside midfielder who can play as a rebounding defender. Wins plenty of the ball and has slimmed down during the season. Patmore has plenty of scope for development. AFL Academy member.

Strengths: Agility, accumulation, speed
Improvements:  Inside game, endurance

Combine test results: 20m Sprint (secs) 3.02 | Agility (secs) 8.43 | Yo-Yo Test (level) 21.1

Under 18s Championships

2016Western Australia24164040030000046.
2017Western Australia50419118226717059100412.510.322.

WAFL Colts


WAFL Reserves


#47 Matthew DAY
Inside Midfielder (Oakleigh Chargers)
01/04/1999 | 189.2cm | 79.4kg

Scouting notes: The Chargers midfielder missed out on Vic Metro selection but uses his nous in the contest to get the ball moving forward. Was a high level basketballer, before recently making the full-time switch to football. Wins the contested ball and is willing to tackle hard to win it back.

Strengths: Inside work, kicking, speed, future scope
Improvements:  Accumulation, raw, endurance

Combine test results: 20m Sprint (secs) 3.00 | Agility (secs) 8.64 | Yo-Yo Test (level) N/A




#46 Brent DANIELS
Small Forward/Inside Midfielder (Bendigo Pioneers/Vic Country)
09/03/1999 | 170.5cm | 70.4kg

Scouting notes: The inside midfielder was superb in the Vic Country Under 18 trial match in 2016, but showed his skills across half forward for Vic Country in the National Under 18 Championships in 2017. Daniels possesses elite speed and can play as an inside midfielder, but possesses a good goal sense and can pressure opposition defenders up forward.

Strengths: Skill, speed, goal sense, agility
Improvements:  Hands in close, overuse of the footy

Combine test results: 20m Sprint (secs) 2.95 | Agility (secs) 8.11 | Yo-Yo Test (level) 21.5




Trial matches


#45 Sam TAYLOR
Key Position Defender (Swan Districts/Western Australia)
05/05/1999 | 196.1cm | 87.3kg

Scouting notes: A Key Position Defender who has flown a bit under the radar. Taylor was prominent in the AFL Academy game against Northern Blues at the start of the year, and is a good one-on-one defender. Taylor rebounds the ball ok by foot and is willing to take intercept marks.

Strengths: Marking, rebounding, positioning, athleticism
Improvements:  Kicking, endurance

Combine test results: 20m Sprint (secs) 3.05 | Agility (secs) 8.51 | Yo-Yo Test (level) 20.8

Under 18s Championships

2016Western Australia691570000000023.
2017Western Australia202444142124411013045.

WAFL League

2016Swan Districts00000000000000000000
2017Swan Districts4052923200190000070000000

WAFL Colts

2016Swan Districts70441144200142000080000000
2017Swan Districts78721505800309000280000000

WAFL Reserves

2016Swan Districts00000000000000000000
2017Swan Districts741140090000010000000

#44 Tom McCARTIN
Key Position Forward (Geelong Falcons/Vic Country)
30/12/1999 | 192.6cm | 84.0kg

Scouting notes: One of the late bloomers of the 2017 AFL Draft pool. The brother of St Kilda’s Patrick has a late December and is still in Year 11 – meaning he will need to finish school in 2018. Clubs won’t be put off by this however and the talented forward showed in the first quarter of the TAC Cup Elimination Final that he can be a damaging player. McCartin marks well overhead and is an agile footballer. He has plenty of scope for development.

Strengths: Contested marking, endurance, cleanness at ground level, agility
Improvements:  Goal kicking, consistency

Combine test results: 20m Sprint (secs) 3.12 | Agility (secs) 8.36 | Yo-Yo Test (level) 21.5




Under 18s Championships

2017Vic Country712191061441030032.

#43 Ethan FLOYD
Outside Midfielder (Geelong Falcons/Vic Country)
15/07/1999 | 180.0cm | 70.7kg

Scouting notes: Outside midfielder who possesses a pinpoint left foot pass. Can run hard all day on the wing and has a good mix of speed and endurance – standing out in his bright boot. He has the ability to play across half back and provides good rebound and can get the ball inside 50 and find a target.

Strengths: Kicking penetration, speed, endurance, ground coverage
Improvements:  Inside game, foot skills under pressure, tackling numbers

Combine test results: 20m Sprint (secs) 2.98 | Agility (secs) 8.46 | Yo-Yo Test (level) 21.5




Under 18s Championships

2016Vic Country00000000000000000000
2017Vic Country211132952770035037.03.710.

#42 Brandon STARCEVICH
Balanced Midfielder (East Perth/Western Australia)
24/07/1999 | 186.6cm | 84.4kg

Scouting notes: A strong riser in the second half of the year where he can attack a stoppage at speed and clear the ball out reasonably effective by foot. Finished the season on a high with 18 disposals and four inside 50s in the Under 18 All Stars game at the MCG on Grand Final day. Possesses elite speed and agility, with his inside game are area that has improved. Not a big ball winner.

Strengths: Versatile, speed, agility
Improvements:  Inside game, consistency, ball winning

Combine test results: 20m Sprint (secs) 2.87 | Agility (secs) 8.08 | Yo-Yo Test (level) 21.1

Under 18s Championships

2016Western Australia1531830080000135.
2017Western Australia321850924261215102448.04.512.

WAFL Colts

2016East Perth813811927001820002100000000
2017East Perth935014329003910005100000000

#41 Trent MYNOTT
Inside Midfielder (Eastern Ranges/Vic Metro)
04/10/1999 | 184.8cm | 75.1kg

Scouting notes: Inside midfielder who has plenty of scope for development. Mynott can win the contested ball and clear it effectively out to an outside runner by hand. Is willing to do the defensive work and tackles hard to get the ball back. Kicking has room for improvement.

Strengths: Clearances, acceleration, agility
Improvements:  Speed, kicking

Combine test results: 20m Sprint (secs) 3.22 | Agility (secs) 8.20 | Yo-Yo Test (level) 21.2



Under 18s Championships

2016Vic Metro00000000000000000000
2017Vic Metro263157111344150164038.710.319.

#40 Will WALKER
Outside Midfielder (Sandringham Dragons)
30/03/1999 | 186.5cm | 78.2kg

Scouting notes: Zippy half forward flanker who has improved his contested ball abilities in the second half of the year. Wins the ball in the midfielder and spreads well from a stoppage. At times he can just bang the ball on his boot – but he has the power to kick the ball over 50 metres and his clearance work is very good. Comes from a former soccer background.

Strengths: Speed, agility, clearance work, rawness
Improvements:  Kicking, contested ball winning

Combine test results: 20m Sprint (secs) 3.05 | Agility (secs) 8.74 | Yo-Yo Test (level) 21.1




#39 Toby WOOLLER
Key Position Forward (Oakleigh Chargers/Vic Metro)
16/03/1999 | 192.7cm | 89.9kg

Scouting notes: Key Position Forward who has played as a hybrid midfielder at times for the Oakleigh Chargers. While still likely to end up a second or third tall at the next level, Wooller is a good mark and knows where the goals are. Is mobile enough to get up and down the ground on multiple leads. Is the grandson of Geelong’s Fred Wooller.

Strengths: Contested marking, scoreboard impact, work ethic, strength, leadership
Improvements:  Speed, kicking

Combine test results: 20m Sprint (secs) 3.12 | Agility (secs) N/A | Yo-Yo Test (level) 20.8




Under 18s Championships

2016Vic Metro00000000000000000000
2017Vic Metro13619791031080126.

#38 Nathan KREUGER
Tall Utility (South Adelaide/South Australia)
25/06/1999 | 195.7cm | 88.9kg

Scouting notes: A raw talent who has had some incredible moments over the last 12 months. His work in the South Australian trials were good last year and early this year. Can play as a tall at either end, but most excitingly moves well athletically enough to play as a flanker. Uses the ball well off his left foot and there are some moments that get you really excited about this kid. Can play through the midfield but showed his strength up forward for South Australia in the National  Under 18 Championships.

Strengths: Agility, strength, marking, versatile
Improvements:  Raw, skills, consistency

Combine test results: 20m Sprint (secs) 3.03 | Agility (secs) 8.21 | Yo-Yo Test (level) 20.4

SANFL Reserves

2017South Adelaide109195121051021133.

SANFL Under 18s

2017South Adelaide10940149497583392224331513119.93.613.

Under 18s Championships

2016South Australia00000000000000000000
2017South Australia11718810731260125.

#37 James WORPEL
Inside Midfielder (Geelong Falcons/Vic Country)
24/01/1999 | 185.1cm | 85.5kg

Scouting notes: Cracks in hard winning the ball in the contest and is one of the best clearance players in the 2017 draft pool. Question marks are on his kicking, where at times he will just bomb it out of the packs but he did show in the National Under 18 Championships that he was able to stop and find a target without rushing. Tackles well but has areas to address to be a top 30 selection.

Strengths: Inside game, tackling, leadership, scoreboard impact
Improvements:  Kicking, agility

Combine test results: 20m Sprint (secs) 3.08 | Agility (secs) 8.89 | Yo-Yo Test (level) 20.8




Trial matches


Under 18s Championships

2016Vic Country3017473001700002310.05.715.
2017Vic Country453479163842330161662411.38.519.

#36 Jackson ROSS
Outside Midfielder/Medium Forward (Haileybury College/Eastern Ranges)
22/06/1999 | 192.5cm | 74.5kg

Scouting notes: Booted 29 goals playing as a centre half forward and on the wing for Haileybury College in the APS school competition. Comes from an elite tennis background and is still quite raw in football terms. Has a long kick and is able to use it on either side of his body. Very athletic and is a player with plenty of development left.

Strengths: Upside, mobility/versatile, kicking, scoreboard impact
Improvements:  Consistency, tackling, reading the game

Combine test results: 20m Sprint (secs) 3.09 | Agility (secs) 8.46 | Yo-Yo Test (level) 20.8




#35 Gryan MIERS
Small Forward/Inside Midfielder (Geelong Falcons/Vic Country)
30/03/1999 | 177.6cm | 77.4kg

Scouting notes: Small forward who shot to frame after booting seven goals in the TAC Cup Grand Final. Whilst he doesn’t possess elite speed, he has smarts around goal and is willing to kick the ball off either foot. Has played some time on the inside, but is destined to be a small forward at the next level.

Strengths: Footy IQ, endurance, goal sense, X-Factor
Improvements:  Speed, vertical leap

Combine test results: 20m Sprint (secs) 3.19 | Agility (secs) 8.39 | Yo-Yo Test (level) 21.5




Under 18s Championships

2016Vic Country00000000000000000000
2017Vic Country41297018175215071112410.37.317.

#34 Harrison PETTY
Key Position Defender (Norwood/South Australia)
12/11/1999 | 195.3cm | 81.9kg

Scouting notes: Key positioned player who reads the play well and positions himself well behind the ball. Is composed with ball in hand and is usually clean to dispose of the ball off his right foot. Petty is also confident with when to intercept the ball overhead. Won South Australia’s MVP after a superb National AFL Under 18 Championships.

Strengths: Positioning, composure, kicking, intercepting
Improvements:  Speed, strength

Combine test results: 20m Sprint (secs) 3.17 | Agility (secs) 8.29 | Yo-Yo Test (level) 21.2

SANFL Reserves


SANFL Under 18s


Under 18s Championships

2017South Australia252449172624821213046.

#33 Charlie SPARGO
Inside Midfielder/Small Forward (Murray Bushrangers/Allies)
25/11/1999 | 171.6cm | 70.2kg

Scouting notes: Small bite-sized midfielder who cracks in hard. Despite his size he wins the ball in the contest and tackles hard. Is one of the few midfielders who has a good goal sense and is a hard match-up when deep inside 50. Was originally zoned to GWS but it is now ineligible for GWS to select him under changes to their Academy zone. Had shoulder surgery which ruled him out for the season.

Strengths: Goal sense, speed, agility, endurance, tackling
Improvements:  Marking

Combine test results: 20m Sprint (secs) N/A | Agility (secs) N/A | Yo-Yo Test (level) N/A

Division 2




Under 18s Championships


#32 Andrew McPHERSON
Medium Defender (Woodville-West Torrens/South Australia)
20/06/1999 | 185.7cm | 79.4kg

Scouting notes: A good ball user across half back where McPherson just gets the job done. He showed promise in the National AFL Under 18 Championships last year, but missed the carnival in 2017 due to injury. McPherson rebounds it well and can play across the wing. Reads the play well and has a good mix of attack & defence. The AFL Academy member dealt with a quad injury throughout the first half of the 2017 season.

Strengths: Endurance, kicking, footy smarts, rebounding
Improvements:  Inside game, athleticism

Combine test results: 20m Sprint (secs) N/A | Agility (secs) N/A | Yo-Yo Test (level) N/A

SANFL Reserves

2017Woodville-West Torrens3835731821511085120312.711.724.

SANFL Under 18s

2017Woodville-West Torrens35804410112013.

Under 18s Championships

2016South Australia282149140080000039.
2017South Australia00000000000000000000

Inside Midfielder (Northern Knights/Vic Metro)
12/04/1999 | 185.1cm | 77.7kg

Scouting notes: The fastest player in the TAC Cup with a 20m sprint time of 2.82 seconds recorded earlier in the season. He is willing to take opposition players on and burn them off along the wing. Also possesses a very good leap. His kicking on the run is a work-in-progress and needs work, but his eye catching displays are continuing to get better and more consistent. He comes from an elite basketball background. His contested ball numbers are very good.

Strengths: Speed, agility, inside game
Improvements:  Kicking, endurance, accumulation

Combine test results: 20m Sprint (secs) 2.87 | Agility (secs) 8.64 | Yo-Yo Test (level) 20.7



Under 18s Championships

2016Vic Metro00000000000000000000
2017Vic Metro1513287131490135135.

#30 Dylan MOORE
Inside Midfielder/Small Forward (Eastern Ranges/Vic Metro)
04/08/1999 | 175.8cm | 65.9kg

Scouting notes: Small midfielder who isn’t afraid of winning the contested ball. His ground ball numbers are very good and is a big ball winning midfielder. Moore can also push forward and hit the scoreboard. Has a decent jump for a small midfielder which he can show off up forward. He also a very good endurance base but is one of the few players sub 180cm who do not possess elite speed. Is a smart footballer and just gets to the right position to win the ball. Clearance work is super.

Strengths: Endurance, kicking, contested ball winning, scoreboard impact, clearance work
Improvements:  Speed, marking

Combine test results: 20m Sprint (secs) 3.14 | Agility (secs) 8.48 | Yo-Yo Test (level) 22.3



Under 18s Championships

2016Vic Metro00000000000000000000
2017Vic Metro35579210455013012133348.814.323.

#29 Jordan HOULAHAN
Medium Forward (Sturt/South Australia)
19/02/1999 | 185.7cm | 75.9kg

Scouting notes: Medium forward who possess a very good leap and is a straight kick in front of goal. The AFL Academy member will likely adjust to AFL life in a similar role to Sydney Swans 2016 draftee Will Hayward. Has come back from a shoulder reconstruction and was a solid performance up forward in the National Under 18 Championships. Also played a few games as a midfielder at SANFL level. Was a dual premiership player for the Double Blues in the SANFL Under 18s and SANFL Reserves.

Strengths: Contested marking, kicking skills, leap, versatility
Improvements:  Consistency, leading patterns, endurance

Combine test results: 20m Sprint (secs) 3.05 | Agility (secs) N/A | Yo-Yo Test (level) 21.1


SANFL Reserves


SANFL Under 18s


Under 18s Championships

2017South Australia2514391224131414131746.

#28 Zac BAILEY
Inside Midfielder (Southern Districts/Allies)
23/09/1999 | 181.0cm | 81.1kg

Scouting notes: Has a great burst of speed and he isn’t afraid to collect the ball and burst out of a stoppage getting distance on himself from his opponents. The right footer is usually a clean kick but can have the odd poor game by foot. Bailey wins the contested ball and tackles well.

Strengths: Contested ball winning, speed, kicking, tackling
Improvements:  Marking, endurance, hitting the scoreboard

Combine test results: 20m Sprint (secs) 2.98 | Agility (secs) 8.69 | Yo-Yo Test (level) 20.6


Division 2

2017Northern Territory00000000000000000000

SANFL Under 18s


Under 18s Championships


#27 Ryley STODDART
Medium Defender/Outside Midfielder (Eastern Ranges/Vic Metro)
15/10/1999 | 184.6cm | 73.7kg

Scouting notes: Rebounding defender who is what you want in a half back flank. Kicks it well on his left foot, makes very good decisions and will get to the right positions. His defending one-on-one is okay and is not a big disposal winner, but is a player who will make his 15-20 touches hurt the opposition when he drops off. Dubbed as a Kade Simpson clone by SEN 1116 Draft Analyst Brett Anderson. Finished the year with some impressive performances and showed he can push further up the ground and hit the scoreboard.

Strengths: Agility, kicking, composure under pressure
Improvements:  Tackling, one-on-one defending

Combine test results: 20m Sprint (secs) N/A | Agility (secs) N/A | Yo-Yo Test (level) N/A




Under 18s Championships

2017Vic Metro1830486182640138044.57.512.

#26 Joel GARNER
Balanced Midfielder/General Defender (Eastern Ranges/Vic Metro)
21/05/1999 | 184.2cm | 82.6kg

Scouting notes: Balanced Midfielder who has struggled to find his feet at times thrown around in multiple positions around the ground at school, TAC Cup and Vic Metro level. He uses the ball well off his left foot, hitting targets on the run or standing still. His handballing in close is another strength and he is able to clear the ball from a stoppage with ease. Screams X-Factor at times and may have found his best position across half back. Is an outstanding leader.

Strengths: Leadership, kicking, quick hands, inside game
Improvements:  Endurance, consistency

Combine test results: 20m Sprint (secs) 3.18 | Agility (secs) 8.85 | Yo-Yo Test (level) 21.1



Under 18s Championships

2017Vic Metro1830486182640138044.57.512.

So that’s my players ranked 50-26, if you want to know more: Send me a Tweet @MattBalmer7 before my final 25-1 is released next Monday night.

2017 AFL Draft Combine: Day 2 results

DAY TWO of the 2017 NAB AFL Draft Combine saw players put under the spotlight with medical screenings in front of all 18 AFL club medical staff, as well as interviews with media and AFL clubs.

Wednesday night saw players undertake the kicking and goal kicking tests with the following players scoring well.

Vision of SA Under 18 players can be found on the SANFL Twitter account.

Goalkicking test (score out of 30)
Jordan Houlahan 30
Angus Schumacher 30
Jackson Ross 30
Ben Miller 30
Jake Patmore 25
Ryley Stoddart 25
Changkuoth Jiath 25
Andrew Brayshaw 25
Connor Ballenden 25
Aaron Naughton 25
Aiden Bonar 25

Kicking test (score out of 30)
Connor Ballenden 30
Jack Higgins 29
Angus Schumacher 29
Jack Payne 29
Hayden McLean 29
Jackson Ross 29
Ned Reeves 29
Jordan Houlahan 28
Hunter Clark 28
Lloyd Meek 28

Victorian cricketer headlines 2017 AFL Draft Combine invites

VICTORIAN Under 19 cricketer Nathan Murphy headlines the 83 players invited to take part in the 2017 AFL Draft Combine.

Murphy has recently turned his focus to football, with the Brighton Grammar student booting 19 goals in the Victorian APS school boy competition as one of the more impressive medium talls in the competition. Murphy was a late addition to the Sandringham Dragons squad, averaging over 22 disposals in his three games, including a three-goal haul against Bendigo Pioneers and the invite to the testing will give clubs an idea regarding his athletic ability after cricket has largely been the focus of the talented teenager.

The AFL Draft Combine is the first sign that their AFL dreams are a step closer to fruition. An invitation to the AFL Draft Combine means that at least four AFL clubs have expressed interest in the player. The AFL Draft Combine is a way for clubs to determine the players’ physical strengths as well as getting one-on-one time through combine interviews.

Vic Metro lead the other Under 18 sides with 29 players selected to take part in October’s National Combine.

Metro won back-to-back titles in the Under 18 Championships, as the clear standout across the carnival.

At the Combine, draftees take on each other in a series of tests that challenge their speed, endurance, reflexes and skills to determine their strengths and weaknesses. Combine results are taken into account by clubs when deciding between players and whether they believe they can take the next step into the AFL.

Possible number one candidates Adam Cerra, Nicholas Coffield, Luke Davies-Uniacke, Paddy Dow and Cameron Rayner will be keen to show off their athletic traits and will be a few players expected to have an important batch of interviews at the Combine.

Larke Medalist Oscar Allen is one of a number of Western Australia players invited.

In sweeping changes to the 2017 format, the Beep test and 3km time trial have been scrapped. The Beep Test has been replaced by the Yo-Yo run, with the AFL and combine sub-committee believing the beep test wasn’t the most accurate measure to predict fitness levels for team sports. The 3km time trial has been cut back to 2km, falling in line with the majority of AFL clubs who use the 2km run in their programs.

The clean hands test and the 30m repeat sprints test have been removed, with more time allocated to club interviews and medical screenings this year.

Possible Collingwood father-son Tyler Brown is one of 10 Eastern Ranges players selected. Brown was overlooked for Vic Metro selection, but has impressed for Marcellin College in AGSV School Football and for the Ranges in the TAC Cup.

Ed Richards is another with Collingwood links, as the son of Kane Richards, whose late father Ron played 143 games for the Pies. Ron Richards’ brother was Collingwood legend Lou.

Richmond father-son prospect Patrick Naish has also been invited, with Naish averaging 21 disposals throughout the NAB AFL Under 18 Championships.

Hugh Dixon is the sole representative from Tasmania, with 11 players selected from the Allies squad.

Adam Sambono (Northern Territory) and Tim Kelly (Western Australia) are the only two mature-agers selected for the combine, with the pair both impressing at NEAFL and WAFL level respectively.

Clubs will now again nominate players for the state combine, which is for players that have at least two clubs that are interested in them. Similar tests are conducted at the state combine.

The National Combine will begin on Tuesday, October 3 and go through to Friday, October 6 and will again be held at Etihad Stadium.


Vic Metro

Noah Balta (Calder Cannons)
Andrew Brayshaw (Sandringham Dragons)
Tyler Brown (Eastern Ranges)
Adam Cerra (Eastern Ranges)
Nick Coffield (Northern Knights)
Charlie Constable (Sandringham Dragons)
Matthew Day (Oakleigh Chargers)
Lachlan Fogarty (Western Jets)
Joel Garner (Eastern Ranges)
Sam Hayes (Eastern Ranges)
Jack Higgins (Oakleigh Chargers)
Hayden McLean (Sandringham Dragons)
Dylan Moore (Eastern Ranges)
Nathan Murphy (Sandringham Dragons)
Trent Mynott (Eastern Ranges)
Patrick Naish (Northern Knights)
Tom North (Eastern Ranges)
Ethan Penrith (Northern Knights)
Jack Petruccelle (Northern Knights)
Mitchell Podhajski (Calder Cannons)
Cameron Rayner (Western Jets)
Ned Reeves (Oakleigh Chargers)
Ed Richards (Oakleigh Chargers)
Jackson Ross (Eastern Ranges)
Jaidyn Stephenson (Eastern Ranges)
Ryley Stoddart (Eastern Ranges)
Angus Styles (Sandringham Dragons)
Will Walker (Sandringham Dragons)
Toby Wooller (Oakleigh Chargers)

Vic Country

Aiden Bonar (Dandenong Stingrays)
Jordon Butts (Murray Bushrangers)
Hunter Clark (Dandenong Stingrays)
Oscar Clavarino (Dandenong Stingrays)
Brent Daniels (Benigo Pioneers)
Luke Davies-Uniacke (Dandenong Stingrays)
Tom De Koning (Dandenong Stingrays)
Aiden Domic (Greater Western Victoria Rebels)
Paddy Dow (Bendigo Pioneers)
Kane Farrell (Bendigo Pioneers)
Ethan Floyd (Geelong Falcons)
David Handley (Geelong Falcons)
Bailey Henderson (Bendigo Pioneers)
Changkouth Jiath (Gippsland Power)
Jordan Johnston (Greater Western Victoria Rebels)
Harrison Jones (Murray Bushrangers)
Matthew Ling (Geelong Falcons)
Tom McCartin (Geelong Falcons)
Matthew McGannon (Gippsland Power)
Lloyd Meek (Greater Western Victoria Rebels)
Gryan Miers (Geelong Falcons)
Lochie O’Brien (Bendigo Pioneers)
Ben Paton (Murray Bushrangers)
Angus Schumacher (Bendigo Pioneers)
James Worpel (Geelong Falcons)

Western Australia

Brayden Ainsworth (Subiaco)
Oscar Allen (West Perth)
Callan England (Claremont)
Kyron Hayden (Subiaco)
Tim Kelly (South Fremantle)
Ben Miller (Subiaco)
Aaron Naughton (Peel Thunder)
Jake Patmore (Claremont)
Brandon Starcevich (East Perth)
Sam Taylor (Swan Districts)

South Australia

Charlie Ballard (Sturt)
Callum Coleman-Jones (Sturt)
Darcy Fogarty (Glenelg)
Jordan Houlahan (Sturt)
Nathan Kreuger (South Adelaide)
Alex Martini (Glenelg)
Andrew McPherson (Woodville-West Torrens)
Harrison Petty (Norwood)


Jarrod Brander (Bendigo Pioneers)
Brendan Myers (Wagga Tigers/GWS academy)
Jack Powell (Ainsli/GWS academy)
Nicholas Shipley (St George/GWS academy)
Charlie Spargo (Murray Bushrangers)


Connor Ballenden (Wests Juniors/Brisbane Lions academy)
Brayden Crossley (Labrador/Gold Coast Suns academy)
Jack Payne (Noosa/Brisbane Lions academy)

Northern Territory

Zac Bailey (Southern Districts/Norwood)
Adam Sambono (NT Thunder)


Hugh Dixon (Kingborough Tigers)

Scouting notes: Vic Country vs. Western Australia

WESTERN AUSTRALIA finished their NAB AFL Under 18 Championships in style, defeating Vic Country at Etihad Stadium on Friday. Led by bottom-agers Ian Hill and Jarrad Fazioli, Western Australia ran out winners by 29-points.


Matt Balmer’s scouting notes:

Vic Country:

#6 Aidan Quigley – Looked composed with ball in hand, booting the first goal for Vic Country. Has played a few roles around the ground, but his best might just be as a small goal sneak up forward, as he knows where the goals are. Was clean by hand & foot and thought it was one of his better games I’ve seen him play.

#8 Lochie O’Brien – Voice was superb at the contest and around the ground, barking instructions to his teammates. Started far better than he did the week before – missed a kickable chance in the 3rd quarter and was a bit hot and cold with his kicking. Booted a strong goal from outside 50m on his left foot. Often waited for the ball to come to him, rather than going and getting it. Hoping he can put together a consistent four quarter effort.

#9 Luke Davies-Uniacke – Hit a nice spear pass early in the contest, but made a few errors by foot. His second half picked up and he was able to use his strength in the contest and find 23 disposals. Booted a goal just before three quarter time, but did fade in and out of the game at times. Hoping for a complete game like some of his school footy games in Country’s last game for the season.

#19 Matthew Ling – Laid a nice tackle in the first quarter in front of the interchange bench. Showed his dash on the outside, but did get run down on a few occasions. Very agile and has a deadly left foot. Expect him to be the first Falcon selected.

#33 Changkuoth Jiath – Took some exceptional overhead marks and is a flashy player – but yet again was let down by his poor kicking. His execution isn’t great and needs work if he is to be drafted, having one of the worst kicking efficiency numbers for the Under 18 Championships.

Western Australia:

#1 Jarrad Fazioli – Bobbed up as a small forward, booting four goals. Was impressive with his speed and dash, and was lively whenever the ball went near. Keep an eye on him for the 2018 draft.

#2 Ian Hill – Ian “Bobby” Hill was arguably the best player on the ground. His work in the attacking half was very good off the wing. His run was very good on the outside and helped WA run Vic Country off their legs. Going to be a special player and is eligible for the 2018 draft.

#9 Jake Patmore – Leading disposal winner on the ground for WA, with 32 disposals. Found the ball through the midfield, but his distribution off his right foot could be better.

#25 Oscar Allen – Booted two first half goals and took a nice pack mark right on the line and slotted the goal from an impossible angle in the last quarter. Had a very good battle with with his opponents (Jaska/Clavarino), and came out on top. Finished the day with three goals and has been WAs best performer.

#29 Aaron Naughton – Awkward kicking style on his left foot but they managed to get to the right spots. Played as a key defender and won his match up.

Bottom-age star Ian Hill leads WA to third win

BOTTOM-AGER Ian Hill has led Western Australia to their third win of the NAB AFL Under 18 Championships with a strong performance up forward at Etihad Stadium on Friday.

The 17 year-old showed off his speed in the attacking half, collecting 24 disposals helping Western Australia to a 29-point win over Vic Country in their final outing of the carnival.

Hill is eligible for the 2018 draft and is one of the top talents spoken about for next year’s draft crop touted as a ‘super draft’ by some.

Small forward Jarrad Fazioli was another bottom-ager to star, booting three first half goals – finishing with four goals as the away team were damaging with their extra leg speed.

The match begun with an error-riddled opening term, but it was Western Australia who kicked away with three goals-to-one. Tall forward Oscar Allen proved a challenge for the Country talls, providing a target down the line with two goals in the opening half.

AFL Academy member Jake Patmore found plenty of the ball through the midfield, getting to the right positions, leading the disposal count at half time with 17 disposals, eventually running out with a game-high 32 disposals showing his class in the midfield.

Midfielders Callan England and Brayden Ainsworth (26 disposals) again were prominent in WAs victory, finishing off their Under 18 Championships campaign with three wins and a loss.

Vic Country’s possible no.1 pick Luke Davies-Uniacke worked into the contest in the second half, using his strength at the contest finding 23 disposals, clunking a few marks and booted a goal after the siren in the third term to give the home side a sniff.

Ruckman Bailey Williams brought the margin to under 10 points in the final term, but WA co-captain Oscar Allen was able to clunk a excellent pack mark and slot his third goal for the day from a tight angle, making the margin far too great to Vic Country to overcome.

Geelong Grammar midfielders Paddy Dow (23 disposals) and Lochie O’Brien (18 disposals) were among Country’s best in the loss.

Dow showed his burst of speed that he has from the stoppages, booting a nce goals in the third term. O’Brien distributed the ball well off his classy left foot and used his voice well around the ground.

Geelong Falcon Matt Ling was another who impressive in glimpses, including a run down tackle in the opening term. His agility and speed were on show across either wing, where he was willing to take on his WA opponent.

Geelong Falcons duo James Worpel and Cassidy Parish worked hard on the inside for Country, battling against the quick WA midfielders, while Ethan Floyd used his left foot well on the outside, finding 19 disposals.

Western Australia remain in contention to win the NAB AFL Under 18 Championships, relying on Vic Metro to loose their remaining games. Vic Country will have a chance to redeem themselves on Wednesday against South Australia at Simonds Stadium.

VIC COUNTRY                            1.1      2.2      6.5           7.11 (53)
WESTERN AUSTRALIA              3.4     6.7      8.8           12.10 (82)

VIC COUNTRY: Daniels 2, Quigley, O’Brien, Davies-Uniacke, Dow, Williams,
WESTERN AUSTRALIA: Fazioli 4, Allen 3, Ainsworth, Stack, West, Cramer, Young

Dow, Walsh, Davies-Uniacke, O’Brien, Parish, Floyd
WESTERN AUSTRALIA: Hill, Patmore, Ainsworth, Fazioli, Allen

Western Australia continue Allies’ winless U18 campaign

WESTERN AUSTRALIA have bounced back from last weekend’s loss to Vic Metro with a 40-point victory over the Allies at Leederville Oval on Sunday.

WA led at all the main breaks, giving them their second win of the Under 18 Championships carnival to propel them to second on the ladder.

Midfielder Callan England was impressive on the outside with a game-high 26 disposals, showing off his good run & carry skills.

East Perth’s Jaxon Cahill had one of his best games in state colours, finding 23 disposals, seven marks and six inside 50s, providing good rebound across half back.

Oscar Allen again showed glimpses as to why he is rated as Western Australia’s best draft prospect, booting two goals from his 19 disposals.

The 191cm tall forward is athletic and covered the ground well clunking eight marks and was able to push through an ankle issue in the opening term. The WA Co-Captain is likely leading their MVP for the carnival.

Midfielders Brayden Ainsworth (23 disposals) and Jake Patmore (20 disposals) were others to standout in front of clubs in the pristine conditions.

For the Allies, Brisbane Lions academy member Connor Ballenden showed signs of a breakout performance playing in defence, leading the disposal count for the Allies at quarter time with 11.

Ballenden finished with 20 disposals and clunked eight marks, spending more time in defence than he has so far in his draft year.

Ruckman Brayden Crossley was dominating in the ruck with 29 hit-outs, 15 disposals and was able to push forward and boot two goals, named as the Allies’ best player.

NT Thunder 20-year-old Adam Sambono was lively with 15 disposals, booting 1.3 showing flashes of his speed in the contest.

Late addition to the Allies squad Connor Nutting had some good touches and will be hoping to have put his hand up for selection in their final game against Vic Metro.

GWS Academy midfielder Jack Powell was also prominent with 21 disposals and six clearances through the midfield.

Both sides will travel to Victoria for the final two rounds, with the Allies having the bye on Friday, before facing Vic Metro on Wednesday week at Simonds Stadium. Western Australia will face off against Vic Country on Friday at Etihad Stadium before finishing the carnival with a bye.

WESTERN AUSTRALIA                  2.2      6.5      8.6           12.12 (84)
ALLIES                                               1.1     2.4      5.8           6.8 (44)                   

WESTERN AUSTRALIA: Hill 2, Eastland 2, Allen 2, Starcevich 2, Mitchell, Cahill, Cramer, Ameduri
ALLIES: Crossley 2, Simington, Sambono, Dixon, Scott

England, Allen, Patmore, Cahill, Ainsworth
ALLIES: Crossley, Ballenden, Powell, Carr, Nutting

Higgins stars in Vic Metro victory

POSSIBLE top ten draftee Jack Higgins has played a starring role in Vic Metro’s 38-point win over Western Australia at Domain Stadium on Sunday.

The 178cm Oakleigh Chargers product was dominant from the first bounce using his clean hands in at the stoppages and finding targets around the ground by foot, on his way to collecting 30 disposals, nine marks, seven clearances and two goals in a best on ground display.

Higgins represented Vic Metro in two games last year as a bottom-ager averaging 20 disposals and his impact in the first half having 22 disposals, was the reason Vic Metro were able to win their opening game of the NAB AFL Under 18 Championships.

Midfielder Adam Cerra (24 disposals) was a standout in the midfield alongside Higgins, not doing his possible top five selection chances any harm.

Eastern Ranges midfielders Dylan Moore and Trent Mynott recently combined for 65 disposals, 20 tackles, 19 clearances and 10 inside 50s in the Ranges’ Round six win against Gippsland Power and the pair were impressive against WA.

Moore showed off his dash collecting 30 disposals and kicking a goal, while Mynott (21 disposals) used his strong frame to win it on the inside starting the game strongly for Metro.

Possible no.1 pick Cameron Rayner showed his power in the forward half of the ground, finishing the day with 23 disposals, six clearances and a goal.

Northern Knights pair Patrick Naish (22 disposals) and Nicholas Coffield (19 disposal) were others than impressed through the midfield and are two likely to push for first round draft selection.

Up forward, Sandringham Dragons captain Hayden McLean bagged two goals showing no signs of a recent injury sustained in their loss to the Ranges.

After a close opening quarter that saw two goals kicked apiece, Metro opened the game up with their superior skill setting them apart from WA.

Metro booted four goals to two and at three quarter time the margin of 32 points wasn’t out of WAs reach – after leading by 30 points in last weekends game against South Australia before a last quarter fade out nearly cost them the match.

However it was goal for goal for most of the final term with East Perth’s Louis Miller booting a long goal from outside 50m, one of the highlights for the home side.

Tom Joyce again found over 20 disposals playing through the midfield for Western Australia. The bottom-ager has been one of their standouts so far in the Under 18 Championships and would be one of the leading contenders for their MVP.

Midfielder Callan England (17 disposals) used his speed on the outside and was one of WAs best after collecting 18 disposals in their win against South Australia.

AFL Academy member Jake Patmore was strong with 19 disposals, while Ian Hill again caught the eye with his dashes up and down the ground.

Key forward Oscar Allen booted three goals, but played a lone hand with little support from WAs talls inside 50, while at the other end of the ground Allen’s co-captain Aaron Naughton had 15 disposals and six rebound 50s.

Next Saturday will see Vic Metro face off against arch-rivals Vic Country at Punt Road, while Western Australia will have their third consecutive home game facing the winless Allies on Sunday at Leederville Oval.

WESTERN AUSTRALIA       2.0      4.0        6.3           9.4 (58)      
VIC METRO                           2.4      6.9      10.11    14.12 (96)                  

WESTERN AUSTRALIA: Allen 3, Cameron, Ameduri, B.Miller, Frampton, L.Miller, Starcevich
VIC METRO: Higgins 2, McLean 2, Landt 2, Rayner, Naish, Cerra, Moore, Coffield, Hayes, Wooller, Taylor

Joyce, Patmore, Allen, Ainsworth, Naughton, England
Higgins, Moore, Rayner, Cerra, Naish, Coffield

Western Australia defeat South Australia in extra time in opening Under 18 Championships game

A MATT YOUNG golden point has given Western Australia a remarkable win in the first game of the 2017 NAB AFL Under 18 Championships.

In what was largely a one-sided contest for most of the day with WA leading by 30-points at three quarter time, South Australia fought hard with five scoring shots in the opening six minutes of the final quarter, before Izak Rankine goaled to level the scores at Domain Stadium with a few minutes remaining.

Both sides fought hard, before Western Australia took the ball inside 50 and Matt Young marked, with his kick at goal missing – but securing the golden point to give WA a win by the narrowist of margins.

The home sides attack on the ball carrier was obvious from the get go, laying 19 more tackles than SA throughout the contest, with Callan England laying a team-high seven tackles.

Brayden Ainsworth was West Australia’s best in the final term, fighting hard despite the one way traffic, finishing the game with a game-high 26 disposals and eight clearances.

Bottom age midfielders Tom Joyce (21 disposals, four tackles) and Ian Hill (14 disposals, four tackles) were impressive and will be two likely draftees from the home state in 2018.

Gordon Narrier was important in the opening quarter with seven disposals, working hard on the outside finishing with 15 disposals and seven inside 50s.

AFL Academy member Jake Patmore impacted the game in the third quarter, finishing with 19 disposals and five marks for the day.

Western Australia co-captain Oscar Allen showed some good signs in the opening half, collecting 10 disposals and booting three goals playing at centre half forward, while his other co-captain Aaron Naughton used the ball well coming out of defence on his left foot with 15 disposals and four rebound 50s.

For South Australia, Mitch Crowden was their standout using his bigger body to impose the contest. Crowden collected an equal team-high 23 disposals (10 contested) and the 179cm midfielder impressed all day.

Possible Adelaide father-son prospect Jackson Edwards also had 23 disposals (11 contested) playing through the midfield. Edwards started slowly, but built into the game with a superb last quarter with his seven disposals important in getting the ball forward for South Australia.

Isaac Hewson (22 disposals) and Charlie Ballard (20 disposals) performed well in the midfield, winning the contested ball.

Possible number one draft pick Darcy Fogarty had a quiet game with just 12 disposals, four marks and two first quarter goals for the afternoon.

Bottom ager Izak Rankine kicked two goals for the contest from his 20 disposals, which included seven inside 50s playing in the midfield. Fellow 2018 draft prospect Connor Rozee laid 10 tackles and found the ball on 16 occassions on the outside.

SA tall Callum Coleman-Jones clunked six marks (four contested) and ammassed 22 hit outs in a strong performance mixing between ruck and deep up forward.

Western Australia take on Vic Metro next Sunday at Domain Stadium, while South Australia will host the Allies at Adelaide Oval in a televised Fox Footy game on Saturday.

WESTERN AUSTRALIA     2.4      6.7      10.12      10.14 (74)  
SOUTH AUSTRALIA           2.2      5.3         6.6      10.13 (73)                  

WESTERN AUSTRALIA: Allen 3, Stewart 2, Stack, Starcevich, Hill, Young, Ainsworth
SOUTH AUSTRALIA: Fogarty 2, Rankine 2, Houlahan 2, Rozee, Lukosius, Giro, Rowe

Ainsworth, Joyce, England, Allen, Narrier, Patmore
 Crowden, Edwards, Rankine, Ballard, Hewson, Coleman-Jones

Under 18 Championships Preview: Western Australia

WESTERN AUSTRALIA enters the National Under 18 Championships with a heavy reliance on their bottom agers in order to remain competitive in games this year. WA at this point of time don’t have a clear first round draft prospect like they did 12 months ago with Sam Petrevski-Seton starring early in 2016 for the NAB AFL Academy. It looks likely that WA will have just a handful of players drafted come November 2017.

Tall defenders Sam Taylor and Aaron Naughton have impressed at times and will the ‘twin towers’ in the backline attempting to hold the fort, while up forward Oscar Allen is a talented player who might be Western Australia’s first player drafted. Allen and Naughton have been named as co-captains.

Bottom agers Ian Hill and Sydney Stack have shown off their skills for the NAB AFL Academy and the pair will headline the large crop of bottom agers named in the WA squad. Fremantle Next-Generation Academy prospect Jason Carter, will miss the championships with a knee injury that was suffered in their final trial match in the lead up to their first game.

Players to watch:

Oscar Allen – The Athletic utility was named in the WAFL Colts Team of the Year at centre half forward in 2016 and has shown good signs early in 2017. His versatility has been evident; with stints in the ruck, time in defence and playing as a tall up forward with six goals for the season. He also won the Round 6 RediMed Colts Young Gun award for his 25 disposals, 11 marks and five tackles game. His strong marking ability is something that catches the eye and he is a good decision maker with ball in hand. He will line up for Western Australia at centre half forward.

Aaron Naughton – Played as a tall defender for Western Australia in two of the Under 18 Championships games last year. He marks well overhead and is a good reader of the play in the defensive half of the ground. In the Colts competition in 2016, his 20 contested marks from 13 matches had him ranked second in the competition and lead to him being selected as full back in the 2016 WAFL Colts Team of the Year. This season he is averaging 16 disposals and seven marks per game, playing mostly in defence, with stints up forward. An area of improvement is his kicking which due to an awkward ball drop can affect his left foot kicking efficiency at times.

Sam Taylor – Another tall defender who played for Western Australia last year. Taylor was a late addition to the NAB AFL Academy and showed some promise as a key post in the AFL Academy game against the Northern Blues VFL team. His Round 7 game in the WAFL Colts was impressive, with 25 disposals and 11 marks earning him a nomination for the RediMed Colts Young Gun for the round. His kicking on his right foot is one area that he’ll be looking to keep working on, but the tall has shown he can read the flight of the ball well in defence.

Jake Patmore – Provides an element of speed as one of two Western Australian’s that were part of the NAB AFL Academy. Patmore possesses elite speed and looks best across half back or on the wing, where he can run off opponents. In his six Colts games for Claremont, he is averaging 27 disposals as a standout player in the start of the season. The right footer had eight disposals and two tackles in the NAB AFL Academy game against Northern Blues VFL team, using his good hands in close in the second half. An area of improvement is his defensive efforts – laying just 10 tackles in six Colts games.

2018 names to keep an eye on:

Ian Hill – Arguably Western Australia’s best draft prospect for 2018. Dominated in the Under 16 Championships and the small forward has the capabilities of pushing further up the ground. Is a cousin of Fremantle’s Brad and Stephen Hill. Has a great burst of speed and knows where the goals are. A good ball user on either foot.

Sydney Stack – Despite standing at 179cm, Stack goes in hard and is competes well at the contest. His defensive efforts are good – tackling and pressuring the opposition midfielders. Averaging 17 disposals in the WAFL Colts, including three games with six tackles or more.


Round 1: v SOUTH AUSTRALIA – June 10th 12.30pm Domain Stadium
Round 2: v VIC METRO – June 18th 11.00am Domain Stadium
Round 3: v ALLIES – June 25th 12.30pm Domain Stadium
Round 4: v VIC COUNTRY – June 30th 2.10pm Etihad Stadium (FOX FOOTY)
Round 5: Bye

Round One team:

B: Durak Tucker, Sam Taylor, Zareth Roe
HB: Jaxon Cahill, Aaron Naughton, Jarrod Cameron
C: Tom Joyce, Kyron Hayden, Gordon Narrier
HF: Matt Young, Oscar Allen, Sydney Stack
F: Brandon Starcevich, Ben Miller, Ian Hill

FOLL: Jonathan Frampton, Callan England, Jake Patmore
INT: Christian Ameduri, Louis Miller, Brayden Ainsworth, Jordan Boullineau, Taryce Stewart


Finishing prediction: 5th – Western Australia are the likely candidates for the Wooden Spoon in the Under 18 Championships, but as we have seen on multiple occasions results can go unexpected ways. They should be able to push Vic Metro in the first half in their second game and are advantaged by three home games in the carnival.

MVP prediction: Oscar Allen – Tall utility Oscar Allen might be one of the shining lights in the Under 18 Championships and if he can show off his marking ability up forward and hit the scoreboard, Allen might find himself talked about as a first round draft prospect if he isn’t already.


HT (cm)
WT (kg)
1Jarrad FAZIOLI14/05/200017372Peel Thunder / Eaton Bombers
2Ian HII9/02/200017463Perth Demons / Wesley
3Tom JOYCE7/03/200017967East Fremantle / Aquinas
4Lachlan MITCHELL4/07/199918175Peel Thunder / Baldivis
5Taryce STEWART21/12/199817775Swan Districts / Midvale
6Jarrod CAMERON3/05/200018270Swan Districts / Aquinas
7Jason CARTER11/01/200018272Claremont / Aquinas
8Sydney STACK28/04/200017968Perth / Federals (Northam)
9Jake PATMORE29/01/199918178Claremont / Christ Church
10Connor WEST7/05/199918278West Perth / Joondalup Kinross
11Callan ENGLAND15/10/199918273Claremont / Hale
12Damon GREAVES25/04/200018577East Perth / Busselton
13Gordon NARRIER27/11/199818775Perth / Hale
14Joseph UGLE5/05/199917884Perth / Redcliffe
15Brayden AINSWORTH27/11/199818375Subiaco / Ports (Esperance)
16Jordan BOULLINEAU4/05/199918673Peel Thunder / Baldivis
17Jaxon CAHILL7/02/199918874East Perth / Trinity
18Zareth ROE18/09/199818785Perth / South Perth
19Christian AMEDURI2/08/199918776East Perth / Noranda
20Brandon STARCEVICH24/07/199918788East Perth / Trinity
21Matt YOUNG14/04/199918783East Perth / Augusta Margaret River
22Kyron HAYDEN6/06/199918588Subiaco / Hale
23Damon CRAMER14/08/199819268Peel Thunder / Rockingham
24Durak TUCKER9/02/200018777Peel Thunder / Guildford Grammar
25Oscar ALLEN19/03/199919183West Perth / Whitfords
26Chris SCOTT16/09/199919379East Fremantle / Rovers (Geraldton)
27Sam TAYLOR5/05/199919685Swan Districts / Guildford Grammar
28Ben MILLER31/08/199919698Subiaco / Railways (Kalgoorlie)
29Aaron NAUGHTON30/11/199919484Peel Thunder / Rockingham
30Sam EAST18/06/199919884East Perth / Manjimup Imperials
31Jonathan FRAMPTON27/09/199919987South Fremantle / Kardinya
32Aaron REDHEAD14/07/199820185East Perth / Killarney Vale (NSW)
33Joseph HINDER27/01/200018072Swan Districts / Guildford Grammar
35Louis MILLER25/05/200018884East Perth / Scotch
37Oliver EASTLAND26/03/199819786Claremont / Scotch