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Wilston Grange claims QWAFL flag with come-from-behind victory

WILSTON Grange has claimed the 2018 Queensland Women’s Australian Football League (QWAFL) premiership with a come-from-behind victory over a determined Coorparoo outfit on the weekend. The Grand Final was tight and contested as expected, and the Kings looked to be switched on from the first bounce. The tide turned on the back of an inspirational tackle from a 17 year-old Under 18s state representative, changing the course of the grand final.

The first key play of the day saw a mis-kick from Kings forward, Jenae Govan luckily landed in front of Brisbane AFL Women’s star, Jess Wuetschner who slid in, took the mark and then converted from 15 metres out to hand the Kings their first goal. Moments later, a 50 metre encroachment penalty helped Samantha Hurst move to almost point blank range, and within five minutes, the underdogs had two goals on the board. It took until the nineteenth minute for the minor premiers to get on the board, when an “overzealous” Wuetschner was penalised for a tackle on Gorilla opponent Jordan Membrey. From 15 metres out on a slight angle, Membrey shook the collective monkey off Wilston Grange’s back with a dead-eye goal. The Kings still held an eight-point lead at quarter time and were deserving leaders at the first break.

The highlight of the second term came when Tori Groves-Little pumped the ball long inside 50, but a smart Michaela Campbell, who had been prolific in rebounding out of the Gorillas’ defence, gave it off and received it back via Courtney Daniec. Her kick went long to a contest, but while it wrapped up the perfect work from the stoppage saw AFL Women’s Lions star, Kate Lutkins win the footy and pump it long. Creating a contest, Maddison Peeters forced the ball out for Tahlia Randall to give it off to Jamie Stanton who made no mistake off a couple of steps, putting the Gorillas back within a point and breaking the goal drought. A couple more chances went begging late in the term, but it gave Wilston Grange a two-point lead at the main break.

Emerging from the half-time break, Wuetschner opted for the long sleeves in the second half, and it seemed to work. After Ally Anderson won a free kick for another encroachment, Wuetschner knew her teammate could not make the distance and made a couple of leads, changing direction before Anderson drilled a pass onto her chest. She made no mistake, converting from straight in front and putting her side back in the lead just two and a half minutes into the third quarter. The pair had been amongst Coorparoo’s best to date, along with youngster Jade Ellenger, while for Wilston Grange, Campbell and Lutkins were superb in defence, and Isabel Dawes was creative in midfield.

Coorparoo teenager, Jesse Tawhiao-Wardlaw was battling hard in the ruck at times against the experienced All-Australian Lutkins. But if you are looking at big moments, none bigger came when bottom-ager Isabel Dawes stopped a certain free kick with a run-down tackle in the goal square. Tawhiao-Wardlaw blocked an opponent, handballed to Wuetschner who kicked into the vacant square where it was marked by Govan, who thought she would stroll in for the easiest of goals. But instead, Dawes blindsided her and brought her down before she could get boot to ball. Had she kicked it, Coorparoo would have gone 10 points up midway through the third term. Just two minutes later, Wilston Grange locked the ball inside 50 and Jemma Abbott chipped in to Membrey who took a step and nailed a goal from 35 metres out to hand the Gorillas the lead.

From there, the Gorillas never looked back. Another attack was thwarted by Ellenger who sidestepped an opponent on the last line and kicked out of defence, with the Queensland Under 18 representative among the top players on the day. The Kings were desperate in defence, but the Gorillas press was causing headaches. Unfortunately for Ellenger, she tried to get out of one too many tackles when she was caught holding the ball and Lutkins delivered from the set shot. A couple of minutes later, Brittany Gibson kicked a brilliant goal off a couple of steps and handed the Gorillas a vital 15-point lead. Wuetschner had a chance to cut the deficit, but played on and miskicked towards Govan in the square and the ball was rushed across the line for a three quarter time deficit of 14 points.

The final term saw just four behinds scored, as the damage was done. From that Dawes tackle to stop the Kings lead going into double figures, the Gorillas had booted the last three goals of the game. They were fierce in their attack going forward, with so many options looking to kick long inside 50 and seemingly putting pressure on the Kings defence. In response, the Kings held up strongly, but with Lutkins and Campbell in the back half, they could not penetrate the stringent defence, falling short and going down 5.7 (37) to 3.5 (23).

Anderson was arguably Coorparoo’s best in the defeat, quelled a little more by Dawes in the second half, but created great run and carry kicking long inside 50. Wuetschner had her chances up forward, converting two majors, while Ellenger was willing to take the game on in defence. For the winners, there was not shortage of top performers, but Lutkins, Campbell and Stanton were enormous, while Dawes was terrific in midfield.

WILSTON GRANGE 1.0 | 2.3 | 5.5 | 5.7 (37)
COORPAROO 2.2 | 2.2 | 3.3 | 3.5 (23)


Wilston Grange: J. Membrey 2, K. Lutkins, J. Stanton, B. Gibson.
Coorparoo: J. Wuetschner 2, S. Hurst.

QWAFL Weekly wrap: Round 17

IN the final round of the season, the top three sides of the Queensland Women’s Australian Football League (QWAFL) asserted their dominance with three big wins. We take a look at how the final ladder finished up and a look ahead to finals.

Round 17:

YERONGA SOUTH BRISBANE 2.1 | 2.3 | 3.3 | 4.4 (28)
WILSTON GRANGE 2.0 | 6.2 | 9.4 | 11.6 (72)


Yeronga: J. Ransfield 2, C. Burnett, C. McDonnell.
Wilston Grange: D. Gisu 3, M. Campbell 3, S. Campbell, C. Daniec, J. Abbott, J. Yorston, I. Collings.


Yeronga: E. Bliss, J. Ransfield, K. Cantrell, M. Walsh, G. Brehmer, J. Zanchetta
Wilston Grange: K. Lutkins, S. Campbell, C. Svarc, C. Daniec, M. Campbell, T. Payne.

Wilston Grange has finished the regular season with a bang, knocking off a determined Yeronga South Brisbane by 44 points to show exactly why they are deserving of top spot on the QWAFL ladder. The Devils had the Gorillas’ measure early, breaking even with two goals apiece and heading into the first break one point up. But that was about as far as they got with Wilston Grange putting the foot down in the second term, piling on four goals to zero and opening up a 23-point lead. Any chance of a comeback was soon squashed after half-time after a three goals to one third term pushed the margin beyond 40 points, before finishing off with a modest two goals to one final term. Delma Gisu and Michaela Campbell both booted three goals for the winners, while the goals were otherwise spread around for the Gorillas, with Queensland Under-18 representative Jacqueline Yorston one of five single goal kickers. AFL Women’s player Kate Lutkins was named the Gorillas best, along with Shannon Campbell and Catherine Svarc. For the Devils, Jade Ransfield booted two goals and was named in the best with Emily Bliss and Kaitlyn Cantrell.


COOLANGATTA TWEED 0.0 | 0.4 | 2.6 | 2.7 (19)
COORPAROO 3.1 | 7.1 | 10.7 | 16.8 (104)


Coolangatta Tweed: L. Turney, B. Brymer.
Coorparoo: J. Wuetschner 6, J. Govan 3, M. Protheroe 2, T. Groves-Little 2, J. Tawhiao-Wardlaw, M. Ingram, N. Iduteyiteka.


Coolangatta Tweed: M. Whiticker, B. Brymer, L. Alder, L. Turney, M. Roberts
Coorparoo: J. Wuetschner, J. Tawhiao-Wardlaw, E. Pittman, J. Ellenger, P. Parker, A. Perry

Coorparoo has flexed its muscles to dismantle finals-bound Coolangatta Tweed on the eve of the finals series. Coolangatta Tweed have done enough to finish fourth, but the second placed Coorparoo outfit showed no mercy during a 85-point away victory. The visitors booted the only 10 goals of the first half, as they barely missed, booting 7.1 to the home side’s four behinds to lead by 39 points at the main break. Coolangatta Tweed managed to stem the tide in the third term, booting 2.2 to Coorparoo’s inaccurate 3.6 as their accurate goal kicking went amiss in the premiership quarter. It mattered little however, as Coorparoo stormed home in the final term to pile on six goals to zero and run out very comfortable winners. AFL Women’s star Jess Wuetschner booted six goals in a best on ground performance, while Jenae Govan also chipped in with three majors. Queensland Under-18 representatives Tori Groves-Little (two goals) and Jesse Tawhiao-Wardlaw (one) also hit the scoreboard, with the latter named in the best along with Emma Pittman and fellow Under-18 representative Jade Ellenger. For the losing side, Lucy Turney and Brittanny Brymer both booted goals, named among the best with Meg Whiticker and Leigh Alder.


MAROOCHYDORE 2.0 | 2.1 | 4.2 | 4.3 (27)
UNIVERSITY OF QUEENSLAND 8.0 | 11.2 | 12.3 | 14.7 (91)


Maroochydore: J. Sills 2, M. Banks, T. Day.
University of Queensland: M. McGorm 4, M. Wood 4, G. Collingwood 2, J. Childes, A. Moran, R. Vetter, B. Barnes.


Maroochydore: C. Croyden, R. Crack, J. Sills, A. Hales, T. Dale, T. Gesch
University of Queensland: R. Vetter, C. Wharton, S. Webb, M. McGorm, G. Collingwood, J. Stone

Third placed University of Queensland locked up its place with an impressive 64-point win over Maroochydore on the weekend. The visitors were on from the first bounce, piling on eight goals to two in a huge opening term to already blow the margin out to 36 points. Over the next two quarter the Roos restricted the visitors to just four majors, including outscoring them in the third term with a two goals to one quarter. A final term of two goals to zero saw University of Queensland secure the big win and head into a semi-final against Coolangatta Tweed next weekend. Marnie McGorm and Maddison Wood both booted four goals, while Brisbane AFL Women’s player Gabrielle Collingwood also hit the scoreboard with two majors. Rachael Vetter, Claudia Wharton and Sharni Webb were named in the winning side’s best. Maroochydore had the three individual goal kickers, with Jessee Sills booting two majors and Taylah Day and Marybeth Banks kicking one each. Sills was named among the Roos’ best with Claire Croyden and Rachel Crack.

Next weekend, Wilston Grange takes on Coorparoo for a spot in the grand final, while the loser will face the winner of the cut-throat semi-final between University of Queensland and Coolangatta Tweed.

QWAFA Division 1:

Elimination finals:

Broadbeach 2.7 (19) defeated by Burleigh 4.3 (27)
Moreton Bay 4.6 (30) defeated Kedron 2.1 (13)

Burleigh upstaged Broadbeach at home to win by just eight points and advance through to the semi-finals. The fifth placed Bombers led by just one point heading into the final term, but managed to hold on with a great last quarter goal, while keeping the Cats scoreless, to get the win. Pia Plagens and Lydia Pingel were named the winners’ best, while Tara Smith and Madeleine Watt were the Cats’ top players in the loss. Meanwhile in the other game, third placed Moreton Bay proved too good for the sixth placed Kedron to advance through to the semi-finals. Amy Higgins booted two goals for the winners, while Under-18 representative Lily Postlethwaite was named best on ground yet again, scoring a goal for the winners. Massa Kesselly and Sophie Anderson were named Kedron’s best in the defeat.

Next week, Moreton Bay faces Burleigh in a do-or-die semi-final, with the winner to face the loser of Coorparoo and Aspley Hornets in the preliminary final the week after for a spot in the decider.

QWAFL weekly wrap: Round 15

FOLLOWING on from last week’s season wrap thus far, we take a look at how the results fell in Round 15 of the Queensland Women’s Australian Football League (QWAFL), as well as a brief look at Division 1.


WILSTON GRANGE 1.3 | 5.3 | 7.4 | 7.9 (51)
COOLANGATTA TWEED 2.4 | 2.5 | 2.8 | 3.9 (27)

Wilston Grange: J. Stanton 2, J. Abbott 2, S. Wheeler, S. Campbell, D. Gisu.
Coolangatta Tweed: L. Turney, S. Goodman, S. Carter.

Wilston Grange: K. Lutkins, E. MacNeill, J. Stanton, S. Wheeler, T. Randall, S. Campbell
Coolangatta Tweed: S. Goodman, L. Turney, T. Daly, M. Roberts, H. Sexton, L. Kaslar

The experience of the ladder leaders showed through in their clash with Coolangatta Tweed, fighting back from a quarter time deficit to post a four-goal win. Coolangatta Tweed booted two of the first three goals of the game to head into the first change with a seven-point lead. But the premiership favourites showed why they have been the benchmark this season, bouncing back from a rare loss the round before, to boot six of the next seven goals, restricting the visitors to just one goal – in the fourth quarter. Brisbane Lions’ duo Kate Lutkins and Jamie Stanton were key reasons behind the impressive performance, with Lutkins named best on ground and Stanton booting two majors. Jemma Abbott also booted two goals for the winners, while Emm MacNeill and Sophie Wheeler were also named among the Gorillas’ best. For the visitors, Selinda Goodman and Lucy Turner both booted a goal and were named among the best, while Sandra Carter was the other goal kicker.


UNIVERSITY OF QUEENSLAND 2.2 | 3.5 | 7.7 | 8.8 (56)
YERONGA SOUTH BRISBANE 1.0 | 3.1 | 4.5 | 4.5 (29)

University of Queensland: S. Frederick-Traub 4, M. Moloney 2, G. Collingwood, D. Davidson.
Yeronga South Brisbane: J. Keeffe, K. Howarth, C. McDonnell, K. Cantrell.

University of Queensland: B. Koenen, M. Moloney, N. Grider, M. Hunt, M. Martin, M. Beaven
Yeronga South Brisbane: E. Bliss, E. Madden, M. Walsh, J. Ransfield, D. Heslop, K. Cantrell

With the return of some serious star talent, the University of Queensland proved too good for Yeronga South Brisbane, recording a 27-point win. Brisbane Lions’ star goal kicker Sabrina Frederick-Traub booted four goals and was the difference in the game, while Maria Moloney chipped in with two majors. The home team lead at every break, but had a scare in the second term when the visitors booted two goals to one to draw within four points at half-time. A five goals to one second half put the game to bed, but not without some resistance from Yeronga. Lions’ Jessy Keeffe and Kalinda Howarth both booted goals, while Emily Bliss racked up yet another best for her side in a dominant performance. For the winners, Breanna Koenen was named best, while Queensland Most Valuable Player (MVP) at the AFL Women’s Under 18 Championships, Natalie Grider, was also named among the best. Fellow young gun Dee Heslop was named among Yeronga’s best along with Emily Madden and Mia Walsh.


BOND UNIVERSITY 2.1 | 6.4 | 7.4 | 10.7 (67)
MAROOCHYDORE 0.0 | 0.0 | 0.1 | 0.1 (1)

Bond University: K. Scherer 5, A. Evans 2, C. Hammans, R. Adamson, X. Cerutti
Maroochydore: Nil.

Bond University: K. Scherer, A. Evans, C. Hammans, G. Eller, S. Watson, T. Smith.
Maroochydore: K. Surman, R. Crack, A. Hales, T. King, N. Stewart, J. Sills.

A best-on-ground performance by Katrina Scherer has guided Bond University to a memorable 66-point victory over Maroochydore. Scherer booted five majors in the win, as Bond University had 17 scoring shots to one, restricting the Roos to just one behind for the game. Along with Scherer, Alexandra Evans booted two majors and Queensland bottom-ager Charlotte Hammans finished with one, as both players were named among the best. Also named among the best was Georgia Eller and Serene Watson who stood out in the senior team. For the Roos, Kate Surman was named the team’s best, along with Rachel Crack and Ashleigh Hales.




Kedron 0.1 (1) defeated by Aspley Hornets 11.12 (78)

Chloe Macdonald booted five goals in Aspley’s 77-point victory over Kedron. A five goals to zero first term set up the visitors for a big win, but the home side knuckled down in the second half, restricting their opponents to just four majors after seven in the first half. Kristie Hudson and Kylie Guarino both booted two goals, while Nicola Clark was named best on ground in the victory, while Angelique Van Walle was the best for the home side.


University of Queensland 3.5 (23) defeated by Yeronga South Brisbane 3.8 (26)

Yeronga South Brisbane have held on against a fast finishing University of Queensland side to record a three-point victory. After opening up a 15-point lead at quarter time, the visitors did not score again until the last term where a final quarter goal saw them home in a low-scoring thriller. Erin Sargent booted two goals for the winners, while Jordan Waugh and Ngatai Alapaki were named the team’s best players. For University of Queensland, Paige Murray and Jessica Middleton were named the best.


Broadbeach 1.5 (11) defeated by Moreton Bay 2.1 (13)

Moreton Bay have survived a scare from Broadbeach to record a narrow two-point win over their opponents. In a game which saw three goals kicked, the Cats booted their only goal in the first term, with the Lions booting their two over the next two quarters. Inaccuracy cost the home team, having six scoring shots to three, but went down in the tight loss. Amy Higgins was the difference on the scoreboard for Moreton Bay, booting both goals and named second best behind Lily Postlethwaite who continued her good form from the AFL Women’s Under 18 Championships. Meaghan Marr booted Broadbeach’s goal, while Rebecca Goodwin was named the Cats’ best player.


Wilston Grange 6.14 (50) defeated Coolangatta Tweed 3.2 (20)

Wilston Grange enjoyed a comfortable five-goal win over Coolangatta Tweed despite being plagued by inaccuracy. The Gorillas had 20 scoring shots to the Blues’ five, largely due to a 1.6 second quarter where they extended their half-time lead to 14 points when it could have been more. However, they put the foot down after half-time booting three of the four second half goals to win. Hetti Malone and Casey Cubis both booted two goals for the winners, while Mica Cubis and Odette Tartak were named the Gorillas’ best. Macey-Leigh Gore was the multiple goal kicker for the visitors with two majors, while Mackenzie Hay booted the third goal and was named the Blues’ best.

QWAFL: The run home

AFTER looking at both Western Australia and South Australia’s top female competitions, we delve into Queensland’s highest grade, with the Queensland Women’s Australian Football League (QWAFL) and also take a glimpse into the first division.


1 Wilston Grange (11 wins, 1 loss | 381.14% | 44 points)

After a near perfect season, Wilston Grange had a shock loss to sixth placed University of Queensland in the last round, going down by 18 points at home. Prior to that, they had answered every challenge thrown at them and still sit in pole position for the overall premiership favouritism. They face Coolangatta Tweed and Yeronga South Brisbane in the final three rounds, either side of a bye. Courtney Daniec has been the star player for the ladder leaders, named in the best seven times of a possible 10 matches, whilst booting nine goals for the season. Catherine Svarc has been equally as impressive with four goals in 10 games and named in the best six times, but the future of Queensland football has been on show with talented bottom-ager Isabel Dawes who has been named among the best in every game she has played – six matches – and continued that form at the AFL Women’s Under 18 Championships. Jacqueline Yorston (seven goals in six games) is another youngster who has stood out, while the experience of Kate Lutkins and Jamie Stanton – before her move to Victoria – has proved invaluable. The Gorillas are well placed heading into the final few rounds.


2 Coorparoo (8 wins, 4 losses | 181.92% | 32 points)

Heading into its third and final bye for the season, Coorparoo have locked away second spot with a superior percentage to Coolangatta Tweed. The byes have proven to come at opportune times, with the second placed side losing three of its matches leading into them. They lost two consecutive games early in the season, including one to Bond University in Round 3, have lost both games to Wilston Grange, and went down to Yeronga South Brisbane in its most recent encounter just last weekend. The team has had an even contribution of stars, with Charlotte Edmunds named in the best five times from 11 matches, while Hayley Moore (nine matches), Kayla Geddes (11) and Maili Forbes (11) have all found their way into the team bests four times. Jenae Goven has started up forward with an impressive 25 goals in 10 games, including a haul of eight goals against Bond University. Brisbane Lions’ AFL Women’s player Jessica Wuetschner has made an impact in limited appearances, booting 23 goals in six games, named in the best three times. In terms of youth, Coorparoo has top talents Jesse Tawhiao-Wardlaw and Tori Groves-Little playing important roles in the side. Both players stood out at the AFL Women’s Under 18 Championships, and in their combined nine appearances, they have booted 13 goals.


3 Coolangatta Tweed (6 wins, 5 losses | 123.12% | 24 points)

The Blues had an initial shaky start to the season, losing three of its first six games, but two of its three wins were by a combined 165 points, restricting their opponents to just two goals total. In a remarkable fixture, they played just one game in three rounds with byes either side of the match, and played blocks of six and seven games throughout the season. They come up against the top team Wilston Grange this weekend, as well as Coorparoo in the final round. Maddy Roberts has played just the seven games, but her talent has been evident, named in the best on six occasions, likewise Georgia Breward with five bests from five games. Lauren James has been the dominant goal kicker for the side, booting 16 goals in 11 matches and named in the best four times. Talented youngster and NSW/ACT All-Australian player Brianna McFarlane has booted nine goals in six games and been impressive up forward. Selina Goodman and Tayla Jay Daly have also booted six goals this season.


4 Yeronga South Brisbane (5 wins, 6 losses | 56.03% | 20 points)

Yeronga South Brisbane have a game in hand compared to Bond University and hold a narrow percentage advantage over their nearest rivals. They take them on in the penultimate round of the season, after University of Queensland next week and the ladder leaders, Wilston Grange in the final round. Emily Bliss has been the standout player for Yeronga, named in the best an impressive eight times from 10 games. Assisting Bliss are young stars, the small but talented top-age Georgia Brehmer, and bottom-age tall utility Dee Heslop. Both players have been named in their sides’ best in five of the six games they have played. They do not have a dominant goal kicker, with Courtney McDonnell (nine goals), Jade Ransfield (seven), Demi Leach (six) and Kaitlyn Cantrell (five) the leading goal kickers. Brisbane AFL Women’s player Emily Bates has also stood out from five games, booting two goals and named in the best four times.


5 Bond University (5 wins, 7 losses | 50.35% | 20 points)

Bond University has a bye in the final round of the season, with games against bottom-placed Maroochydore and fourth placed Yeronga South Brisbane ahead. Their five wins have come against Coolangatta Tweed (two), University of Queensland (one), Maroochydore (one) and an upset win over Coorparoo in Round 3. Kristyl Smith has been the standout player for Bond Uni so far this season, named in the team bests nine of a possible 11 times. Alexandra Evanshas also been a standout performer, named in the best six of a possible 12 matches, while Arianna ClarkeErin Sundstrom and Tamsin Perry have been consistent players as well. Teenage ruck Lauren Bella has played six games and named in the best five times, while bottom-agers Charlotte HammansEmmii-Lee Zanker CloseGeorgia Ellerand Serene Watson have stepped up in the senior side and continued their form at the national carnival. Fellow state representative Taylor Smith has also managed six games and was named in the best twice.


6 University of Queensland (4 wins, 7 losses | 87.82% | 16 points)

Whilst the University of Queensland has had just the four wins this season, but their game of the year came last round when they toppled the premiership favourites, Wilston Grange. It was a memorable away match which saw the sixth placed side head home with an 18-point victory. They have also beaten each of the bottom four sides once so far this season. Breanna Koenen has not missed a beat this year in her six games – named best in all of them – while also booting four goals. Megan Hunt has found her way into the best five times from nine games and also booted three goals. But with an eye to the future, Queensland Most Valuable Player (MVP) in the recent AFL Women’s Under 18 Championships, and All-Australian squad member, Natalie Grider has been a promising up-and-coming talent, playing eight games, booting four goals and has been named in the best five times. Dakota Davidson is the only goal kicker in double figures with 10 majors, while Sabrina Frederick-Traub has booted seven goals in just three games when not playing for Brisbane in the Winter Series. Gabby Collingwood and Kate McCarthy are other Brisbane AFL Women’s Players who have played limited games with the club.


7 Maroochydore (1 win, 10 losses | 36.42% | 4 points)

The bottom-placed Maroochydore started the season with a bang, defeating University of Queensland by 12 points. In that match they booted 10 goals and showed what they are capable of, but have just managed the maximum of three goals a game since. They pushed both Yeronga South Brisbane and Bond University all the way in rounds six and seven, and have restricted their opposition to less than 10 goals in all but three matches showing a good defensive effort. The Roos have also had the benefit of some stability at the top end, with Rachel Crack (10 games), Tayla Gesch (11), Tiffany Dale (11) and Kate Surman (10) all named in the best a total of 27 of a possible 43 times between them. Up forward, Isabella Freeman leads the goal kicking with eight majors, courtesy of a bag of five in the opening round win over University of Queensland. Georgia Doherty has booted seven goals in nine matches, while Marybeth Banks has five in nine. The Roos face Bond University and University of Queensland either side of Coorparoo in the final three rounds, and will be hoping to finish the season off on a high note.


QWFA Division 1:

In the 11-team, division one grade, Coorparoo, Aspley Hornets and Moreton Bay lead all comers, with massive percentages to be the clear flag favourites in a three-team race. Broadbeach is fourth with seven wins and a draw from 12 matches, while Burleigh and Kedron are ready to pounce six points behind. Wilston Grange and University of Queensland trail with five wins from 12 matches, while Coolangatta Tweed and Yeronga South Brisbane have two wins apiece ahead of the winless Maroochydore.

In the leading goal kicker stakes, Aspley Hornets’ Chloe Macdonald looks to be a class above the grade with 37 majors in 13 matches, including bags of nine, seven and six. Meg Pullinger is a clear second with the Coorparoo product averaging three goals a game from her eight matches, having booted 24 majors for the season. Aspley Hornets have two more goal kickers in the top five, with Sarah Madden (19) and Shaye Easton (15) either side of Moreton Bay’s Cassandra Chamings with 17. Wilston Grange’s Tamika Hansen (14), Kedron’s Lisiti Asimcdonald (12), Broadbeach’s Talena Irvine (11), Burleigh’s Wendy Bristow (eight), Yeronga South Brisbane’s Erin Sargeant (seven), University of Queensland’s Katherine Heliotis (seven) and Coolangatta Tweed’s Macey-Leigh Gore (seven) as their respective club’s leading goal kickers, while Abbey Main and Jessica Champion are the two multiple goal kickers for Maroochydore.

Sargeant and Moreton Bay’s Amy Higgins are the two leading players so far this season, named in the best 10 times from 12 games, while University of Queensland’s Jessica Middleton has had a perfect start to the season with nine bests from nine games. Teammate, Philomena Stephen, Yeronga South Brisbane’s Charmaine Hass and Coorparoo’s Amy Duxfield have also made their way into their respective team’s best. Looking at the top youth in the grade, Queensland bottom-ager Lily Postlethwaite has been named in the best five times in seven matches, booting eight goals in the process for Moreton Bay.

Crunching the numbers: AFLW – Grand final

DESPITE the wet and difficult conditions in the grand final, both teams managed to have a good day in the stats department. In fact, 17 players ended up with double-figure disposals on the day. The Bulldogs triumphed in the end, but the Lions did not give up all day which shows in the numbers from the game.

Western Bulldogs vs Brisbane

Brisbane had to accept back-to-back premiership defeats as the Bulldogs took a one-goal victory in their maiden grand final appearance. It was a wet, low-scoring affair that was controlled by the Lions early on with the Bulldogs scoreless to halftime. A three-goal “premiership” third term saw the Bulldogs take back the lead. Despite a final term fight-back by the Lions lead by Jess Wuetschner (two goals, 11 disposals), the class of the Western Bulldogs saw them get over the line. Bulldogs regular stars Ellie Blackburn (17 disposals), Emma Kearney (12 disposals and a goal), Jenna Bruton (13 disposals, seven tackles) and Monique Conti (13 disposals and eventual Best on Ground) did not perform any differently in the high-pressure match. The runners-up also had a strong showing with commendable performances by Kate Lutkins (21 disposals), Jamie Stanton (20 disposals), Ally Anderson (16 disposals), Nat Exon (16 disposals, nine tackles) and Emily Bates (15 disposals).

Stat comparison

Disposals: WBD 160 – Bris 205

Kicks: WBD 106 – Bris 131

Handballs: WBD 54 – Bris 74

Marks: WBD 12 – 32

Hitouts: WBD 34 – Bris 25

Inside 50s: WBD 27 – Bris 27

Inside 50 efficiency: WBD 26 per cent – Bris 22 per cent

Tackles: WBD 69 – Bris 82

Rebound 50s: WBD 22 – Bris 23

Goals: WBD 4 – Bris 3

Behinds: WBD 3 – Bris 3

Conversion rate: WBD 57 per cent – Bris 50 per cent

AFL Draft Central Team of the Year: AFLW

SEASON 2018 in the AFLW has seen consistent players back up their efforts in the inaugural AFLW season, such as Daisy Pearce and Chelsea Randall. It has also unearthed some brilliant young players, such as NAB Rising Star Chloe Molloy and Dogs gun, Libby Birch.

The dominance of the Western Bulldogs in season 2018 was exemplified as they have four players making the final 21. Adelaide also has four representatives including co-captain, Chelsea Randall. Meanwhile Carlton is the only team to not be represented in the Team of the Year.

The back-line was settled for most of the season with the likes of Chloe Molloy and Kate Lutkins being named in the Team of the Week five times apiece. Their seasons were beyond consistent and it is easy to see why they are the best two key backs in the league.

Emma Kearney headlines the midfield after having an outstanding 2018, which was reflected by her winning the AFLW Best and Fairest as well as finishing first in metres gained and overall disposals for the season. AFLW Players’ MVP Courtney Gum who at 36, had a tantalising first season, also demanded a spot in the starting line-up as she was a consistent inside midfielder for the GWS Giants.

The forward line is spearheaded by Brisbane key forward and contested-mark specialist Sabrina Frederick-Traub as well as league leading goalkicker Brooke Lochland who’s move from the midfield to the forward line was a master stroke, as she went from kicking one goal in 2017 to 12 in 2018. She was a major reason why the Bulldogs were able to win a historic premiership in season 2018 with performances such as her seven-goal haul in round four.

Every player on the interchange has earned their spot on the team with big names such as Daisy Pearce and Alicia Eva managing to claim a spot. The 2017 Rising Star Ebony Marinoff deserves her spot as she broke all tackling records that were to be broken in the AFLW and AFL. She amassed 21 tackles in round four, which was the most ever; the previous record was 19 held by Tom Liberatore, Jude Bolton and Jack Ziebell.

The Crows co-captain Chelsea Randall is the 2018 captain of the AFL Draft Central Team of the Year thanks to her impressive performances every week. She was picked in the best 21 every week, and was the only player to achieve this feat. The vice-captain is Daisy Pearce who lead the Demons from the front every week, and always put her body on the line. 

FB: Libby Birch (WB), Kate Lutkins (Bris), Angela Foley (Adel)

HB: Chelsea Randall (Adel), Chloe Molloy (Coll), Ebony Antonio (Frem)

C: Emma Kearney (WB)

HF: Brooke Lochland (WB), Tegan Cunnigham (Melb), Christina Bernardi (Coll)

FF: Jess Wuetschner (Bris), Sabrina Frederick-Traub (Bris), Ruth Wallace (Adel)

R: Erin McKinnon (GWS), Courtney Gum (GWS), Dana Hooker (Frem)

I/C: Ebony Marinoff (Adel), Daisy Pearce (Melb), Ellie Blackburn (WB) Alicia Eva (GWS), Jasmine Garner (Coll)

Bulldogs dominate AFLW Awards

SOME of the league’s most aggressive football players rolled up to the AFLW Awards almost unrecognisable. Hair done, tanned and frocked up, the players were recognised following the conclusion of a memorable AFLW season. The Western Bulldogs were the big winners on the night, taking home plenty of awards after their inaugural AFLW premiership.

AFLW Premiers

Western Bulldogs 4.3 (27) def. Brisbane 3.3 (21)

The Bulldogs premiership side was recognised on stage for their efforts against the Brisbane Lions on Saturday. Ellie Blackburn captained the side on the day and was the leading disposal-getter for the Dogs with 17. Captain, Katie Brennan missed the game due to suspension, but it did not seem to faze the Dogs, who got home by a goal. Coached by Paul Groves, the Bulldogs toughed it out in wet conditions and took home the premiership cup.

AFLW Grand Final Best on Ground award

Former Calder Cannon, Monique Conti was the star of the Bulldogs’ premiership win. Conti kicked an important goal in the third quarter to extend the Dogs’ lead and also racked up 13 disposals. After being a part of the Melbourne Boomers, who were runners-up of the WNBL grand final, Conti got straight into business in the red, white and blue. The 18 year-old was also a Rising Star nominee after a consistent year for the Dogs.

AFL Women’s Rising Star Award

No surprises here, with Collingwood’s Chloe Molloy taking home the Rising Star award. Molloy revolutionised her game this year, after being the TAC Cup Girls leading goalkicker last year. The 19 year-old took her forward prowess into the backline and looked right at home, marking everything that came her way and clearing the ball out of congestion with ease. The former Calder Cannon polled 50 votes after averaging 14 disposals this season.

AFL Women’s Best and Fairest Trophy

Western Bulldogs star midfielder Emma Kearney took home the AFL Women’s Best and Fairest trophy after a wonderful year for the red, white and blue. She led Molloy and GWS’ Courtney Gum by two votes, but polled three votes in the final round to take home the coveted medal. She finished on 14 votes while Molloy, Gum and Fremantle’s Dana Hooker all finished equal second on nine votes. After playing cricket in the summer, Kearney pulled on the footy and averaged a remarkable 19 disposals this year.

AFL Women’s Leading Goalkicker award

Western Bulldogs gun forward Brooke Lochland earned the women’s leading goalkicker award. Upon getting up on stage, she walked right past her medal but had it wrapped around her neck soon after. Lochland’s seven-goal performance against Carlton put her well in front of the pack, and in the process, she set a record, scoring the most goals in one game by an AFLW player. The former ice-skater kicked a goal in five of the seven home and away matches this year.

AFLW Mark of the Year

Carlton’s Tayla Harris only took one game to make her presence known in navy blue. The former Brisbane forward took a courageous goal-line mark against Collingwood in round one to take home the AFLW Mark of the Year. She soared over Collingwood’s Chloe Molloy and landed flat on her back after having all eyes on the ball. Teammate Darcy Vescio won the award last year, making it two from two for the Blues.

AFLW Goal of the Year

Aliesha Newman’s running goal in round two earned her the AFLW Goal of the Year. The Melbourne forward accelerated past Adelaide’s Talia Radan at Casey Fields to kick a memorable major. The former soccer player used her incredible foot skills to slot the goal through on the outside of her boot. Crows co-captain, Erin Phillips won the award last year.

AFL Women’s All-Australian team

Four Western Bulldogs received All-Australian honours after their premiership win on Saturday. Defender, Hannah Scott and Lochland were named for the first time while midfielders, Blackburn and Kearney became dual All-Australians. Molloy rounded off a great night with All-Australian honours and was joined by teammate, Christina Bernardi. Adelaide’s Chelsea Randall was named as the centre half-back and also received the captaincy honours while Melbourne midfielder, Daisy Pearce was named vice-captain. GWS fared well in the midfield with Gum and Alicia Eva receiving spots. Brisbane had two players in the forward line with Sabrina Frederick-Traub and Jess Wuetschner each being selected as goalkickers.

FB: C.Molloy (Coll), K. Lutkins (Bris)

HB: H. Scott (WB), C. Randall (Adel), E. Antonio (Frem)

C: D. Hooker (Frem), E. Kearney (WB), A. Eva (GWS)

HF: E. O’Dea (Melb), S. Frederick-Traub (BL), B. Lochland (WB)

FF: J. Wuetschner (Bris), C. Bernardi (Coll)

FOLL: E. McKinnon (GWS), C. Gum (GWS), D. Pearce (Melb)

I/C: E. Bates (Bris), T. Harris (Carl), K. Paxman (Melb), E. Blackburn (WB), M. Downie (Melb)

Captain: Chelsea Randall
Vice-captain: Daisy Pearce

Stars to shine at AFLW Awards night

AFLW 2.0 saw a new crop of players rise to the surface and put on some wonderful displays. Meanwhile the superstars of last year’s inaugural competition got straight down to business and had consistent performances throughout this year’s season. The AFLW Awards comprise of eight categories, with some categories having predetermined results, such as the AFL Women’s Premiers and AFL Women’s leading goalkicker award. Having watched every game of the year and attending plenty of them, we will give you the lowdown on who we think will take home some coveted awards tonight.

AFL Women’s Rising Star Award

This award will come down to a battle of the Calder Cannons, as Collingwood’s Chloe Molloy and Western Bulldogs’ Monique Conti seem to be the favourites.

Molloy was nominated for the award in round one, when she surprised us all and played in defence, after playing forward in her TAC Cup career. Molloy never looked back after round one, continuing to tear it up in defence for the Pies. She was able to get more than 15 disposals on three occasions during the season, displaying her ability to find the footy at all times.

Monique Conti was nominated for the Rising Star award in round four, alongside teammate, Aisling Utri. Conti was a prolific ball-user for the Dogs and was unmissable with her trademark orange mouthguard. The basketball star showed that she could kick it up a notch in pressure moments, and was rewarded for her efforts in the grand final, being named as the Player of the Match.

AFL Women’s Best and Fairest Trophy

There are plenty of worthy winners who could take away the trophy, but five stand out in particular.

Courtney Gum took home the AFLW Players’ MVP yesterday after a wonderful debut season for the Giants. Gum was able to prove that age does not matter, tearing it up in the midfield on multiple occasions. Gum racked up 15 disposals or more in seven out of nine matches, which is an incredible feat for a first-year player.

Emma Kearney won the AFL Coaches Association Player of the Year award recently, after a wonderful season in the red, white and blue. Kearney had the joint most kicks (65) and marks (20) for the season, showing her all-round skills with the ball in hand. The Bulldogs’ good form may be a contributor to her getting the nod at the AFLW Awards.

Chelsea Randall could not put a foot wrong all season for the Crows. She was an incredible on-field leader and displayed immense courage. The Adelaide co-captain went back with the flight of the ball many times and stood tall in defence on multiple occasions. Randall had the most rebound 50s of the season, with 18 of them, three ahead of Brisbane’s Kate Lutkins.

You cannot go past Melbourne’s Daisy Pearce when thinking of the AFLW Best and Fairest. Pearce was a fierce competitor all season and lead from the front in every game she played. The Melbourne captain dominated all the stats for the season, getting the most disposals (93), contested possessions (56) and clearances (26).

A smoky could be Fremantle’s Dana Hooker. Hooker is the reigning best and fairest at the club, and continued to play some damaging footy in 2018. She was nominated twice for the AFL Players’ AFLW Player of the Round on two occasions, one in which she tore Carlton a part in the last round of the season. Hooker was not only able to rack up the disposals throughout the season, but she even found herself in front of goal on many occasions and took some gutsy defensive grabs, highlighting her versatile style of football.

AFL Women’s All-Australian team

So many consistent performances across the season has meant that picking an All-Australian team would be an incredibly hard task for the selectors. Here is who we think will feature in the All-Australian team:

Defenders: Kate Lutkins has been a star for the Lions, and does her best work on the last line of defence. She was a ball magnet and managed to rack up the possessions on multiple occasions. Chloe Molloy could cameo as the Rising Star and an All-Australian defender, after a wonderful season in the back line. Molloy displayed solid hands throughout the season, and was a strong tackler, stopping her opposing forwards in their tracks.

Midfield: Emma Kearney could be an All-Australian midfielder and AFLW MVP by the end of the night. Kearney was a fierce competitor all season and racked up plenty of touches through the middle of the ground. Courtney Gum is also likely to get a spot in the midfield, after she tore it to shreds this season. She worked in tandem with Alicia Eva throughout the season to give the Giants a real chance at making the grand final.

Forwards: An obvious favourite is the competition’s leading goal-kicker, Brooke Lochland. Lochland’s seven-goal performance against the Blues propelled her into the lead and from then on, she continued to be a dangerous weapon inside 50. It would be very hard to look past Brisbane’s Sabrina Frederick-Traub, who took her contested marking inside 50 to another level this season. Her four-goal performance against the Giants almost single-handedly earned the Lions a grand final spot.

Interchange: While Emma Kearney edged out Ellie Blackburn stats-wise, Blackburn still had a wonderful season. The dangerous duo worked in tandem together to give the opposition headaches and Blackburn lead from the front on multiple occasions. It would be difficult to look past tackling machine, Ebony Marinoff, who broke the tackling record this year for a single match (AFL and AFLW), laying 21 of them. Marinoff was an aggressive competitor all season and always put her body on the line.

AFLW Mark of the Year

Tayla Harris’ round one goal-line mark, Phoebe McWilliams’ huge pack mark and Chelsea Randall’s courageous defensive mark all received nominations for the AFLW Mark of the Year. Although are three are spectacular marks, Randall’s mark stands out that little bit more.

Randall’s round six mark took place in the defensive 50, where the co-captain does her best work. She had her sights set firmly on the footy as it soared into her territory. Without blinking an eye, she went back with the flight of the ball and crashed into a pack of Fremantle forwards and a couple of Crows defenders. Her courage was on show and it was spectacular.

AFLW Goal of the Year

Steph Chiocci’s Darwin stunner, Aliesha Newman’s burst inside 50 and Erin Phillips’ boundary-line bender all received nominations for the AFLW Goal of the Year. It is hard to go past Newman’s running goal, which generated the most hype and reaction.

In this goal, Newman picks the ball up off the deck about 70 metres out from goal. She then tucks it under her arm and bursts away from Adelaide’s Talia Radan. She takes three bounces towards goal and her legs are moving so fast they almost look blurry. When she approaches the 35-metre mark, Newman ends her run along the boundary with a check-side goal off the outside of the boot!

Scouting notes: AFLW – Grand Final

THE AFLW grand final lived up to expectations, with a close encounter deciding who was to be crowned the 2018 AFLW Premiers. The Western Bulldogs prevailed in the wet, but Brisbane matched it up to them all game, going down by just six points. Former Calder Cannon, Monique Conti was the star of the day, winning Player of the Match. 

Western Bulldogs vs. Brisbane

#1: Monique Conti- Western Bulldogs

Capped off a spectacular debut season by being named best on ground. Stepped up when the Bulldogs needed it most, was fantastic in the second half. Clean with the footy all game and was able to find plenty of it. Had 13 possessions and kicked a goal which extended the Bulldogs’ lead heading into the final term.

#2: Ellie Blackburn- Western Bulldogs

The stand-in captain for the day. Got plenty of the ball early to set the tone for her team and continued her great play throughout the game. Ended with 17 possessions and was extremely clean and efficient with the footy, given the wet weather.

#3: Emma Kearney- Western Bulldogs

Even with the heavy attention she received from the Lions midfielders, still managed to play a great game. Recorded 15 possessions with a goal and was not afraid to match the physicality thrown her way by the Lions.

#4: Kate Lutkins- Brisbane

Undoubtedly would have been named best on ground had Brisbane won. Was a brick wall all day, did not allow anything to get past her. Had a game-high 21 possessions and took six intercept marks in an outstanding effort.

#5: Jamie Stanton- Brisbane

Among Brisbane’s best and was an absolute ball magnet. Had 20 possessions, 17 being kicks, and did her absolute best to keep the Lions in the game.

#6: Jenna Bruton- Western Bulldogs

Continued a great run of form with another strong performance. Had 13 possessions and was able to create separation from her opponent to add two marks. Also had seven tackles.

#7: Ally Anderson- Brisbane

Got a lot of the ball in the midfield with the 16 possessions and showed great levels of physicality around the contest, adding six tackles.

#8: Emily Bates- Brisbane

Reliable as usual. Was great in a number of ways. Bates had 15 possessions, created space from her opponent to register three marks, and set the tone for her team with five tackles.

#9: Kirsty Lamb- Western Bulldogs

Very nice all-round game. Moved well through the middle of the ground with 12 possessions and the contested game style led to her laying eight tackles.

#10: Jess Wuetschner- Brisbane

Struggled to get into the game early but was fantastic in the second half. Her two goals kept Brisbane in the game. 

#11: Angelica Gogos- Western Bulldogs

Fantastic effort down in defence. Got lots of the footy, and shut down several forward 50 entries from Brisbane thanks to her ability to read the play. Put herself in the right positions and applied wonderful pressure which saw her lay nine tackles.

#12: Brooke Lochland- Western Bulldogs

Not quite her normal impact on the scoreboard but was always dangerous and attracted plenty of attention from Brisbane defenders. Her pressure was fantastic as she laid six tackles, many of which were inside 50.

#13: Sophie Conway- Brisbane

Very nice game. Kicked the opening goal of the game and continued to look dangerous in the forward line throughout the game. Ended with 10 possessions and two tackles.

#14: Breanna Koenan- Brisbane

Had a big impact down in defence which saw a lot of the footy down their way. Pressure was key to her success and as a result she was able to stop several scoring chances for the Bulldogs.

#15: Kaitlyn Ashmore- Brisbane

Fantastic game. Impacted the match in a number of different statistical categories and put in a great effort all game. 14 possessions, three marks and four tackles.

#16: Sabrina Frederick-Traub- Brisbane

Didn’t quite have the spectacular performance she had in prior weeks but still played a solid game. Received plenty of attention when up forward which limited her impact, but looked good when moving up the ground.

#17: Kirsten McLeod- Western Bulldogs

A quiet game by the numbers with just three touches but was effective in each of them including a goal. Forward 50 pressure was relentless and was amongst the tackle leaders with six.

#18: Kim Rennie- Western Bulldogs

Alongside Aasta O’Connor, she absolutely dominated in the ruck. Had 14 hit-outs to go along with O’Connor’s 19 hit-outs and helped the Bulldogs midfield get on top.

#19: Aasta O’Connor- Western Bulldogs

Rotated with Kim Rennie in the ruck and was terrific. Her 19 hit-outs were the most of anyone in the ruck and she was instrumental in the Bulldogs getting on top in the clearances.

#20: Nat Exon- Brisbane

Was all over Emma Kearney all day, and did her best to minimise her impact but overall was beaten. A couple of undisciplined acts which led to free kicks against her at unnecessary times

Weekend Wash-up: AFLW – Grand Final

WITH a premiership on the line, both teams brought their A-game on Saturday. The players went hard for the footy and had to contend with the miserable Melbourne conditions, but it was the Western Bulldogs that prevailed to win their first AFLW premiership against the Brisbane Lions.

Western Bulldogs 4.3 (27) defeated Brisbane 3.3 (21)

After a week plagued with off-field controversy and appeals, Bulldogs captain Katie Brennan’s bid to play was unsuccessful. But that did not seem to bother the Dogs, who came out firing in the second half to claim their first AFLW Premiership. In difficult and wet conditions, the Lions made all the running in the opening term, scoring the only goal for the half. Brisbane looked to have put the memories of last year’s grand final loss to bed early, but fell short to a determined Bulldogs side who claimed a one-goal victory. The game was tightly poised, with both teams competing hard for the footy and while at times succumbing to the wet weather, the Bulldogs found a way to dig deep and win the low-scoring affair.

Key moment:

In the end, it all came down to the Bulldogs desperation and commitment to the footy. The Dogs showed why the third quarter is known as the premiership quarter, bagging three goals and keeping the Lions scoreless. The Western Bulldogs applied plenty of forward pressure to trap the ball in their forward 50. Their relentless tackling and hunger for the ball gifted them with two quick back-to-back goals in the opening few minutes of the second half, putting the Lions under immense pressure. The Bulldogs had 16 tackles inside their forward 50 compared to Brisbane’s nine, showing their ferocity and commitment to win the ball. 


Brisbane Lions Rising Star nominee, Sophie Conway had a belter of a game, opening the scoring account for the Lions. Conway was in everything in the opening term and showed great poise and more importantly clean hands in very slippery and wet conditions. Down the other end for the Lions, superstar Kate Lutkins was at her destructive best, taking huge contested grabs. The Wilston Grange recruit racked up 21 touches for the Lions and was the leading disposal-getter for the match. Jess Wuetschner also had a stellar game in a disappointing outing for the Lions. Wuetschner applied plenty of pressure, laying four tackles and scoring two vital goals to keep the Lions in the game. For the Western Bulldogs, the likes of Emma Kearney had a huge game, slotting an important goal and amassing 15 disposals. Young gun Monique Conti stood up for the Dogs scoring a goal, and showing great footy awareness on her way to being best on ground despite being the youngest player out there. Angelica Gogos was a tackling machine for the Bulldogs, laying nine tackles for the match, while the ever-reliable Ellie Blackburn starred with 17 touches and clean hands.